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Garmin Fenix 6s White/White $529 Delivered @ Amazon AU


cheapest on ozb as far as i can tell (previous best was $538.96)

no wifi, maps or music. uses the sony gps chipset. read this again if you're on the fence

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  • I feel like the white strap would get a bit gross looking after a while.

  • How does the 6s compare to the 6 pro? I’m still weighing up if I should get this model or just save my money and get the instinct. I mainly want it for tracking biking and hiking on strava

    • 6S(42mm) , 6 (47mm) and 6X (51mm) denotes the size
      I would personally go for the Pro (I'm still considering too, replace my fitness band and back-up to my Edge)… Wifi, maps and storage (for music)

      • Thoughts on the instinct model? Less functionality but Only about $250

        • I haven't looked much into the Instinct, but seems basic (for me) but cheap and light.

          If compared to the Fenix Pro, it lacks - Wifi, no music, lower resolution, smaller battery and doesn't support things like sensors like power meters. No Garmin Pay if that is your thing

          Would be okay for biking (but a bit more basic) and hiking should be okay.

          For me, it's a toss between the Forerunner 745/945 or the Fenix 6 Pro

    • I originally went for the plain 6 but it had compass issues so returned it and got lucky with them replacing it with the 6 pro.
      I don’t need the wifi, maps or music as I tend to carry my mobile when running or MTB riding but have now on the odd occasion gone for a run without my phone and used the music feature which is pretty handy. Sound isn’t as crisp as my phone for some reason.
      The 6s is just a little more compact. Pretty sure there’s a good comparison on YouTube where the reviewer now prefers the 6s pro over the 6 pro as it’s not as bulky.
      I came from a forerunner 235 and noticed a big weight difference. I need the 6pros band tighter so it doesn’t move around on me. I’m used to it now but to start with it was a little annoying.

  • I got the 6S for $499 from JB HIFI and I don't regret it. I don't need maps and the watch is too small anyway. Maybe the music feature would have some utility, but it was pretty limited when I read reviews.I found the strap a bit short on the 6S, but I replaced it with a metal one.