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$10/30 Days for ALL Mobile Plans (5/18/50/70GB) for 1st 3 Renewals + $20 Referral Credit for Referee/Referrer @ OzSale Mobile


OzSale Mobile has extended the deal until 31 Jan 2021

From the previous deal you and can recharge the 2nd and 3rd months with $20 referral credit.

Have used it for a few days and data speeds seems good so far.

Additional facility that you can choose the date of activation and can delay upto 45 days or when the promo activation date (which ever comes first).
Offer ends 31st Jan. T&Cs apply*

$10.00 for 30 days, For your first 3 renewals

Ongoing price are:

$45.90 for 70GB every 30 days.
$35.90 for 50GB every 30 days.
$25.90 for 18GB every 30 days.
$15.90 for 5GB every 30 days.

*Promo T&Cs: Available to new customers only. Must order online by 11:59pm AEST 31 January 2021. Service must be activated prior to 28 February 2021. Price discount applies to first three renewals only. Payment failure or change of plan may result in loss of price discount. Ongoing price is the prevailing plan price after the three renewals. Not exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion or offer. Promotion may be withdrawn or extended at OZSALE Mobile's discretion. Standard T&Cs and Fair Usage applies.

Referral Links

Referral: random (2)

$20 Credit for referrer and referee

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  • +3

    Wait so u mean we pay $10, and get first month 70GB
    Then second and thrid month, to be paid by the $20 referral credit, each month getting 70GB again.

    So $10 for 210GB, valid 90 days? Whopper of an offer!

  • What network do they use?

    Regardless, its an amazing offer. This and the Kogan 3 month for $14 total. Piggyback on both

    • +2

      Optus I believe

    • +1

      OZSALE Mobile telecommunications services are provided by Yomojo Pty Ltd or its subsidiaries (Yomojo) under terms and conditions published by Yomojo from time to time.

      On Optus 4G

  • +1

    How does the referral work with these. It's asking to send a message to the referrer?

    • +3

      According to previous deal posted, they will give you their mobile number. Enter that one in the referral box while checking out/signing up.

      • It looks like some users have added themselves to the referral system prior to signing up, so they aren't able to provide their Ozsale number when they receive the Ozbargain PM. Not really sure how Ozbargain referral can police that.

        • How do you know that?
          Someone responded to your request & said that?

          (It is possible to add a referral without having a valid OzSale Mobile phone number for referal.)

          There are only 4, now 5 people on the referral system here.

          Sent a request 45 min ago, but no response. Resent to 2 others in system. Waiting.

          • +1

            @the INFIDEL:

            Someone responded to your request & said that?

            correct. Not sure if you click on the referral/random button multiple times if it gets sent to multiple people or is the Ozb system intelligent enough to lock you to your original referrer.

            • +1

              @bdl: It keeps sending out randomly to people in the referral list. Took 8 requests to send to 4 people on list.

              Have had no response in 90 minutes
              Using PM is a slow & uncertain process for referrals

            • +1

              @bdl: Just received first response after over 2.5 hours to my Request for a Referral……
              A useless response!!

              From Ti######…. Asking me for a referral code!

              Requested them to remove their username from Referral System as they are not offering a Referral, but requesting it!

              The member has removed their username from Referral list. They didn't know how to request a referral, which is understandable.

              To request a Referral, click on "random" under Referral Links. And wait…

        • You may PM the poster of previous deal, Trender. Not sure if he is still with this MVNO or not.

          • @hawkeye93: Did over 40min ago using random referral.
            Will take a while (Last seen 22 hr ago)

            • @the INFIDEL: Try again with another referrer? One may reply.

              • @hawkeye93: Tried 4 5 requests - sent to 3 out of the 4 on referral system. (OP received 2 3 of my requests)

                A new person has just been added to referrals.

                • @the INFIDEL: I'm still waiting to here back for anyone as well.

        • +1

          Received a request for a Referral in response to my Referral Request!!
          That just wastes everyone's time.

          If people can't yet offer a Referral, best they edit their listing to remove it from Referral Links above, & add later when can refer.

    • +1

      Could take a while for a response to Referral requests - as people may not be on Ozbargain regularly.

