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Free McCain Pub Style Beer Batter Chips 750g at Woolworths


This Australia Day say no to inferior chips and say yes to McCain Pub Style Beer Batter Steak Cut Chips.


Fill in your details below to claim your free bag of McCain Pub Style Beer Batter Steak Cut Chips.

Be quick! Only 10,000 vouchers available. Voucher is valid from 20th January, 2021 until 9th February, 2021.

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  • +6

    i did it at least 100 times.. still no luck

    • +5

      Gave up after 10 tries

      • +6

        But you had fun, right? You can now identify taxis, stairs, bridges and traffic lights.

        • +1

          Yeah but wtf are crosswalks?

          • +1

            @TEER3X: 90 degrees to a sidewalk

  • +1

    Cheers OP. Took about 5-10 tries at hitting the submit button, but got one.

  • +1

    I tried a number of times on my Mac using both Safari and Chrome without any luck. It just threw up the error others have mentioned. I then tried on my Android phone and it worked first time. May just have been a coincidence but others might like to try their mobile device to see if it works. Thanks, OP - I'm looking forward to consuming some delicious carbs and trans fats!

    • Tried Android first and that didn't go anywhere, so switched to desktop Chrome and then Edge it finally worked.
      Interesting to note, I had to input/refresh captcha a lot less on Edge than Chrome.

      • Android chrome no luck then desktop chrome worked first time.

      • Edge is now built on Chrome base, so unlikely to be that (unless you have old version).

  • +1

    Got it in 15 tries cheers

  • Just checked Woolies website for stock in stores around me and all are showing available and in stock. Dont be salty, thats what these chips are for. Peace

    • That was stock levels 2 hours ago - long before this Deal posted. Rarely accurate.

      • Some local stores that were showing in stock 2 hours ago are now showing out of stock!

  • -3

    ? Above comments are baffling - it worked for me first time. Took about 5 seconds.

  • 20 or so tries no luck. I suspect their error is in the Captcha / Robot detection i.e. they probably haven't set it up correctly.

  • kekked

  • +1

    Screw it, i don't need a free pack of chips that badly. Tried 10x and errors nonstop

  • wheee let's ozb the server

  • Tried for about 10 minutes, no luck. I hope those chips end up going to a decent home.

  • +2

    Tried 15x across 3 browsers.

  • Took me around 5 tries of unexpected error before getting through.

  • +1

    Tried soo many times and having to do more and more recaptcha per try. I give up lol

  • +1

    Worked after about 20 attempts.

    • +5

      I love the persistence of ozbargainers 😀

  • How about waiting for Woolies freezer day this year and get there Oz frozen chips $1 a kilo :)

    • What?

  • +1

    Success after a few attempts… thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Just be patient, only took me 5 tries

  • Ok it worked on FIREFOX focus on Android on the first go.

    3000 for postcode

  • 3 tries and got the barcode. Thank you.

  • Working now!

  • Didn't work for me on Edge browser after several attempts, used Samsung internet received voucher in one go

  • Success! 11 tries. Thanks OP

  • Anyone received email confirmation yet?

    • +1

      Not yet

    • +1

      I have, came immediately

    • Yes received voucher immediately after pressing submit.

    • Me neither

    • +1

      Mine came now, it was delayed by 5-10min

    • +2

      Yes, recieved in 5 minutes

  • Got it on second attempt.

  • DONE. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Got em! Cheers OP!

  • Mine first time…make sure you are not connected through a work VPN

    • Why not ? Mine working fine

    • that could have been it, worked first time now.
      Better off cutting up your own potatoes if you have an air fryer, less saturated/fat oil/salt
      Wonder who they sell everyone's collected information to..?

  • +10

    Worked but no email so far 😞

    • +1


      • Me too

        • Finally got email.

          • @ScoMosas: Luckily, I have received the email an hour ago and then picked up a bag of the chips from woolies right away.

  • Didn't work for me

  • Worked using my mobile.

  • Seems their emailing system also delayed. First claim emailed within seconds. Now, been more than 5 mins, no email

  • Thanks, got it on second try on the iPhone.

  • +1

    Thanks, hopefully they're in stock not like the last Mccain promotion

  • +2

    Worked but no email yet.
    Checked spam.

    • +2

      20minutes already, no email at all

      • same i submitted but no email , nothing in spam folder as well

  • +4

    No email

  • Did anyone get the voucher?

  • +4

    They must have to recharge their mailchimp account…oh McCain, you've done it again!

  • +3

    Student payments and jobseeker won’t be raised, so stock up on free chips mates

  • +3

    10mins - no email

  • +1

    Submitted 10mins ago. Still no email received

  • +1

    Same thing was posted a while back. Tried on 3 separate occasions to get the free chips but never worked in store (I received the voucher) . Looks like the same site and everything, so probably a dud

  • Anyone in WA who cant get the voucher, these were approx $1 a 750g bag in Spud Shed week and half ago. Not sure if still that price.

  • Went through first time, but 20 minutes later still no email!

  • Thanks OP

  • +2

    Email should come through. Took about 1 hour to hit my inbox.

  • Will safeway be stocking the relevant brand this time?

    • +1

      They will place a couple in the freezer for 100 seagulls :)

    • +1

      what is Safeway

      • it's what OG aussies call Woolies

        • Only in Victoria.

          • +1

            @Yuri Lowell: Only in 2008.

          • +1

            @Yuri Lowell: Used to have them in QLD back in the day
            I think, before Woolworths may have taken them over (they were more like Fossies and big W , rather than a supermarket).

            Anyway waiting for a new airfryer then will give the chips a run

  • It took a couple of tries but got there in the end.

  • +1

    that was easy , first try , must have paid to wait for once

  • I haven't received my code…

  • Email just came through after about an hour

  • Couldn't get one earlier when first posted, just got one first try now. Cheers OP

  • +2

    Farts here we come

  • Does McCain have someone manually verifying duplicate IP requests or sm?.

  • Got it instantly

  • I submitted successfully but didn't receive any email :/

    • Tried with different browser. No email received. Gave up the hope.

      edit: Got it after 2 hours.

  • +2

    What better way to celebrate Australia day than buying chips from a Canadian food giant…

    • more for us! (when we finally receive the email)