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EK-AIO 360 D-RGB + 3x Fan Bundle $181.73, EK-AIO 240 D-RGB + 2x Fan Bundle $135.36 + ($50~$60) Delivery @ EKWB


ek-aio 240mm with 2 free fans, ek-aio 360mm with 3 free fans.
Once postage included, its similar price to the aio alone elsewhere.

There is also the odd pop-up that allows you to sign up to their newsletter, that gives you $/€10 off your purchase on these as well (works out to be $18.50aud).

$170.33 for the 240mm & 2 fans total for me.
Possibly $231.50 for the 360mm & 3 fans.


Mod: Prices in title updated to include GST

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    These are very good quality but they look a bit tacky.

  • Considering decent RGB fans are pretty pricy this is a solid bonus if you like rainbows.

  • Could possibly save another 10eur if you sign up to their mailing list. defo good price though

  • Grand Total A$231.52
    360 AIO

  • Jesus, shipping is $60. No deal here

    • From EU to aus, it's dear but look at the price comparison to for eg pccg on the same aio alone :)

      • Similar bundle from PCCG is showing as $360, PLE $370, so even with the $60 shipping cost still lot cheaper than local.

  • $53.47 shipping? No thanks.

    • The total price (w/ shipping) is only ~.50c over RRP o.0. Those are some CHEAP fans!

  • Got the 240mm AIO with 2 extra fans for about $170 delivered.

  • reviews look ok 5 year warranty - in the current market where prices are shit can't see much wrong if the shipping ai'nt that bad…

  • https://twitter.com/HardwareUnboxed/status/13478343710807982...

    Just watch out for tightening these up too tight.. seems there might be a design flaw with them

    • big +1 on this, I'm about to return my second one of this exact model with both of them having pump failure to start issues at seemingly random points

  • These are one of the best AIOs

  • how does this compare with the kraken z73 , galahed and the ryujin?

  • Got this for $258 delivered from PCCG back in November so, this is a great price.

    Awesome cooler as well.

    Title says @ EKWEB and should be EKWB though!

  • Got my 3 fan AIO from mwave for 229 late last year, brilliant cooler and looks great in the right setup. Very easy to install and RGB software's good too!

  • Subtotal (Excl. Tax) A$135.36
    Subtotal (Incl. Tax) A$165.14
    Discount -A$18.50
    Shipping (DPD Express) A$9.81
    Tax A$25.71
    Grand Total A$152.38

    I'm in the market for a good 240mm AIO for a sff PC build and it works out cheaper then the $169 local price but I'm questioning the quality of these after reading that twitter post higher up…

  • anyone knows how to trigger the popup for $10 code? I cant seem to do it :/

    • I just left the EK page open in Edge (FF or Chrome may block popups) and then left it for 10 mins or so and then clicked back.

      But there was no coupon with the email sub. :(

      I left it again for almost no time (after signing up the first time) and it gave me another sub box with code.

      • i feel like a complete noob.
        i've tried many different variations and accounts, it's just not happening. is that a unique code for this?

        can someone share how the popup screen should look like please? :/

        • finally got it working, its so random :/

          i got the elite version instead, since it's coming with the pwm hub and a better looking onigiri.

    • I keep getting them, even after being signed in, so shouldn't be too hard to get! If not, sign out, clear cookies.

  • Can I double up for push/pull with the fans? would I just need 3x fan splitters to connect them all up the same - or would that be too much current draw?

    • that is quite dependant on your mobo specs…

      • I'd assume they all connect into a single controller (so they all ramp up at the same speed etc - I have this setup at the moment with a different AIO and they connect into the pump housing) - if I need to use separate headers, it would be quite annoying. Other option I'm thinking is a pwm splitter (powered via 12v rail and speed data from cpu fan header)

        • my pwm fan headers support up to 1A 12W each so i think i might have some headroom to put in more than 3 fans (and i think the type of fans matter too?) i remembered my old motherboard can't drive a 2 fans from a splitter. it's just from my limited experience.

          i would be going the pwm hub route just to reduce the wire clutter to the mobo, by the time i'm done, it should be having at least about 9 fans.

  • Thanks OP, bought the 360mm AIO triple fan bundle for $224.10 delivered.

  • Great cooler. I grabbed a 360 for $130 from a trading forum, turns out it was brand new. Love it.

  • 240 deal seems to have gone 😓

  • Indeed looks like this has finished up!

  • Still there for me…


    Unless I'm missing some nuance.

    • Your link is for standalone AIOs, the deal has extra fans bundled together for the "same" price. And as far as for the "expired" status, I still see the 360 version available through OP's link.

  • So my cooler is on its way, started getting tracking advice today..

    • i have a feeling they just started work. I ordered much later after this post and I got the same tracking advice notice around the same day as you.

      • anyone know what this means in the DHL tracking?

        Tuesday, January 26, 2021
        11 Customs status updated SYDNEY - AUSTRALIA 18:10
        10 Departed Facility in FRANKFURT - GERMANY FRANKFURT - GERMANY 08:47 1 Piece
        9 Processed at FRANKFURT - GERMANY FRANKFURT - GERMANY 07:55 1 Piece
        8 Arrived at Sort Facility FRANKFURT - GERMANY FRANKFURT - GERMANY 07:36 1 Piece
        7 Departed Facility in LEIPZIG - GERMANY LEIPZIG - GERMANY 05:44 1 Piece