      Using PM for referrals is a slow process, and involves the other person giving out their phone number to a random Ozbargainer… I don't know I would do that!

    • Received Referral - just took a while.

      • Who’s that?

        • As I've received my mobile number, I've added my details to the random Referal list.

  • +2

    Plus $0.20 card processing fee :)

  • Does this come with phone calls. The website doesnt load for me on mobile

    • Yes, unlimited calls & text I believe

  • -2

    Sounds like a postpaid service with non-refundable monthly plan. No thanks.

    Also $2 sim cost + 2% credit (non-AMEX)/ debit card charge.

    • +2

      All I can see at the checkout step is $0.2 fee. Nothing else.

      • Haven't tried checking out (not interested per my first point) but just noticed those charges when I was reading the pricing table.

    • +4

      Just read their FAQ's page -
      "No! There are no lock-in contracts with OZSALE Mobile, so you are free to change your plan as you need and you may cancel at any time without penalty (other than breaking our hearts). If you do cancel your service, you will lose any unused allowance at the time of cancellation"

      • No contradiction to what I was saying. I'd never said it has a lock in contract.

        It sounds like a postpaid service from its T&Cs - ie. It can bill you extra after the fact for things like excess data (& probably requires a credit check when signing up) - this is what I personally try to avoid.

        And it also sounds like (from its T&Cs) that it charges in full month which is non-refundable upon termination (unlike proper postpaid service where your last bill is on a pro-rata basis).

  • +2

    I searched their site but couldn't find…

    • Can the same person buy 2, 3, 4 of these or only one?
    • What payment methods do they accept? Direct debit, credit card, paypal?
    • Is there a payment method that avoids the processing fee?

    Also beware:

    Their terms and conditions state if the monthly debit doesn't work for whatever reason, they will try to debit you again later the same day. My bank charges $15 for every failed direct debit attempt. So obviously two failed debit attempts = $30. This is why I usually pay telcos using paypal auto debit instead of bank account direct debit. When you want to close a phone plan you don't have to deal with the telco. You just login to paypal and turn off auto debit. When they can't renew/charge your next month, they close your account. Using paypal auto debit prevents chasing refunds from hopeless telcos who continue charging after you close your account too.

    • +2

      Exactly. You remove them from the auto-payment option.

      Another way is using one-time debit card (such as ZIP) as it expires after 24 hours, so they won’t be able to charge you the next cycle.

      • Can otherwise change after signing up under Account Settings.

    • +1

      I asked them. Here's what they said:

      Q: Can the same person buy multiple SIMs on this deal?
      A: Yes.

      Q: What payment methods are accepted?
      A: Only payment by credit or debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, or Amex.

      Q: Is there a payment method that avoids the processing fee?
      A: No. All payments are subject to a surcharge. 2% for Visa or Mastercard and 3% for Amex.

  • Is there a way to buy the sim and activate later? It keeps asking me for my number and current provider.

    • It automatically activates 30th Jan, you can bring it forward after receiving SIM if you want

      • It says "Must be activated before 28/2/2021", so not automatically on 30/1?

        • When porting my number, the welcome email said 30th Jan. See here: https://imgur.com/a/vGGjWtv

          • @bdl: Oh nice, thanks.

          • @bdl: Oh, it can be automatic because we have to let them know our DOB at the checkout step, right?

            Normally for other carriers, port-in request is only done after receiving the SIM (during the activation step) by filling in all relevant details (DOB, Name).

            • @hawkeye93: Correct. It didn't give any kind of suggestion that there would be a forced porting date during checkout, it was a little surprising to see it on the welcome email, but at $10/70gb, I'm willing to abide to their time frames :)

            • +1

              @hawkeye93: Follow up email received:

              "On 31-Jan-21 we'll ask your current mobile provider to transfer your number to OZSALE Mobile. You can start this process sooner by following these 3 easy steps:

              1. Log in to your OZSALE Mobile account at www.ozsalemobile.com.au/login
              2. Click ‘Activate SIM’ and follow the prompts.
              3. Once your number is transferred, insert your SIM into your device and get going on OZSALE Mobile!

              Transferring your number usually completes within 1-2 hours. If it's late in the day, the transfer may not finish until the next business day. In some cases, it may take up to two business days (includes Saturdays) for the transfer to complete.

