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Coles Mobile $150 Plan: 1 Year, 120GB Data, Unlimited National & Intl Call & Text to 15 Countries, Data Rollover up to 50GB


New at Coles! Now, Coles Mobile Prepaid plans include Unlimited Calling to 15 International Countries. This now proves to be better value than Boost or Catch Connect with the international inclusions and up to 50GB Data Rollover allowed.

Plan Inclusions

  • Cost: $150
  • 365 days | 120GB
  • Unlimited standard national talk and text
  • Unlimited standard international calls and text to 15 countries: Canada, Mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States
  • Rollover up to 50GB ​​​​​​​when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge
  • Optus 4G+ Network

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  • +27

    Personally I’d go for the Woolworths mobile as they use Telstra - a BIG difference

    • better coverage

      • +43

        Optus available in many places where Telstra refuses to fix black spots not shown on their dodgy coverage maps.

        Horses for courses.

      • +5

        Based on my experience around western Sydney (bakstown) and inner western Sydney (sydenham) Telstra wins hand down for both coverage and actual throughout (even when signal is strong sometimes on Optus no data loads).

        • +3

          no truer words said, Optus is shithouse,, Telstra on the other hand breathed new live in to my tablet nearly doubling what Optus could in the past 2 years

        • +4

          Around Hurstville its the exact opposite. WHere I live Optus has four bars, telstra 0. Buying a 6 months Boost sim was a big mistake. At least around home, it defaults to wifi calling. I can't wait for it to expire so that I can get off Telstra's black-spot ridden network.

          • @CacheHunter: Yes, buying the 12month prepaid Boost mobile was such a big mistake for me. I'm experiencing the same.

          • @CacheHunter: Sitting at home in Hurstville right now and seeing 250/40 on Optus, Telstra prepaid could never crack 100 down.

    • +4

      True always use Telstra if price is similar

      • +4

        It never is. I pay $10/month for 10GB and unlimited calls and SMS. Not that I call (the traditional way) or SMS much nowadays.
        Catch Mobile.
        Show me a Telstra plan that is priced like this and I'll sign up? Otherwise no point as Optus works everywhere I use it.

        • +5

          Simple just buy boost during sale period

        • +1

          I agree…. I bought the Catch Plan for my folks… 10 GB a month and unlimited calls and texts is a damn good price for $10 PM. Even better if you bought the catch gift cards which were 15% off from pay pal and got the uni days promo.

        • BELONG!!!!! (Telstra)

      • +2

        Unless you live or work in one of the many holes in Telstra's coverage.

        • +8

          Considering how easy it is to churn through providers, there's no reason not to spend a month on voda, optus and telstra and figure out what is best, rather than assuming telstra is best and paying more. Especially right now none of us are going on great tours of the country, we just need it to work at home, work and inbetween.

          For me, it used to be impossible to get a 4G optus signal in the middle of Melbourne CBD while standing next to an Optus 4G advertisement. Plus I couldn't get a signal at all within my work building and dropped out on the train all the time. Vodafone wasn't much better (I used to have to find the right part of the office to make a call), Telstra just works. Therefore, no matter how cheap the other networks are they don't even work for me so why would I "save" money on Optus?

          However if Optus works fine, why pay for Telstra just because it's the better network? I don't need to know what the signal is like in a regional area I'll never go to.

    • +9

      to be fair, this includes unlimited international calls and text to the 15 countries which is not available with Woolies

      • -1

        If you want international calls and telstra, you can go with belong

    • +8

      "Personally I’d go for the Woolworths mobile as they use Telstra - a BIG difference" Woolworths only uses the Telstra wholesale network which is no where near as good as Telstra or Boost for range.

      • -1

        Yet, still better than the Optus network.

    • Does Woolworths also offer same/similar plan?

      Edit: ignore, got the answer

    • +1

      Also get 10% off groceries once a month!

      • Actually, it is10% off twice a month. One in-store purchase, and one online purchase.

    • It is not first tier Telstra like Telstra and Boost.

    • +2

      agreed, and Woolworths also give you 10% off groceries one a month, so for some people like me, the plan is basically free

      • No truer words ever said. That's a proper deal!

      • +1

        How much more expensive is shopping @ Woolworths compared to Aldi though?

        • +1

          a lot of Aldi's stuff are just not up to quality standards, and also the surcharge for using credit card

          • +2

            @manraycy: A lot is the same & better also, and smart Aldi shoppers pay with cash.

            • +9

              @Arthur Dunger: wow, can't believe people still use cash for grocery shopping

              • +2

                @ln28909: Cash, what is that?

