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Catch Connect 365 Day Plan 60GB + Unlimited Talk & Text $89 (Was $120) @ Catch


$89 for first 365 days

All new customers enjoy an initial cost of $89 for the first 365 days. Ongoing recharges at $120. All data allowance is applied upfront after $89 payment and activation. Limit one per customer. Offer ends 04/02/21.

Catch Connect is a great value mobile service provider powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network. We offer amazing prepaid mobile and data only plans at equally amazing prices, with the speed, coverage and service you can expect from one of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies. No pesky hidden fees or lengthy lock-in contracts here - and you get to keep your number! We even have international caller packs to help you stay in touch with loved ones, as well as international roaming options. Whatever you’re looking for in a mobile plan, we've got you covered.

What you get

60GB data allowance
Charged per KB. Your data of 60GB will be all available from day one.

Unlimited standard national talk & text
Unlimited calls to standard national numbers, 13/1300 numbers and unlimited standard national SMS and MMS.

Plan Expiry: 365 days

Ongoing recharges are $120 for 60GB every 365 days
Automatic recharges at $120 unless you opt out. Auto-recharge can be turned off in your dashboard after activation. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

How to purchase and activate your plan

Add the Catch Connect Prepaid plan to your cart and complete check out.
You will receive your Catch Connect welcome email within 3 business days of you completing your catch.com.au cart.
Your SIM card will be dispatched to your delivery address within a few days.
Once your SIM has arrived, follow the instructions on the welcome letter to start setting up your Catch Connect account.
Terms and conditions

You must activate your chosen prepaid plan on catchconnect.com.au within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on the promotion (whichever is earlier). Additionally, you must activate your Catch Connect SIM card within 24 months of purchase, otherwise the SIM card will be cancelled and any credit associated with it will be forfeited. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. You must be aged at least 18 years to purchase a prepaid service with Catch Connect.

Limit per customer: 5 services per account

All for use in Australia.

Mod: Related deal - [UNiDAYS] Catch Connect 365 Day Plan 60GB $80.10 Delivered @ Catch

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  • +17

    Coles mobile using same Optus and same 60gb inc international calls is $99

    • +4

      Thanks good to know. I guess just depends if you need the international calls. This also has 3% cashback.

    • +2

      Can you share the link pls

    • It’s showing me $120 on coles website.

      • Not on sale atm. But keep watching the weekly catalogue.

      • +1

        Ditto. It was on sale for 99 a couple of weeks ago. Old news.

    • Coles one is better value and is often on for $99.

      • +3

        How is it better value? Just due to the international calls for an extra $10? Or am I missing something else?

  • What's the connection like on catch?

    • it's quite good, although not as good as Telstra

    • Optus network so depends how that works in your area.

      • +4

        In my area, optus is doing better than telstra.

  • +11

    This deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/592743 is almost $10 cheaper if you can grab an UNiDAYS code from someone.

    • Thanks! Now just need to get my hands on a code

  • +4

    been on this plan for a few months now. going well so far. speeds are not great if you do a speed test, but general browsiing and maps works fast enough. Was lucky they had 10% cash back at the tiime so worked out to be $81 for a year of mobile. I'm averaging 3Gb a month so far so the plan works well for me.

  • Thank you, just in time for our almost expired boost, bought 2x :)

  • +1

    Got a similar Catch Connect deal to this one for the daughter before Christmas and it’s been great so far. Same performance as the regular Optus network as far as I’ve seen.

  • +2

    I paid $60.90 during 10% off catch + $20 off $60 spend lattitudepay promotion, one of the best value 12 months mobile plan I have ever had, no issues so far, better than Kogan mobile in term of customer device as I had to cancel one of the glitched payment

    • +1

      Yeah, but Latitude offer no longer accepts CatchConnect products. What a pity.

      • oh really, something might come up next year again i guess

  • Thanks OP, been looking for a good deal for my daughter only to be able to text us when she gets home from school / call us when we are out.

    Edit: in saying that, does this come with a new sim / phone number?

    • +1

      Im sure you can Port old number if need be or have a new one if you want.

    • Of course you can port

  • +13

    The plan with 120gb data is $120 so this seems to be an inflated special.


    • Good call. I've gone for this one instead.

    • +4

      The plan with 120gb data is $120 so this seems to be an inflated special.

      This is true if you are only judging value based on GB / $$.

      A lot of low data users won't even get through the 60GB in 365 days, and will lose the remaining data if they don't recharge after 365 days. So, for them this plan is much better value for money than having to cough up $120.