              Your existing SIM will continue to work until the transfer completes.

              We'll email you when your current provider releases your number to us and your OZSALE Mobile service is all set up. You'll get a clue when you lose service on your old SIM - time to get OZSALE Mobile on!"

              … it may say 31st Jan for me because it's approximately two weeks after signup, not sure if people who sign up after the time I did may receive an email with different dates.

    • +1

      it doesn't auto activate you can set the when to activate when you ordered the sim. I ported my number so not sure it's the same if its new number. But I'd think so.

      • Thankyou, I do appreciate your response, but I'm finding it very hard to understand this comment, perhaps I'm just tired sorry!

        I plan on porting my number, but my current service doesn't end till the 28th, and I was hoping to obtain my sim before porting over to OzSale a little later.

        Also, how do you set the date of porting during order? I'm having a little difficulty finding those options when ordering…

        • +1

          Also, how do you set the date of porting during order? I'm having a little difficulty finding those options when ordering…

          You're not going crazy, there was no option to set the date.

          • @bdl: after you order the sim and have your account online, you can login and will have the option to change the activation date which is when you will port it. plus you'll need to reply to the port sms before that'll happen

            • @huntress_love: that's completely different to your original comment that "you can set the when to activate when you ordered the sim"

              • @bdl: when you order it, you need to create an account. I guess in my mind it's the same thing, but i can see how you can understand it differently. That option is after when you order and not during.

        • Porting can't happen until you choose to activate the SIM after it arrives.

        • +2

          First you need to receive the SIM.

          Then you choose when to activate the SIM online or by calling. (prior to 28 February 2021)

          At activation, there will be a form asking you to consent to porting & that you have the authority to do that. You can't Port another person's number - the personal details need to be the same on both telcos.

          You then receive a SMS to your old SIM with a code to confirm it is your number & you are requesting to port. You enter the code in the porting request.

          And wait for the port.

          Most is set out in the FAQ about the porting process

          • @the INFIDEL: Thank you so much!!

            • +1

              @doublehelix95: Thanks - people are so cautious in cheap SIM Deals, so imagine the worst.

              Details aren't that clear in this deal or sign up process. It's just different to what some are used to.

              You just activate the SIM when it suits you.

              You should be fine activating & porting at the end of your current SIM 👍

    • +1

      As with all telcos…
      Porting can't occur until you receive the SIM. You then activate it when you are ready.

      As you requested to port at the sign up, activation (online or by calling) will start the port process requiring you to give permission to port.
      Porting does not occur before that.

      At sign up you simply requested you want to port your number to the new SIM. Otherwise a new number needs to be allocated to your account.

      • -2

        You let them know your DOB at the checkout, right? So that’s the problem as they can port you in at anytime, unlike other telcos who don’t ask that info when you purchase their SIMs.

        • +1

          Can't understand the worries. I've had people ask me this in PMs.

          I'm not porting, but had to provide DOB, etc - standard ID requests.

          I've been SIM hopping most months for 7 years, so got to know the porting process at many Telcos. This is not really any different.

          they can port you in at anytime, unlike other telcos

          Absolutely wrong
          Read what the authority ACMA says..

          And what this Telco says about the porting process - after you request to port at activation, in the FAQs! you should have read!

          As with all telcos, by law they can't legally port until you give them specific authority to do so. It looks like a legal form saying you consent to the port.
          You haven't done that!
          So they can't Port!

          You have simply said you want to port (later, rather than be allocated a number they choose now).

          Other telcos may leave that to the activation stage, after the SIM arrives. Nothing suspicions - it's just different to what you seem used to.

          (Amaysim uses the same process of selecting to port when signing up. Porting can't occur until activating the SIM after it arrives - entering the SIM number. Handy to know, as their SIMs otherwise arrive pre-activated, losing days of use.)

          Porting can only occur after receiving the SIM, activating it when you choose, & starting the porting process by giving authority to port. A SMS about the port is sent to your current SIM.

          That process is needed because people were stealing other people's numbers via porting, to gain access to their money & identity.

          Otherwise if they ported now - your existing number in your phone would receive & make no calls. Telcos can't turn off your current service without legal authority!