            • @Arthur Dunger: Aldi range is good. But not as extensive as Woolworths or Coles. But I find the actual quality of Aldi groceries generally better than branded or even un branded Woolworths products.

              Plus Aldi is 20 % cheaper. So Aldi better products than Woolworths and Aldi 20% cheaper. Aldi for the win.

        • I don't use Woolworths mobile, but for my personal shop Aldi and woolies come out pretty similar price wise. The kind of people who wont buy anything other name brands dont shop at Aldi anyway, and the woolies home brand items are often the exact same price as the Aldi ones.

          For context I mainly just eat the same rotation of absolute basics (I'm a student); ie. 1kg mixed frozen vegges, canned soups, milk, multigrain bread, ice cream, honey, tuna, mi goreng, oats, frozen berries/smoothie fruits, yoghurt etc.

          The soups are often 25c or so less at Aldi, and ice cream and yoghurt wise you can often get something nicer for not much more, but when it comes to the absolute basic homebred prices my shop usually works out within a couple of dollars or so.

      • +4

        I'd say the USP of this new Coles Plan is the International Calls inclusion. This was not there until recently. I don't know when they started including International Calls. The Boost Prepaid $150 plan was popular for the same reasons.

        Boost might see a loss in new customers, who will now opt for this Coles Plan instead of their new $200 / 85GB plan.

    • Link to the woolworths 365 days plan just in case anyone is looking for it as i was.

      $150/84GB/Telstra/No International calls/10% off woolies shopping every month.


      • It would be fantastic if you can still use woolworths gift cards after the discount.

        e.g $100 goods - $10 SIM discount - $4.5 giftcard discount = $85.5

        • You can also any other Rewards discounts you have they all stack.

      • +1

        That's a terrible deal compared with Catch, not even close. And it's not full Telstra coverage. Pass.

      • FWIW I got the Telstra $300 12 month sim for when it was $240, and it's been nothing short of brilliant.

    • -2

      BIG difference? SMALL or NO difference because Coles is on the crappy Telstra wholesale network - I know, I was on ALDImobile. It all depends where the towers are, and in the cities, Optus can be better than Telstra wholesale, though usually there is no appreciable difference. In the countryside, you might get better reception on Telstra wholesale but don't bet on it. For hiking in the hills outside Melbourne, I found Optus had reception when Telstra wholesale didn't.

      • Boost mobile would be Telstra - Telstra network right? Since it's the same company…

        • +1

          Boost is the only Telstra reseller with full (almost) Telstra coverage, unlike Woolworths, Aldi, Belong etc.

      • +1

        You mean Woolworths not Coles…right. Coles is on optus.

    • Any similar deals for Woolworths Mobile?

    • Is Woolworths better than Aldi , they both use part Telstra network don’t they?

      • Probably similar performance but woolies gives you a monthly shop discount so depends on needs

    • If I am on Boost, do you know if porting into Woolworths mobile is smooth? I am just curious since both use Telstra.

      • +1

        It wasn’t smooth for me but that’s probably just a coincidence…. I called them up and next business day later they fixed it.
        Had some weird IT issue where the account couldn’t be created

  • +6

    Catch Connect still cheaper at $120 for 120GB, although no international calls. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556739

    • -4

      Who gives a toss about international calls or SMS to overseas. Everyone I know overseas uses whatsapp for this nowadays. Much easier as you don't need to dick around with new numbers when travelling from country to country and it works on wifi as an added bonus for travellers wanting to save money.
      It also gives you free video calling with multiple people, just like Skype and others.

  • Its optus through.
    Boost/belong Telstra is still better

    • +4

      Not for me in suburban Melbourne.

      • +1

        im on boost for 2 years, living in suburban melb..
        they have been great to me, except for when i go to far north melbourne.. they r a little dodgy there
        but again, far north melb just got their train station last year..

    • +4

      Boost 1st tier Telstra, belong 2nd tier.

    • I find Telstra to have less black spots

  • +3

    I don’t even use the 80Gb a year I get with boost

    I’ll take Telstra over Optus anyday

    • +3

      Thanks to Covid i've used less than 20gb out of my 240gb boost in 8 months lol.

      • Haha exactly.. Have been wfh all the time

    • I had 30gb leftover when it expired

    • I have 75g left expires end of this month

  • +1

    Does this MVNO support VoLTE and VoWiFi?

    I know Optus said earlier this year it is available to MVNOs, but not sure if it's something MVNOs have to go and "do something" to make it available.

    • Nope (have Catch mobile and not working).

    • My understanding was that Optus will only provision VOLTE etc. for post paid customers. You will still have to be a post paid customer with a MVNO.

    • +1

      Can confirm boost does.

      • That's because Boost is not an Optus MNVO, they are a Telstra reseller.