      • +3

        Agreed. My mum only uses about 30GB a year so this is perfect

    • According to their website the 120gb plan's "normal" price is $150 (first time 120, subsequent recharges are 150).

      Anyway looks like good value for me (this current deal)

  • +1

    Is this good to port from Kogan mobile?

    • +1


  • +1
    • Yes, but without any UNiDAYS discount.

  • Does anyone know if this includes international roaming? And the ability to receive sms overseas?

    • +2

      No longer since Nov or Dec last year. If you want that, Amaysim has it.

    • +2

      OT but this is where I'm quite happy being with Boost and the Telstra network. It offers wifi calling so essentially one we start travelling overseas again, my S20FE can keep thinking that I'm still in Australia once we connect to Wi-Fi.

    • +2

      Fase advertising as on their banner they clearly state "International Roaming Available" but in the fine print of the CIS it states "EXCLUSIONS: International Roaming,…."

  • You can request for an additional 10% off code here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/550757

  • Does this mean activation must be by 4 Feb?

    "You must activate your chosen prepaid plan on catchconnect.com.au within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on the promotion (whichever is earlier)."

    • Only to secure the current offer. If you activate after this date, you will be offered whatever available at that time (let's say if they reduce the data amount to 50GB, then that's what you would get).

      If I remember correctly, SIM pack can be activated within a year from the date of purchase (maybe more than that?).

      • Hi, I bought two separate ones and I activated both a few months later. I believe you have 2 years to activate it, however the plan might be different as was mentioned by hawkeye93.

      • So since I have already paid for the SIM at order time I still get 1 year plan but the data inclusion may be different?
        Or does the whole plan change to totally something else (or is it just as credit for any other normal priced plan.

  • Currently only one month left on my boost mobile, this one seems bit too small on data 5gb/pm for my needs. What is the cheapest 365 day or monthly plan with 10-15gb/pm at the moment?

  • +1

    Not sure if it's still the case but these guys auto renew me at full price when the plan expired. The phone I was using is used for largely incoming calls only (cheapest way to keep an old number parked so I don't miss calls from old clients) so I often leave it out of credit for a few weeks looking for a decent deal. I've migrated to boost now as it was the best deal available at the time.

    Keep your renewal date in mind if you don't wouldn't use them at full price (from memory it was a bigger difference a few years back).

    • +1

      Had you disabled AutoRecharge? I'm guessing not???

  • They cancelled my order….

    Unfortunately I'd used my Unidays code so can't reorder.

    • Mine went through about 10 mins ago.

      Got emailed the invoice and all.

  • -2

    Only 5GB of data a month. This is nowhere near as good as the Aldi deal.

    • Which deal specifically?

    • +1

      The Aldi $99 deal is 15gb for the year, this is 5gb a month.

      • "The $99 1 Year Super Pack also gives you a standard data inclusion of 15GB of data to use throughout the 365 day period" - Critical Info summary. So this is worth more with 60GB data.

  • Is there any difference in coverage / speed / features between an Optus plan and an Optus MVNO plan?

    • +2

      Like most Optus MVNOs Catch Connect does not have 5G, VoLTE and VoWiFi. A limited number at the moment do have these features like Spintel.
      As I understand the coverage is the exactly the same with Optus MVNO vs non-MVNO.

      • A limited number at the moment do have these features like Spintel

        Slightly off topic but do tell more, is Spintel's normal plans 5G compatible?

        Nvm plans start at $45/month ($5 discount for the first 6) for 50GB. Seems they've taken away their "small" option.

  • Wonder when the 120gb plan will cost this amount or even less

  • Can anyone confirm whether this has a proper voicemail? Not the voice to text only like Belong…

    • +1

      Yeh it has proper voicemail.

  • +1

    "60GB + Unlimited Talk & Text $89 (Was $120)" ???
    It was $120? The 120gb 12mths deal has always been $120.

    • That deal used to be $150, but seems to have a permanent discount haha

  • +1

    Amaysim has a referral deal for 120GB at $100 for 12 months. Unfortunately no international calls included. Deal is only available through referral and targeted.

  • I have been with Optus for many years. Can I use this as new customer ?. I saw catch is with Optus….

  • How long does it take to get the SIM in the mail? The website says it'll ship in 5-7 days. I kind of would like it in Brisbane by Saturday.

    • +1

      Took me 3 days to get it Metro Sydney when I ordered

    • 2-3 days when I have used them. Very fast delivery.

    • +1

      Took me about 2.5 weeks to Perth last time I ordered one.

