Kingston 1TB A2000 M.2 NVMe SSD $139 + Shipping / Pickup @ Umart


Been using ozbargain for 5 years and this is my first post.

$139 seems to be an acceptable price if you missed all the discounted ssd from last few months and are looking for a 1tb nvme ssd atm.


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    Btw pcbyte have 1tb WD SN550 at the same price $139(without delivery fee)

    • I bloody love the SN550. I'm looking for an SN550 decal to put on the side of my case.

    • SN550 doesn't have DRAM, whereas the A2000 does. I'd take the Kingston any day, they are great for the price.

      • SN550 is better. Look it up.

        • Is it? Who says?

          • @miarn: Depending on the workload.. the sn550 has much better random read/write but no dram, so pick your poison. A few quick searches suggest random read/write speeds are more important for typical users, so unless your writing/reading really really large files on a regular basis, the sn550 might be the better option regardless of the fact it doesn't have dram

  • isnt this the normal price for the last few months?

  • seriously,
    a2000, sn550 or crucial

    which is the best?????????

    • Kingston A2000 = up to R-2,200/RW-2,000MB/s
      WD SN550 = up to R-2,400/RW-1,950MB/s
      Crucial P1 = up to R-2,000/RW-1,700MB/s

      • is there nothing else, but speeds? i knew about the speeds, but tanks for your help!!

        • honestly, theyre all so close to each other that i would pick the cheapest. there are differences, but if youre asking what's best, you probs arent in that market.
          i think there was an old thread about it. for reference, i have a sn550 and its amazing. i genuinely notice going from sata3 to NVMe that discord and other startup apps open and the whole OS feels slightly faster.

        • Endurance and sustained write speeds are important factors too. With that all in mind within that lineup, I'd take the Kingston model since it's a TLC SSD with DRAM.

        • In order from best drive to worst drive

          Kingston A2000 = TLC NAND w/1gb DRAM
          WD SN550 = TLC NAND w/out DRAM
          Crucial P1 = QLC NAND w/1gb DRAM

      • Kingston A2000 = TLC with DRAM
        WD SN550 = TLC, NO DRAM
        Crucial P1 = QLC with DRAM

        Take your pick.

    • Get whichever one is the cheapest at the time you need it.

    • Avoid the crucial, it uses inferior QLC. Between the A2000 and SN550, some will tell you the SN550's lack of DRAM will mean it will fail quicker and perform worse when used as a boot drive or something and to get the A2000 at all costs. Others will tell you that for most normal users it will be fine. Personally I don't think I'd notice a difference.

      I have a SN550 only because it was cheaper than the A2000 when I bought it, and a couple of reviews seemed to have it quicker in some tests, but even then not by much and I think you can't really go wrong with either.

      Huge sequential read/write speeds are nice to look at but most use cases will be taxing other aspects of these SSDs (random read/write, etc etc).

  • These m.2 nvme's have made computing life so much better.

    Just yesterday i reset and reinstall my old Dell PC to factory settings.. using an old 2TB HDD… more than 1.5hour for start to finish installing all updates and MS Office.

    A new NUC with WD M.2 SN550… fresh install with all updates and MS OFfice, barely noticed the time and it was all done under 20 mnts!

  • The A2000 PCIe NVMe SSDs are pretty good (bang for the buck vs Samsung EVO), bought 2 (250GB 500GB) for Pi 4 as USB-to-PCIe attached storage. They come with Acronis True Image HD OEM (dd/pv or Clonezilla like GUI tool for Windows).

  • Is Umart broadway (glebe) shop still closed?

  • Paid $138 pick up umart West Ryde 2.5 wks ago. Several shops swap between retail $155 and ~$135 on a regular basis. This is a great SSD value, but you won't notice much difference between this and sata 3 SSD in real life.

  • picked up the 500 kajiggers for $69 for a cheap build not long ago @ umart