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UGREEN USB 3.0 Sharing Switch $32.89 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ UGREEN Amazon AU


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$1.40 cheaper than the Black Friday and Prime Day deals. See those deals for comments/discussion.

Youtube video thanks to diffusal

  • This USB Switch 4 Port device allows up to 2 users to share 4 USB 3.0 peripheral devices, such as printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard or usb disk etc without the need to constantly swap cables or set up complicated network sharing software. It's a great for use at home if you have multiple PCs or Macs.
  • USB 3.0 Switch supports ultra-fast USB 3.0 data transfer rates of up to 5Gb/s (10 times faster than USB 2.0), to work flawlessly with high-bandwidth USB 3.0 devices, such as external hard disks, high resolution webcams, camcorders, video surveillance cameras, digital video cameras, multi-channel audio and more, and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices.
  • The USB sharing switch allows you combine with 4 USB 3.0 Ports to share multiple devices e.g. printers, scanners, etc. Bus powered with no external power supply required.
  • Button and LED design,you can easily switches between systems via push buttons with LED indicating the active computer.

Free delivery with Prime (Free 30 day trial, or $6.99 for 1 month) or $39 spend.

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  • These are excellent. Like the video I have one at my desk to switch between the work desktop and laptop easily. Previously used software but this is superior.

    • I have multiple monitor docking station setup. Can I use this to switch the docking station between my work and personal laptops?

      • @thebiggestfudge this one is only USB sharing. What you need is the hdmi dock

        • The docking station connects to the laptop by USB, not HDMI. I want 2 laptops to share the docking station setup. Not sure if I'm explaining this properly…

          • @thebiggestfudge: It won't share the monitor outputs or ethernet. The USB ports should work.

          • @thebiggestfudge: I've got the exact same setup at home. Provided that the port connects to a USB3 port of your laptop/PC and your laptop has the drivers for that dock, it should work flawlessly.

            I've got this USB switcher and a Dell dock. The dock connects to the front 4 ports, and the rear connects to each laptop/PC. The USB switcher would switch the dock on the press of the button.

            Though I wouldn't recommend using the dock's video output for gaming purposes. The GPU used from the dock will be virtualised, as it's connected directly via USB to a USB3 port, not the graphics card port. It uses the CPU on your machine to do the video processing. It will never use your main graphics card. So each monitor connects to both my dock and my main PC. Unless of course your graphics card also has a USB C port, it may work. I don't have that so I can't say.

            • @teatea: I'm running a wavlink USB3 docking station with dual monitors. No gaming. I saw a review that said they were running the docking station + switch and it was working well. Based on that and your experience, for $32 I thought I'll just get one to give it a go.

          • @thebiggestfudge: I'm guessing it's a USB-C plug on the docking station? This is technically just USB3 whereas the docking station will probably be using Thunderbolt if it's a USB-C. It might work - but I wouldn't count on it.

      • Kvm with dvi

      • I am familiar with such a dock and yes it will work with such setup. Just make sure the dock actually works with your personal laptop. Not all laptops are compatible with these docks.

  • I bought one, I have an Android tablet that I kinda use as a laptop and it works surprisingly well with a dongle. With a click of a button, I transfer mouse, keyboard between two devices.

  • +5 votes

    I have purchased few Ugreen products and I liked their build quality. Transfer speeds are also great

  • This is really good, but i wish there was one that can do 3 way switching.
    I know, pretty niche.

  • Nice but need extra usb to hdmi or dp switch for a monitor. Wouldve been nice to have one port for a monitor.

    • Most modern monitors have multiple HDMI inputs that are software controllable.

      If you have the technical know-how, you can set up your computer to switch monitor inputs on request or when a USB device is connected (such as this USB switch/hub).

      I have this device and I have the monitor automatically switch inputs to the device that is using the keyboard/mouse. I use Linux.

      • OMG I never thought of doing this. Amazing idea.

        How do you have it set it up on Linux?

      • multiple HDMI inputs that are software controllable

        I never plugged in the USB cable to my screen because I assumed it was just for the two USB ports on the side (which I don't use). But you're saying I should be able to toggle inputs somehow? Sounds very handy… Off to find the manual!

        • No. It's possible to control the active monitor input through the HDMI / DP connection.

          Any connected computer can send DDC/CI commands over the HDMI / DP cable. Handy when there are multiple computers attached to the single monitor.

          • +1 vote

            @spitsw: Oh that's even better, thanks for the info. Let's hope my gear can do it… Will check out your github link.

            edit I'm in business with ddcutil, aww yeah!

      • Thanks! I'd never heard of this, and using the buttons and menus on the monitor is a PITA (terrible design).

        I had a little trouble following your python code but found a great explanation here:


        So I found the needed "ddcutil setvcp" commands.

        Now, my problem is that I use a Logitech 3-way bluetooth/unified-usb keyboard.
        Changes do not appear on the USB bus, but the bluetooth should be able to do it. Must learn python properly. Or just use a manual hotkey.

        Of course, most of the time, it is still easier to use remote desktop software.

        • I also have a logitech unified/bluetooth mouse.

          I have set it up to use the unified dongle thing connected to the usb switcher instead of bluetooth. That way everything including the mouse also switches on the press of a button.

          • @spitsw: Anything similar for windows? Googled a bit nothing yet

            Edit- just found some freeware called controlmymonitor. Looks like it offers command line input. A little setup and perhaps autohotkey should be the ticket.