          • @the INFIDEL: Irrelevant to this deal but some minor corrections:

            Ported Amaysim SIMs do not arrive preactived because they don't know when the SIM will reach your mailbox. You would lose phone service for an unknown number of days if they did this.

            I bought 2x Amaysim SIMs a few months apart, taking a random new number instead of porting. Both times Amaysim reset my start date to the day the SIMs were inserted in a phone. Then they send you an email or SMS (I forget which, but probably an SMS) saying they've reset your service to that day. I inserted/activated the first SIM 3 weeks after ordering it, and the second SIM after 1 week. I didn't have to contact Amaysim either time. The start date reset automatically both times.

            After the SIM arrives you can also change the porting number you entered during signup to a different number (or can pick one from a list) by activating it online before inserting it into a phone. But obviously to do this, you had to opt for a port during signup. i.e. If you didn't choose a port, if you just accepted a new number during signup, THEN the SIM arrives pre-activated. But again, it resets when you insert it.

            The exception to that is if you leave it too long to insert the SIM. The reset doesn't happen automatically then, but you just contact them, they can see when you inserted the SIM, and reset it manually to that day.

            • @Faulty P xel: No - Amaysim can't Port your number as the porting process has not started. You simply have said you don't need a new number & you will be wanting to port. Same as in this Deal.

              For porting, you need to give them authority to port at the activation step. That's the rules about porting.

              Yes - I've commented about that change in Amaysim since the reset came in. But it still arrives pre-activated.

              • @the INFIDEL: You said the same thing: "Ported Amaysim SIMs do not arrive preactived…" ;-)

              • @the INFIDEL: Oh I see. I misread this: "Handy to know, as their SIMs otherwise arrive pre-activated, losing days of use.)" Sorry.

                • @Faulty P xel: I was just showing how the popular Amaysim SIM sign up process (selecting a new number or porting with details of number & provider) is very similar to OzSale Mobile sign up process.

                  As people are used to that process in another provider, they should be ok with the process here.
                  People were concerned that providing details meant Ozsale could port at any time. (They can't)

                  Numbers can't be ported without the consent of the user, which is not given by simply saying at sign up you intend to port (rather than get a new number).
                  Amaysim also asks for details of the number & Telco to port from.

                  Preactivation was an issue in the past with Amaysim. They solved that long ago by resetting when you use the number (within a time frame). Just didn't say that!

                  I comment to try to resolve issues people have with SIMS (maybe half of my 20k comments), & wrote & maintained the Telstra Starter Pack Wiki long ago so people could get the most from their purchase.

  • Thanks OP, clicked on the Random below referral links (about 10 times in a short period) one person responded and I was given a phone number to get the 20.00 credit when I ordered the service. Hope all goes well. Currently using OPTUS but having issues (service provider is Vaya) hoping the problem is a Vaya one, as I am having some problems with their service atm. Which is why I want to try another provider. Would have preferred a different network but this is dirt cheap so have to give it a OZbargain go!

  • +1

    Does ozsalemobile has the option to turn off auto recharge / renewal ?

    • +1

      Set a reminder to send a message to cancel.

  • +1

    Just a heads up, they're not honouring the referral credit. I tried to set up my referral code and they said I "can't use two promotions at the same time", claiming that the referral system and the $10 offer both count as separate promos. They also said that if I refer others I can't receive any credit until after my 3rd recharge.

    Not impressed.

    • That's what people were told in last Deal.

      However - referral credit was found to work to pay next $10

      • I forgot to put the the number in during sign up, I asked them to add it afterwards and they refused, claiming it counts as two promotions.

        • Well that's a bit different.
          It's normal that you can't add referral numbers / codes AFTER signing up. That's not how referrals work. So not surprised they said no. So they said not to worry.

          For example, I couldn't find where to put a code into current 86400 BANK promotion. Contacted them - sorry, but code can't be added after signing up. (But they are depositing $20 as a goodwill gesture.)

          As I commented - that advice was given before this Deal, but there is a comment that referral credit has been used to pay the next month's $10 fee.
          Time will tell.

    • got the same response while on live chat. let's see how it goes.

    • They also said that if I refer others I can't receive any credit until after my 3rd recharge.

