Rockwell 18V 5 Piece Big Combo Kit $249 + Delivery (Free C/C) @ Mitre10


I think this is a good beginner DIY set. Or if you're already in the Toolpro/Worx/Rockwell system (18V Battery Systems)

Obviously not brushless at this price point.

Considering the 2 Ah batteries are $35 each (and the equivalent Toolpro 2Ah is $55 each)

The tools work out to be about $35 each.

I can't vouch for quality but the kit should keep the home handyman busy during these delightful days of isolation.

Tempted to get it for some spare tools/batteries since I've got some Toolpro tools and batteries already.

$10 delivery to 22xx (NSW)



Kit RD186 Includes

  • Drill RD2971.
  • Impact Driver RD2978.9.
  • Sander RD2305.9.
  • Torch RD2950.9.
  • Circular Saw RD2914.9.
  • 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries & Charger.

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  • From what I can tell (and I've never used them) not the greatest tools in the world, but certainly an attractive price.

    • You certainly wouldn't want to push these too hard but the home handyman should find plenty of use for them

      • I agree with you. I have a bunch of Ozito PXC and Bosch Blue and I'd think that these would certainly be a big step down even from the Ozito. But for someone that uses them once or twice a year, this might be a great compromise.

  • I bought a kit like this with just the circular saw and drill for about $200 maybe 4 years ago. Only use them for occasional home handyman work and they are going strong. This lot would cost you 4 times as much in a good quality brand, but I'm happy with mine. Perfect gift I reckon for new home.

  • I have the Rockwell Turboencabulator and it works quite well. Long time, no issues.

    • Lucky bugger! I recently bought the Rockwell Retroencabulator, but it's nowhere near as good as the original.

      • You've really got to follow the used market if you want to get one. It's the only way.

        Are you in the facebook groups?