      • If you need HDMI monitor switch included, use this one instead, can confirm work like charm.

  • Nice video, like the remote to switch the monitor instead of pressing the button on the rear

  • Works well for me. I even told my colleagues to get one.

  • I recently purchased the usb 2.0 version. Like others have said, good quality products. I only bought 2.0 version because some reviews said this ONLY handles usb 3.0 ports (not backwards compatible for some reason), and my older second device only has usb 2.0 ports. And im only using mouse & keyboard so its fine for that (and was cheaper).

  • If you’re just sharing mouse and keyboard, go the USB 2.0 version for $22


  • I have this. I use it for my keyboard, mouse, headset and switch between my work and personal computers. It works perfectly.

  • Damn - just bought that a week ago for 45$ - can I somehow contact to Amazon to get refund for difference? How can I do that?

  • Just wondering anyone tried multi USB hard disk plugged in? Most USB hub won't powerful enough to handle more than one USB hard disk.

    • I've tried it with my one. It's sort of hit and miss. The hub itself gets powered by your USB connection to the end device (Laptop/PC). So if you've got 2 things connected, it may not work at all or might work. I'd avoid plugging in those USB external HDDs that don't have a separate power supply. Normal USBs, like your typical flash drive, works ok.

      • Yeah, so far I couldn't find any USB hub even powered can handle two USB hard disks properly.

        Any way will buy this for keyboard, mouse, USB drive.

  • I wonder if you could plug this in "backwards" to share two devices between four computers?

  • I really wish it can do auto switching whenever one of the 2 input ports becomes online. Just like the KVM for HDMI, whenever it detects the signal, it will switch to that

  • Might be a dumb question but was wondering if these things switch "safely"?

    What I mean by that is by switching from one PC to another isn't that the physical equivalent of unplugging from one PC and connecting to another one?

    In that case don't PCs normally warn you to "safely eject" - I know this may not apply to some USB devices like a keyboard and mouse but what about things like USB sticks and external HDDs?

  • I have the USB2.0 version of this.
    It works great, but it's annoying that there's no "remote switch" function, as you can't neatly put these at the end of your desk.

    I ended up opening mine up, and soldering some fly-leads to a little switch so I can have everything hidden under the desk.
    Did the same for my Ikea USB lamp too.

    Pics here

    My full desk setup here

  • Bought the 3.0 version because I need to use my remote ssd, how is the speed ?

    • It's great. I bought the USB 3.0 switch during Black Friday sale.

      Mine is working fine. Currently switching the following with it:

      • External nvme SSD
      • Keyboard
      • Mouse
      • G930 USB Audio
      • Reverb G2 VR
      • T16000M Joystick
      • CH Pro Throttle

      This is through this devices 4 ports, a Powered USB Hub (VR/NVME/Joystick/Throttle) and the monitor USB (Keyboard/Mouse/Audio Headset). The USB Switch is powered by one of the ports from the Powered Hub.

      I purchased a DisplayPort switch today to perform the other side. I'm sick of switching inputs on the monitor and want to keep G-Sync working which ruled out all the HDMI switch options.

      Planning to mod the USB3.0 switch and DisplayPort Switch to use a single external button for both. Will message back here if anyone is interested in the same.

  • I just ordered this from amazon 2 days ago with prime, think i can lodge a refund request and reorder? Or ask for difference in price back?

    • Ask on live chat for the difference back, if no good, initiate a return then repurchase. Just means you'll have to go to the post office/drop off location to return the item though.

      • Thanks, they offered $5 promo. The items $10 less than I brought it, so hardly worth returning in postage but better than nothing!

  • Hi people . I bought a new PC and wanted to switch between my old and new PC ( monitor/wireless mouse and keyboard)..
    I purchased one of these a while ago https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4-Ports-USB-HDMI-KVM-Switch-Box-...

    And have pretty much given up trying to get it to work.. My new PC only has hdmi monitor input so I got a hdmi cable adapter ..But I still don't know what I'm doing.. Not sure I'm plugging things in the right inputs/outputs if I have the right cables, Or if this switch works for my setup?

    If anyone has any ideas or could point me in the right direction if I have to get a different switch.. Thanks

    • Lol that switch is VGA not HDMI!
      So did you plug in the PC's via VGA and the monitor with a VGA to HDMI adaptor? Do the computers not have HDMI?

      • Yeah .. plugged in monitor with VGA to HDMI adaptor..plugged in old pc vga … The new pc doen't have VGA so I probably need another adaptor…Or just get a HDMI switch…

  • "up to two users can share"…
    I want to know how a regular one user can share. I'm making a personal exception for split personality, and if the other one of me tells you that I never share properly; that's because he started it.

  • I have the usb 2 version along with the display switch with one monitor
    So I switch everything with 2 buttons . Very handy

    Display switcher


    I have not used this with dock to have a multiple monitors with switching . But I'm not sure if it supports the speed require for display link. Will try if it works.

  • Somewhat tempted but not completely sold for my use case. Every day, I have to unplug my mouse, keyboard, 2 HDMI cables and 3 USB-C adaptors to switch between my computer and my work macbook. This would only reduce a few steps.

  • Arrived today and tested, switch between 1 & 2 is quick no delay.

  • Are you sure this is called "switch", rather than "hub"?

    A similar 4 port hub costs less than $20 if you look around.

  • Available again for $33.74 until midnight.