      Does this mean you WILL get credit for people you referred now, only it won't be paid until recharge #4? Or do they mean referrals for the first 3 renewals are totally pointless because you'll NEVER receive any credit from those ones?

  • Anyone receive their SIM yet?

    • nope

      • Surprising!!! they are usually quick to lock you in heh

  • +1

    Received my SIM today, about 5 business days delivery to Melbourne metro.

    Excerpt from welcome letter re: activation

    "To help kick things off, we'll automatically activate your SIM for you - look out for our email that will tell you when this is going to happen. However, you can activate sooner - just go to ozsalemobile.com.au/activate"

    Looks like you can set a date after you login (this option wasn't available online to me previously)

  • Still waiting for SIM in Brisbane!
    Ordered on 16/1.

    Complained but only got response requesting my address in case I told them the wrong address! Replied - still waiting.

    My $1 Gomo SIM expires today.
    Looks like I'll pop down to 7-11 for a $8 Vodafone SIM to keep me connected for next 30 days.

    Hopefully the SIM will arrive before Service must be activated prior to 28 February 2021!

  • +2

    Someone above suggested there might be excess data charges so I asked them:

    "Once your allocated data has been consumed data automatically stops so there's no excess data charges. If you want more data you can then purchase bolt-on data packs at $11.00 for 1GB or $20.00 for 2GB."

  • We got our sim cards yesterday. Went online to check it out and though we both should have the 20. Referral credit there was no evidence of it. Guess I better follow up with them on it.

  • was told that you cannot have the referral credit on the $10 deals, because non-stackable

    Who has received the $20 credit? name account please

  • I'm still unsure about $10 for the plan & the referrer $20 deal also, as a few have said, can anyone confirm yes or no for both, as this deal implies?
    On sign up, are people seeing the $20?

    This is a very tempting deal, as I want to cancel my Circles.Life account, cant justify spending $38 anymore, even for 100GB.
    I ported my 3rd # to Circles - some minor issues so far & others state issues with porting out).

    Any similar deals that I've might have missed?, apart from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/590391#comment-10007212, which I'm also considering.
    Any current port In promos?

    I have used Kogan deals ($4.90/$14.90) 3 times now in the last year, no issues with them.
    I'm still using Belong as my main #/phone, due to their data rollover feature, also no issues, ported from Aldi.

  • +4

    ! day after activating and checking on the referral credit.
    I just got off the phone and the rep read me some terms saying that you cannot use the credit towards your monthly service charge that the credit is to be used to purchase items from the OZsale web site. I argued with him about it stating what the OP said here but I have zero proof of what the OP said as there is nothing on their website about referrals. I was a bit upset as you can imagine. He said he would consult the "team" to find me some written proof of what the T&C's are for the referrals. Was told I would receive an email within 24 hours about this.

    He did also say it would take 45 days for the credit to appear on my account.

    edit hour later:
    got a response from [email protected]

    Hi …,

    Good day!

    Good news! Since your service got activated yesterday, you and … will get $20.00 referral credits 72 hours upon the activation of the service. You can also use the credits for the renewal of your plan.

    Should you have other concern, let us know.


    • Thanks for the update & OP for the posting.
      I'll try this company out.

      Going to terminate my circles account tmw, once I use most of the data up.
      I'll also go with the Kogan $14.90 deal for new customers deal before it expires for some extra data.

    • +1

      That is good news - thanks👍
      Keep us updated how it works out.

      I asked the same question on Chat on 16/1, but they never got back to me.

      As my SIM still hasn't arrived (support offered to send again to arrive next week!), I was about to cancel & ask for a refund. Won't now.
      Picked up a Vodafone SIM ($8 40+GB) today. So will activate this SIM in 28days, before the final date to activate this offer.

      Support are getting confused by their different offers!
      That credit is to be used to purchase items from the OZsale web site applied in the October Deal.
      It's very different to the referral credit on the signup site.

      • Will the credit automatically be used for next month payment or we have to do something? Just don't know whether they will deduct the credit card first or the credit first.

