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[QLD] Free Tickets (with Minimum $2 Donation to Movember) for Day 5 of Aus Vs. India Cricket Test @ The Gabba


Tomorrow is the last day of the series between Australia and India and tickets are FREE (with a minimum $2 donation to November when checking out) for entry into the Gabba in Brisbane.

Great deal considering tickets for prior days in the test were $100+ for shade seats.

The match (and series) is still finely poised and all three results are still possible.

Weather may play a factor but it is not scheduled to rain too heavily during the day tomorrow - so hopefully a good amount of cricket can be played to round out a captivating series!

Not sure how many tickets are still available but considering less than 1000 were there for today's morning session, there should be plenty available.

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  • Seems all tickets already taken ?

    • Tried a few more times then success ! Thanks OP

      • +8

        This. Imagine bragging that you ripped off a charity.

        2 up votes. Classy.

        • +3

          'tight ass' was the censored version of what I really wanted to say!

          • @Dave77: Scandalous! 🤯
            Wash your hands with soap.

  • damn it, couldn't find my card in time and got timed out and now they're gone

    edit: all of a sudden got one!

    • +1

      That's ok, you'll make more money by going to work tomorrow instead.

      Edit: nevermind, you seemed to have got one. Congratulations

  • Pretty good deal. Hopefully no rain, fingers crossed we'll get a result!

  • Single ticket didn't work for me, but eventually got it to work with three. DM me if you can't get it to work, or it sells out, and you can have one of mine.

    • Hi mate, would you still have a spare ticket? I'm keen to go but can't seem to get any group size working.

      • +1

        Hey Daanish - I’ve just got one person on standby for my last spare ticket who should let me know in the next couple of hours before play starts. If they decide not to go, I’ll send you a message. Feel free to DM your mobile so I can text you right away once I know.

      • If you need two tickets I've got some, not going anymore

        • Hi mate, that would be tops. I'll DM you.

        • Turns out I can't send you a message. Might not be enabled at your end.

      • +1

        Just sent you a text, mate, all yours.

  • "Free travel on Brisbane Transport and QLD Rail services" mentioned under the ticket. So don't require go card?

    • Yeah it’s the same for most ticketed sporting events

      • And what do we show on the bus? Ticket scan?

        • Yes but if you look like you are going / went to the game they won’t even ask

    • Cheap work travel, don’t bother with the game!

    • So don't require go card?

      Just require a mask…

      • A must have indeed

        • Not sure why negged, as what you said is 100% true:

          Current updates
          If you're travelling in Greater Brisbane you must wear a face mask at all times on public transport (including taxis and rideshare vehicles) until 1am 22 January.

  • Remember to pack your umbrella…

    • Or a reading book when the game is called off for 80% of the day

  • Still raining pretty hard at the moment. Hopefully the weatherman is vindicated and no rain tomorrow.

  • None available any more with any of the codes. When I tried a few times this morning, "two" and "four" kinda worked except for tickets in people' carts, now there's none available with any code.

  • -2

    Well it’s definitely not full. I wonder if we can just go to the gate

  • I have a spare ticket if anyone is after one. In the shade upper tier Stanley st end.

  • I have two tickets in case anybody is interested:

    Behind Bowlers Arm Light Sun
    1 x 2 x Admits Day 5

    • Yes, I'll take please if still available

      • I got them by SMS. Can I have your number by private message (unless you don't mind OzBargain knowing it ;)?

        • +1

          Sorry, I managed to get some online after posting this message, so I'm all sorted.

          Edit. Thank you for offering them.

    • Still available.

      • pm'd

    • +1

      Gone! The tickets, not an Indian batsman.

  • If anyone has any spare tickets they arent using - I would willingly take them off your hands!

  • +2

    Probably the best value ticket price to entertainment I’ve ever seen.