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[Pre Order] Nintendo Switch Console - Mario Red & Blue Edition $469 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This item will be released on February 12, 2021.

I know you can pre-order at EB Games, but Amazon will have free shipping (Amazon Prime is not required). And easy to cancel if you change your mind.

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Amazon AU

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  • Wheres JV !

  • This is the RRP comment you looking for.

  • Every console deal has been RRP since boxing day just about.

    This hedonistic treadmill is, at the very least, rather interesting.

  • This is the “looks terrible” comment you’re looking for

  • in before JV and RRP comments

  • What's the resale value like?

    • I would say terrible. Hideous design and switch pro may come out soon. Switch has also been around for a long time so this is just cosmetic.

      • Is this the same switch pro people were saying not to buy thr vanilla switch 2 years because of?

  • Wouldn’t it be wise to hold off for the Pro? This thing is almost 4 years into its lifecycle, so a fancy colour change, is to me, a desperate way to get one last push of sales volume. (Have a look at all those black editions by the Korean and Japanese car manufacturers to understand what I am trying to say).

    • Agreed; $469 for a Switch is bananas when an iPad8 is $499 and a PS5 is $599.

    • But what exactly would you be looking for with a switch pro? The appeal of Nintendo has always been the gameplay and specific ip from Nintendo. Not to mention that a higher res screen will always detract from battery life on a device of this size so it's not like it's going to be a strict upgrade. There's also no real reason for Nintendo to release a better switch for now because the current switch model is still selling crazy well.

      • The Switch Pro is going to be a traditional console. Nintendo will have all 3 segments covered. Switch Lite is handheld only. Regular Switch is handhled/console. Pro will be console only. It'll come with a Switch PRO controller instead of Joycons. It'll run the same games but with a new Nvidia chip capable of 4K DLSS.

        • To me knowledge nvidias entire upcoming product stack will be RT/DLSS capable (Including low tier cards like the 3050, so that is likely.

        • This is exactly what i'm thinking/hoping also - i only ever use my switch hooked up to my TV and would love to get better framerate/graphics/resolution than the current console is capable of (which is pretty much the same as the Wii U from 2012).

      • I play 100% docked so battery or screen size is moot for me.
        I straight up just want those 60fps minimum to be more standardized and implemented across the board, similar to what the SeriesX/P5 aims to finally be attempting.

        As much as I wanted to like games like Breath of the Wild or Astral Chain the hardware and choppiness is just way too limiting, and 30 needs to be put to bed.

      • I've read Switch pro may only be 4k docked, so wouldn't have any impact on battery.
        This would be a smart move, I can't see a lot of value 4k on such a small screen …

        • If their next console is going to be a completely docked console, I think it's more likely that they're going to opt for a different name since the design would just be completely different. Heck, maybe they'll even go back to the wii moniker.

    • There's been switch pro rumours for so long that I'll believe it when I see it now

  • Looks like Spiderman edition

  • Amazon around 3% giftcard
    Eb games around 6% giftcard

  • This looks nothing like Mario and is a terrible attempt at a "special edition". There's not print or decal or engraving or anything. The Animal Crossing one is well done. If I were a fan of AC, I would want it. This? This is just crap. And I love 8 bit Mario/Famicom stuff.

    • Agreed, it looks hideous. Wish it was mainly black with red highlights or something a bit more subtle but still unique.

  • Preorder RRP. Bargain!

  • PS5 and XSX RRP posts are fine because they're hard to get and your only other option to buy one immeadiately is scalper but THIS really isn't a deal.

    Amazon and Target are selling Switches for $399 right now https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/596446 and paying an extra $70 for a preorder that includes a carry case and hideous colour scheme is not a bargain.

  • Unless you’re a Newcastle Knights or Crystal Palace fan (perhaps Melbourne Demons at a pinch) and want your console to support your team, this is a poorly conceived ugly ass piece of garbage

  • "This should be posted in the forums" - JV

  • RRP

  • Yay more RRP trash "deals"

  • There was a discussion about this a few years ago.