Newshosting US$2.99 (~A$3.90) Per Month (85% Discount)


85% Lifetime Discount
Unlimited Downloads
Unlimited Speeds
55 Connections
4541 Days Binary Retention
Free Newsreader with Search
Free SSL Encryption
NO Tracking
Free Zero Log VPN (PrivadoVPN)

One of the best regarded usenet provider which has best in class retention policy

The bundled free vpn is also quite awesome I was getting almost my max download speed.

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  • This seems to be the standard sale price…
    $36 USD per year.
    How does this compare to newsdemon?

    • Newshosting is generally regarded higher than Newsdemon. I have used both and honestly don't notice much difference i still use my backup servers. If you're patient you can get Newshosting much cheaper than Newsdemon.

    • Better retention and they don't throttle heavy users like Demon does.

    • True. I got mine when it was $25 USD (BlackFriday promo), but this is their current best deal as far as I know.

      No experience with newsdemon so can't comment on that
      I have newshosting as my primary provider and I also have one other block provider for the backup

    • Newshosting is great. I've used them for about 2 years now. Rarely need a backup.

  • Can be cheaper, i think it goes really cheap a couple of times per year. I pay $20 USD/year for newshosting.

  • who cna tel me what is this used for ? i really have no idea how to use this … pls help

    • If you're not sure what this is used for there is no reason to get it

      • Was expecting this answer anyway. I know it's similar to torrent but would like to know more how to use it

        • You get this. Then you input the details given for this service in to the download client ie. SABNZBD. Then you need to find somewhere to download the NZB files, which there is usually a subscription

        • Try the wiki on the usenet subreddit, good place to start

    • Benefits of usenet over torrent :

      1. No need to seed/upload, so no legal issues usually
      2. No peer to peer download, you download directly from their fast servers ( so no need to rely on the mercy of peers or be dependent on their upload speed)
      3. Encrypted ssl connections , so your ISP won't know what you are downloading.. they just see you are downloading something big, but can't tell what you are downloading may be downloading legal linux distros :)
      4. Very large retention policy so you can usually find very old movies/shows
      5. No need of VPN which could slow down your download provided you use SSL connectivity with your usenet indexers as well as with your usenet providers

      If you dig deeper into it you can fully automate your media management experience coupled with some other tools like
      Subnzbd and more ..Endless possiblities :)

      • Sometimes during peak hours I'm convinced the ISP/ RSP is throttling usenet ports . Although they assure me they do not </sigh>

        • Yeah but that is ISP issue not usenet provider issue..

          I use Mate and have no issue with download.. have downloaded 530GB in the last 3 day itself with my 50 MBps connection :)

  • Do you know if it's possible to get this as a current subscriber? I'm paying ~$50 a year. Worst case I could just abandon my old account and start again on this better deal?

  • OK, paid my monies, but cannot connect (Linux)

    Installer package fails with "aborted"

    No help or contact on newshosting website - log in screen does not work for me. Fields disabled.

    Anyone know how to contact these guys?


  • so can i stream the (thing) or i have to download and watch it?