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Asus GeForce RTX 2060 Phoenix 6GB $449 Delivered (RRP $500) @ Centrecom


Building a new pc and got sick of waiting on price drops and availability on current nvidia and amd gpu.
Pulled the trigger on this. Decent mid tier gpu to last untill 4000 series? Lol

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    better to wait for the 12G RTX3060?

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      This. I know you've been waiting and it's frustrating but things will improve significantly in the next two weeks.

      • I’m waiting as well, I’m really hoping the pricing of the 3060 matches the US price after conversion

        • The cheapest model wouldn't be any lower than $600

        • i dont think you will have much luck there. the official msrp in australia for the 3060ti was $140 usd more than usd msrp in a straight conversion, and now US has a 25% tariff on gpu's which increased prices of gpus and will likely have a flow on cost effect for the whole world

          • @neferseki: Need to also factor in USD pricing that tax, tax is not quoted on their pricing where as ours has GST included.

            • @Wakanda: I was just stating the msrps of both countries so I don't technically need to factor in anything. It was an example that it will never be a direct conversion. Tax alone doesn't make up the price difference though there will likely be other factors in it as well that I won't pretend to know.

              But USD msrp of the 3060ti was $399 USD.
              AUD msrp of the 3060ti was $688 AUD.

              Direct conversion of the $688 AUD to USD is $535 USD. This is what my comment was based on. So I expect the 3060 to have around + $110 USD on its USD msrp for and AUD msrp.

              This would make the AUD msrp from nvidia about $570 AUD. The cheapest 3060ti's also sold about $20 higher than their AUD msrp at $709 vs $688. So that would make my guess for the 3060 around $590 AUD.

      • I must be behind the times - what's happening in 2 weeks?

    • I have a pc with no gpu… hence this deal works for me… if i keep on waiting, thats more time without a pc

    • Yeah, I mean if you've waited this long why not just wait another 2 weeks or so…

  • If you're looking for a stop gap for a while then I'd suggest a second hand GTX 1060. I just picked one up recently for $140 shipped. Yes, the 2060 is ~50% faster, but it's also an extra $300… Personally I think you're better off saving the $300 for AMD 6000 or nVidia 3000 series.

    • Agreed, why would you spend close to $0.5k for a stop gap solution? I feel like the 5700xt has come close which is much more performance….

    • Agreed. I'd just get a shitty card and just have something usable for 1080p until the better cards come out. No point sinking money in this imo

      • I have access to a rx 570 8gb. Tho i have a xiaomi 34 monitor.
        So its not ideal.

        • Neither is a 2060 for 1440p ultrawide, but up to you. 3060 should be able to run it a lot better and it has been officially announced now so only a matter of time.

        • rx580 is more than enough as a stopgap. Effectively the same as a 1060 (actually better in some respects). I can play apex on high settings and cyberpunk in medium settings with ultra wide with >30fps average. More than sufficient.

  • Ok guys. Ive read all the comments, so ive cancelled the order.
    Im just getting impatient. Ideally id like a 3070 for 1440p. But $1000 for a 8gb variant doesnt seem ideal, and there is no AMD 6800 at a reasonable price online.
    Il keep waiting…

    • Smart choice, it's humbling to see you take note of the comments rather than getting arrogant and defending your choice. Kudos my friend.

      EDIT: I only just sold my Zotac 2060 AMP Edition for $420 too, could have sorted you out with a 2ghz boosting monster :(

    • All the major retailers have multiple 3070 variants in stock.

      It's only a matter of time until they start competing with each other and drop prices like they were supposed to, instead of scalping and rigging raffles.

    • 3060 Ti is a very good landing point for value this generation. Availability for all cards will be much better come March-April.

      Currently the best place to hunt for cards is US Amazon and US Newegg deals, as you get them shipped free (via Amazon AU Prime if you just add .au, and via free shipping for Newegg AU). Not all stock is able to be accessed this way, but you should be able to get a 3060 Ti under $650 if you know how to track such stock.

      For anyone who wants me to spoon feed you this info, please don't reply, because I won't tell you: google is your friend here.

  • I grabbed a second hand GTX 1080 this week for $350 for this exact reason. GPUs are hard to get and overpriced right now. I figured I'm best off playing for 6+ months with a used card before I go out and get an easy to find 3060ti or 3070 on special for a decent price.

  • The RTX 2070 was $489 a while back, jumped on that and I'm glad. $449 for 2060 is a bit rich….

  • Was considering this when they had their boxing day sales also at this price.. but ended up with a 5600xt with the $50 steam voucher for $399 (currently @ $410 atm, no voucher now).

    This 2060 is not even a super, and a single fan, and there's not enough oomph for the raytracing and with my 1080p - DLSS is meaningless.. very ordinary price indeed.

  • Also waiting for a reasonable deal on an RTX 3060 or 3070 but jumped for an RTX 2060 for $399 for Black Friday. Not sure if it's worth it but I do have a 460w PSU that I've not sure if it will work with an RTX 3060 or 3070…