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Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote, APP Control $50.99 Delivered @ Meross Direct via Amazon


Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote, APP Control AU$50.99 @Amazon
Code: VQ44QFZY

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  • i have just got the MSG200 and love it, would recommend over this.

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    I've posted this before, but I use these instead and much cheaper: They use the Tuya smart apps ecosystem.

    Compared to OP's product, this runs on 240v instead of USB, and delivery takes longer compared to Amazon.

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    Hey rep, when will the HomeKit version come back into stock?

    • Yeah,waiting to get the HomeKit version too.

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        I personally couldn’t justify paying $30 extra for HomeKit support despite using iOS devices only.

        • I have both the HomeKit and non-HomeKit version (I have 2 garage doors). I would definitely recommend the HomeKit one over the non-HomeKit one. The HomeKit one I can just ask Siri either on my watch or iPhone to open and close. The non-HomeKit one I either have to open up the app or ask Google. But with Google it asks for a PIN, so the process is not as streamlined as the HomeKit experience.

          Also if you have CarPlay, a button to open the garage door appears on the screen as you get close to home.

          • @bargainbro: Is there anything you need to do to enable the button on CarPlay? I have it setup on HomeKit and Carplay in my car but i don't recall seeing that button showing up.

            • @muddrex: I didn’t have to set anything up. It just appeared by itself.

          • @bargainbro: CarPlay button makes sense if available in your car.

          • @bargainbro: Is the carplay button only on the HK version?

          • @bargainbro: how does it do that ? Is it detecting the wifi on your house and activating ?

            • @unifex: It's based off your location. So once you get near your house the button appears.

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      there's a new homekit version currently on Indiegogo that you can get for a decent price right now

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        thanks grabbed this one :)

      • If I knew about this one I would have grabbed it last year instead of the msg100. Funny it wasn’t mentioned on previous posts.

      • hmm thanks for that. It seems to be virtually the same as the one they currently sell except it comes in a nice box and has the ability to control more than 1 door.

        BUT the catch is this is an Indiegogo campaign which means you probably run the risk you may never get your product or if there are any other issues may not get the same protections as you would if you had bought directly from Amazon.

        Has anyone here who's bought the Indiegogo version actually received it yet?

        Also BE AWARE that there are issues in Homekit with the 3 door version whereby if you only have 1 door the other 2 ALSO show up in HomeKit and give constant notifications and can't be turned off. As a result, Siri will also ask you every time which door you want controlled even though you have one. Known issue that might get resolved in the future but to me this is an absolute deal breaker currently.

        More info here:

        • I recieved mine from indiegogo about 2 days ago. I haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet. It came with a US plug on the 5v 1A USB adaptor for power.

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          Even google nest/mini will ask for the pin. Product is really good. Make sure to check the compatibility of your Garage door brand. Pin is mandatory for Opening the garage door but its optional for closing garage door.

  • hey google open the neighbor's garage door………

  • does it know the door status? open/close?

    • Yes, there's a hall sensor that comes with the kit.

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    I got one of these and works great but had a bit of an issue with placing the sensor on the door frame as there was only one spot it would be in range of the moving one and it is not very secure. I think I'll need to make a bracket to attach it to. Have you come across any solutions OP?

    Video of mine:

    • Not sure how big the gaps are when they are rolled up. Just thinking you can stick the wired on the rail and put the magnet in the recess.

      P.S. I played your video and the next second google home said, 'Sure….'

      • Yea lol read the comments on reddit

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    any idea on how to do "factory reset" on this? i changed wifi and can't seem to re-setup the device. it has only one button and manual only says hold 5 seconds to connect to wifi, but trying for days nothing works.

  • Will this work on a Gliderol Genesis sectional roller door motor?

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      Yes, I have that model and it works.

      • Oh wow, yeah I did some research and your comments popped up. How hard was it to connect? Did it require soldering?
        Would you be able to take a picture to show what it looks like?

  • How does this work when you are driving up to your garage?

    Do you have to open/select the app - eg in Carplay to open or close the door?

    Currently I have the remote stuck on to my console and I just push the button as I approach the driveway. If it is more complicated than that, I'm not sure it is for me.

    I also have a magnetic reed switch on the door that turns on an LED near my front door if the garage door is open by more than 15mm so the alert might not add much.

    • I haven't tried it, but my understanding is you can ask google/alexa/siri(HK version) to open door when approaching provided your phone has voice trigger or are using android auto/carplay.

  • Hi Associate, Can this work with ST50EVOB1 steel line garage door?

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    Hi does this work with Avanti home garage door

  • Do these allow you to still use the original controller?

  • The reed switch you get with this unit is absolutely rubbish. I ended up cutting it off and bought this one from jaycar. It’s a bit bigger and works so much better than the one supplied.

  • Does it work with Securalift GDO-11V1?

    • Nevermind, found the answer I needed. It's called Automatic Technology GDO-11V1 Ero and it's supported! :)

      Bought 1!

  • Can this be used along with the normal garage remote

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      Yes should be fine. if it follows the normal model it shorts two pins in the controller which triggers the close/open. The remote still works.

      • Could you detail this a little bit more for me please so that I can do the wiring

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          most motors have 2 pins/terminals where you can connect a wired wall switch,
          its as simple as shorting those 2 pins.
          this device connects to those pins
          your user manual should describe where those pins are

          • @doxxie: Thanks mate, but, mine uses a remote switch

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              @Usrname: Inside the actual unit there will most likely also be a terminal for an actual button. Pop the case off and have a look.

  • Just curious, how secure are these devices? Im guessing these connect to the internet. Can some random teenager in russia with too much time in their hands randomly open my garage door?

    Also, will the app tell me if the door is open? Or do i need to physically check?

    • As secure as the weakest link in your network i guess.
      I use the homekit version, and i get notifications for open and closed, and i can enable it so i only get those if no one is "home" etc

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    It's now $55.99??

  • Can someone please suggest a smart garage door opener for Dynamo gdo-9? Also preferably one which works with 5 GHz Wi-Fi, thanks.

  • Purchased one of these. Received 2 days later ( today ) and installed this morning.
    Simple install
    Good value product
    Regarding install questions in this thread;
    If concerned about install / compatibility simply download the app. You can see the steps and compatibility prior to having the device. You can also short the terminals related to ext to see if it is going to work ( obviously take caution !)
    Hardest part is running the cable for the sensor and getting it in the right position.. the other steps are very easy.
    Google integration is painful as it needs a pin. I am happy to use the app.
    Has all the features: schedule and auto close etc. notifications and tells u if open or closed on app.
    Good value purchase considering the price of replacement remotes!

  • NOW $55.99 not $50.99!

    Code doesn't work.

  • OP, is the discount expired?

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