        • Credit is automatically used :)

  • +1

    We, my partner and I were with Vaya who is also on the Optus network and we were having terrible trouble with our phones not received calls or not able to dial out. Also when we did get calls using my partners phone the other parties kept saying they could not hear us very well. We purchased him a new phone and sent the old one for repairs during this time. But even with the second phone his reception got even worse so they sent us a 3rd sim (the second we had to get as the new phone required a larger card) saying the second new sim may be bad. Then we called them after having about 4 weeks of little to no service to find out what was going on with their network they tried to tell us it was a black spot near us causing the troubles .

    We were with Jennee under Optus who sold their accounts to Vaya, for about 5 years prior to this and never had any issues.

    The service rep with Vaya 1st said they were doing maintenance near by, then a day or so later another rep tried to tell me the problem was with the 3G network (we were on 4G) I asked him why 3G and he claimed that 3G was for telephone calls and 4G was for data????? I had to google that later to find out he was lying to me as I was not entirely sure of the difference between them.

    So when this deal came up we were hesitant to go with them as it is still Optus network but for 10 a month we could not beat giving them a go seeing as we had nothing to lose at this point as we have no service for my partner (by the way all this time I only had troubles once with my phone not being able to make calls out or receive them it but it resolved after a day).

    And one of their service reps at one point told us to leave Vaya!!!! seeing as Optus was not working for us in our neighborhood now. Sad Sad company!

    So now we are 2 days into the ozSale Mobile and we both have service and so far zero issues with hearing us or hearing the other parties on our phones. We even got our old mobile back where they stated nothing was wrong with it after 4 weeks.

    The point I want to make is just because one network (Optus) with one phone service company (Vaya) is shitty does not necessarily mean that the "network" is the problem. It could be that the phone service company purchased "cheap" lines from the network knowingly or unknowingly so you get shitty reception from that phone service company!!! I think it is always good to check the coverage in your area when deciding on a network and knowing that some phone companies are cheaper because the buy the shitty lines form the networks.

  • Problems with Referral credit being applied…

    If you haven't received a Referral credit from using another person's Ozsale number during sign up - a $20 credit can still be applied.

    That has been done for another member using my number as referral.
    Ozsale accepted my new number for those using referrals
    Activation of my number was delayed by Ozsale, so those using my referral need to apply for a $20 credit adjustment on your account. Turns out the same.
    Removed my referral when this happened. A stuff up! Sorry.

    This is what they told another member via chat:

    "Regarding the $20 Member Get Member, what we've done here is we've applied this on to your account as a credit adjustment…
    And for your referrals, they need to contact us and will need so we check their account to ensure if it has been applied or not."

    I got another email now saying that the credit will be used to pay the next two months access too.
    Haven’t received any referral credit from others using my number…

    Sounds like everyone has to request their referral credit after they've activated!
    That's not what we expected!!

    A lot of poor advice from Ozsale!!

    • I am not sure if there is a limit to how many credits you can receive but I know that when I asked about my credits they wanted to know the name of the person and number who referred me or who I referred. I should have 2 maybe 3 $20.00 credits. Two of them via OZbargains and I have no clue their names so not sure I will get credit via any Ozbargain posters??? I will have to call them again as there is really know way of knowing if the OZbargainer actually activated their sim or not.

      • So many issues & unknowns with this Deal! I regret signing up.

        I was only interested in helping others get this Deal when I added my contact for Referral. There were only 4 on random system then, with a slow response.

        Will only be using the referral credit for the 3months of Deal. So not interested in how many credits are possible - I won't be using them. I only needed the 1 to sign up.

        So to the couple of Ozbargainers who joined up with my referral, send me a PM if you need help you get the $20 credit.

        • They have refused it on the basis that you can NOT combine two promotions: either

          1. $10 promotion
          2. $20 referral

          but NOT BOTH

          • @DisabledUser109579: A few different stories from Ozsale!

            • @the INFIDEL: Well i need names of people who have profitted so I can sue!!!!

              • @DisabledUser109579: Start with Ozsale!

                As I commented, any referrals (if they are ever applied to my account - none yet) won't be used.

                I will be leaving after 3 months if the initial referee's credit is applied. But at end of first month - if the $20 credit can't be applied to following months.

                Not happy with their repeated different messages & uncertainty. Withdrawn my Deal upvote & referral link.

                So cross me off your list😉