This was posted 9 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC] Assorted Anko Solar Powered LED Lights 15.9m $1 @ Kmart (Victoria Gardens)


What an absolute steal. I just bought 190m for $12

Kmart Victoria Gardens.

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    Which branch is it?

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        Update: the price is not nationwide.

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    Weird, every Kmart near me was completely sold out of lights months ago.

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      Late shipments from China.

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      Yep overheard a staff member talking yesterday that these were a delayed shipment due to Covid, and now have to sell off for cheap as opposed to holding stock for the year.

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    These work great by the way…

    Bought some early December doubting how long the battery will last, but they go all night and are quite bright…

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      I haven't had to throw out any of my solar lights over the years. Yep, I've had the batteries fail in a couple of them after a few years, but they were bog standard AA rechargables inside and were easy to replace.

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        The best replacements are from Ikea!

        Cheap and huge capacity.

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        Yeah. Hot tip is remove them at the end of the season so they're not sitting connected for months.
        Can also then use them for other devices if you're in a pinch (though they're not great quality).

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        Recharge them in a normal charger once a month and they will last forever. I use mine in a torch in the 'off season'.

        If they aren't working, you can zap them with a car battery/ jumper leads. But only for a second as they will get hot (you are effectively burning away the shorts inside). The proper way is with a capacitor, but a 12v battery is a crude way of doing it.

        Then charge them up and away you go again.

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          12v is overkill. Zap them with a good battery of the same voltage (ie. Another AA) for 10-30 seconds and the charger will recognise them again.

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      but they go all night and are quite bright…

      That's what she said.

    • “Work great”?

  • Not nationwide. Currently $14.50 at nearby Kmart.

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    Was at Kmart Werribee and they were selling for $5.

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    Alot of stores are only just now receiving delayed Christmas shipments… Some available in Chrinside Park Vic

    • we had a double load full of christmas stuff on friday, all goes to clearance.

    • How much were they at Chirnside Park?

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    Looking at their website these don't even show up. Have they removed the online product listing, so the only way to find them will be to search in store?

    • Same for me in WA. Searched for "anko solar" and some come up, but not these ones and not any with over 50% discount

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    Any in QLD ?

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    Nice..just in time for Christmas.

    • for another covid-Christmas? :-(

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    Just called up. None in any SA stores :(

  • Kmart Brandon Park selling at $3

  • just bought 190m for $12

    190.8m even!

  • Set up a set of string lights last Christmas to make use of a Bunnings clearance buy the previous year.
    … Definitely just sticking to easy plant outdoor stake decorative lights instead. Such a PITA with untangling it, putting it on gutter hooks, wrapping it around posts and poles.

  • Sanctuary Lake Kmart Saturday sold out dinner set solar lights and Christmas deco within min lucky I was there brought some hope its all good working condition

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    Do they still have heaps left? If yes, I’ll go there ASAP! 😁

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    They're $4 at Kmart Burwood.

  • cant find any at my kmart

  • i paid $2 at barkly square!

  • if only this is in NSW.

  • nupnup

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    Where are the "Boycott chinese made" bandwagon? surprised they aren't negging this lol

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      Did you just make this up? No such bangwagon exists here.

      You're like the dude that got mad in Bunnings because he saw a dog do nothing wrong.

      • Last time I was on here was the cheap crayfish deal and they were very much out in force. Claiming that China were "stealing" all the good seafood as if we weren't selling it to them. They're on twitter a lot too. Go on a lot about not supporting "the CCP". Seem to think all they need to do to buy cheap consumerist sh*t that isn't from China is to get the word of mouth on where they're all hiding hahAhAHA

  • Any stock at Narellan or Campbelltown? anyone visited store today?
    could not check on their website,

  • Dammit I just paid $4 each at Burwood today.

    • 1hr round trip down to Richmond, return and repurchase.

  • Did they have many at Vic gardens?

    There were maybe only a dozen boxes at Burwood

  • why aren’t the staff bagging them

  • KMart Melton Vic had them all for $5.00

  • Campbellfield is $2 for coloured and strawberry shape variety.

    They have a boat load, I'm talking probably 60+, so don't feel bad if you want to buy a lot

    It is located right as you enter

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    Bought the 500 lights (I think it was just under 30m) for $5 at kmart Burwood yesterday. There were quite a few left but lots of people grabbing them. They were also unpacking a lot of other christmas stuff eg ornaments for $3 for the large pack of I think 150 ornaments.

  • Chadstone has tons … but not that low price compared to what reported.

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    I went to Vic gardens arrive 5pm today.

    I managed to snag 6 boxes of solar powered lights then I went to return the one I paid $4 for.
    After waiting for 15 mins to process the refund,I went back to buy more and there were only 4 boxes of solar powered fairy lights left!

    When I entered the store there were dozens.

    Upon leaving at about 5:15pm there were about 20 boxes of strawberry shaped solar lights left, and dozens upon dozens of low voltage mains powered lights as well as dozens of battery powered lights.

    I also got some novelty Minecraft and
    Super Mario lights as they were also $1 but my kids told me they retail for about $30+ each.

    • Where were they in store? I couldn't find them but saw someone at checkout have them in his cart this morning.

      • If you walk in, past the checkouts, they are just there. Next to where the clothes are.

        So straight in from the entrance, past the registers. There was one island bench full of them yesterday.
        Looks like they had hundreds say least before I was there, and still hundreds when I left

        • Hm, didn't seem like they were there since I was wandering around that area for a while, unless I was still half-asleep. Thanks anyway

          • @kicha: Update: went back to check again; there are still a couple of the multicoloured ones left (and a bunch of the battery-operated novelty ones), seems like they're all out of white

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              @kicha: Yeah they had no white ones when I was there either. Only multicolour or blue

  • Different Kmart store have different prices (if they have stock) depending on the store manager

  • Has anyone ever found a decent/reliable brand of solar LEDs ? All the ones I've tried fail after 12-18 months.

    • Just replace the batteries.
      All my cheap solar lights are still running after 3+ years. I had to replace a few batteries this year, as they were only lasting an hour or so. They're usually bog-standard AA rechargeables.

      • Yeah I've tried that and it seems to help for a while, but then they stop working again.

        What replacement batteries do you use ? I've been using Aldi rechargeables.

        • It's because
          1. the solar panels rarely fully charge the battery and it's getting less charge each time.


          1. The nature of the solar panel being in the sun dries out the batteries.

          To keep them going, give them a charge In an actual battery charger every couple of months, and try and keep the batteries away from refelective heat (ie. Don't put the panel on concrete or a metal rail).

          To rejuvenate a battery, read all this post.

    • Lytworx, from Bunnings. I've had multiple solar sets from them for years and been using solar Christmas lights since 2012. The quality of their glass solar panels is by far the best.

      I also changed over a cheap old LED string on a decorative star I purchased years ago online, to a Lytworx string. It's now far brighter and turns on reliably each night.

  • Nothing in Mackay Nth Queensland.😪

  • LOL I'm thinking of getting 1km of lights for $62 for bragging rights

  • if only chaddy kmart has this price i would get a few for the new house.