  • This is great with inclusions of international calls

  • +1

    I'm currently on Optus pre-paid and am thinking of buying this, and was wondering if anyone has encountered delays/difficulties with same-network porting without having to resort to porting in and out of another network?

    • +1

      Just saw on Coles mobile website that they are experiencing longer than usual processing times for porting numbers across. Safest bet would be to call them and ask for an update before you do anything.

      • Yup, right at the top when u visit the deal link, as a floating banner.

  • International call free - does this mean when I use this same sim for example, in Japan, to japanese phone numbers, is it unlimited & free still?

    • +6

      International Calling is included in plan cost.
      International Roaming is not. Check the website for more information on International Roaming.

      International Calling from source country (Australia) is quite distinct from International Roaming (visiting the other country). I see many people getting confused about the two.

  • +3

    Much better than Boost 85GB/$200 deal

    • Doesn’t boost do their $150 plans 80gb anymore? (Usually discounted to ~$135)

      • +1

        Nope. For 12mths expiry, only two plans are available: 240GB/$300 and 85GB/$200

        • Edit - deal expired

      • +1

        Only if you're an existing customer and recharge with Boost Mobile directly.

  • Does coles mobile offer voicemail? I've looked around the whole website including help centre and can find no mention of it. Maybe someone on this thread uses coles mobile can let me know.

    • It definitely includes voicemail.

      • Thanks for letting me know :)

  • Does it have e-sim?

    • I didn't notice anything about esim in their help centre when I was looking into whether they have voicemail which I mentioned above. I know optus only offers esim on their post paid plans so I would think not for coles but I can't categorically confirm that.

    • Esim isn’t offered by any mvno atm. You need to go direct to Telstra, Optus or Voda

    • +1

      Ok thanks barghunt1 & fozzie

  • What is the last date to activate this sim? I just bought E. TEL one yesterday.

  • +3

    Does anyone know whether this plan will support VoLTE on the Samsung S20 FE?

    I have been having dramas with Telstra, because they didn't support VoLTE on my Huawei phone (which came with a JB Hifi Telstra plan), and because they are repurposing their 850MHz band for 5G, they don't provide enough capacity for non-VoLTE calls. End-result: 1 in 3 calls does not go through. Telstra has been useless about it (as expected), even telling me "if my phone does not support VoLTE, there is not much that they can do for me".

    • No VoLTE on any Optus "Prepaid" MVNO which Coles Mobile is.

      Btw, thanks for your comments on the 850 Mhz repurposing. Explains a lot about the same problem I am facing, discussed in Forum here:

      • Thanks, that is helpful to know. Unfortunate though.

        Yeah, I have wasted heaps of time troubleshooting with Telstra, sent phone away for 2 weeks (came back with "cannot reproduce"), but in the end I realised it was non-VoLTE calls that failed. Unbelievable.

        My Telstra plan is up soon. Want to go to a cheap prepaid plan, but I need to make sure it has VoLTE. Guess I'll have to take the Optus plan.

        EDIT: Hey, check this out: https://www.optus.com.au/about/media-centre/media-releases/2...

        I wonder if anyone can attest to this.

        • So is there no solution? Boost's website mentions that Band 28 (700 Mhz) is necessary to use VoLTE. Its mentioned under the Fine Print on each plan's page at the end:

          Telstra will be switching off 3G in 2024. After switch off you will still be able to access the Telstra Mobile Network provided your handset is 4G voice enabled and 4G 700MHz compatible. Find out more: http://tel.st/goodbye3G

          Source: https://boost.com.au/#the_fine_print (scroll down to the end)

          • +2

            @djoz: My phone supports the band, and can do VoLTE. But Telstra does not support my phone; they treat their VoLTE configuration as intellectual properly, and don't provide it to manufacturers unless they pay them. A phone manufacturer must make a deal with Telstra in order for Telstra to support VoLTE for their phone. My phone came with a Telstra plan, but from JB Hifi, so it does not have Telstra support. VoLTE is not supported for a Huawei P20 Pro on the Telstra network.

            No solution - am changing phone.

            • @Make it so: Same problem here, I use Mi A3 but no VoLTE support. My friend uses Samsung M31 an he gets VoLTE support and we both use Boost prepaid.

          • @djoz: My wife's phone can do VoLTE on Boost, because it is a Samsung. Samsung has a deal with Telstra so that they are allowed to put in the Telstra VoLTE configuration.

            By the way, I went on chat with Coles Mobile. They said they do not support VoLTE. No plan to support it, despite the above article. Maybe she just didn't know.

          • @djoz: My G6 has B28, and I'm with Boost, but no, there's no VOLTE

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