  • With unidays and giftcard. Comes to 68.09. only problem is my current plan expires on end of May. And this has to be activated within 30 days. Currently I use 56g/ year. I think this deal fits me well.

    • Nope, you actually can activate it later. 30 days is the guarantee period that you will receive the current offer. After that, if there’s any change to the plan (e.g. reduced data amount), your SIM pack will be subject to that.

    • How do you get $68.09? Unidays brings it down to $80.10. 6% giftcard brings it down to $75.29.

      • +1

        PayPal had 15% off gc not long time ago. I happen to stocked some.

    • You don’t need to activate within a month. I bought a sim in October and still hasn’t been activated. My understanding is you have 2 years to activate it. But in any case I would wait if I were you, as this offer always pops up (mine was a special with Latitute and paid $83 for 120gb)

      • you are right, looks like this kind of deals is very common for catch. guess i have planty of time to wait.

  • Does anyone know if this service can divert all incoming calls to another number as part of the unlimited call allowance? Tried it with Amaysim and they charge extra.


    • call forwarding? I reckon not available. Have checked the CIS but couldn't see anything like that.

    • I just tried it and call got forwarded np . Also adding another call at the same time works (is it called conference calling?). Pretty good for $80 or even less a year!

      • Good stuff, thanks for this!

  • Thanks OP, got one…just in time

  • coles one will be $96 this Wednesday. This one or coles one?

    • +1

      This is an easy decision. Only go with Coles if you use International Calls, otherwise you are paying extra for essentially the same service.

  • Has anybody received their sim yet? If so, was it delivered, or sent by mail?

    • I havent even got a confirmation email from them. not sure what to do.

    • Answering my own question…
      Called Connect (shockingly, I got someone within 20 seconds). He advised that the sim gets delivered through normal mail, so with AusPost's policy of snail mail taking at least 5 days, it should arrive early next week (my order having gone into 'dispatched' status on Tuesday).

  • I cant even order this. Everytime I try I get an email almost immediately.

    We are writing to inform you that your recent purchase from https://www.catch.com.au Order: xxxxx has not met our system's verification requirements

    • It's most likely an extension. Turn off all adblockers

      • ended up going through paypal instead of card. but i'll keep it in mind for future.

  • Does this come with a new number.

    I don't have a number to port across with and would be happy with a new number

  • Ordered one week ago (18th). Still hasn't even dispatched.

    Order status is at "Ordered" which is step 1 of 3. Step 2 is "In Progress". Step 3 is "Dispatched".

    This is ridiculous. In one whole week they've done nothing?

    • I'd call if I was you. My sim arrived in the mail today (central coast).

      • I emailed them.

        They said

        As per the advert, once the order has been placed, it might take 5-7 business days for dispatch, we usually allow 3-8 business days from the date dispatch for deliveries, It can be sooner or later depends on Australia Post or any delay that they might encounter.

        For the meantime, it's still within the timeframe and we kindly ask if you could allow until 08/02/2021 for you to receive it and if it hasn't turned up until 09/02/2021, please let me know so we could further assist.

        This kind of turn around time is unbelievable, and they told me to STFU until 9/1/21 which is a lot of wiggle room for them. I placed the order on the 18th (just after midnight). They're giving themselves a turnaround time of 21 days. This is what I would expect if China was sending me a package, but at least they have an excuse because they're a few thousands KMs away and parcels have to go through a bunch of holding centers and customs where it gets held until processed.

        These bastards don't get to blame Aus Post for being slow because they haven't even dispatched it yet. Not only have they not dispatched it, they haven't even processed my order. A whole week, and they did nothing? Still they blamed AP anyway.

        In regards to the tracking of your order, please be advised that all orders for sim cards that come from Catch do NOT have tracking attached to them as they are shipped via standard post.

        I didn't even ask them for tracking. I know it won't exist because they haven't even bothered to ship it yet.

        So now I got a mobile with no service. I can receive calls but not make any. I thought a week would surely be enough time for an AU company to send something to an AU customer.

        I'd call if I was you.

        I can't call. They told me to bugger off until 9/2. It's like those Chinese sellers on ebay who list a delivery estimate of 2-3 months so that you can't even open a dispute against them if you don't get it until those 2 months are up. Oh and you can't leave feedback after that so if you wanted to neg them for being shitty, it's past the 60 day window.

        • When I logged back into Catch to track my order, I saw that the status is: DISPATCHED. However, the tracking failed. I assume this is because Australia Post does not support tracking for regular mail. 😖

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