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Boost Mobile $200 Prepaid Sim Pack (12 Months, 110GB Data) - $180 @ Coles


Telstra Network
12 Month expiry SIM
Includes 30GB + 80GB Bonus
New customers only
UNLIMITED Calls & Text
to standard numbers
standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins & text to 30 selected destinations

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  • Includes 30GB + 80GB Bonus
    Not the other way around?

  • $175 from MyDeal 3rd party seller (Cellmate) and $10 discount if you are a first-time MyDeal user

    Alternatively AU $167.76 from eBay if you have eBay Plus.

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    Thought I saw this was already posted the other day…

  • There is no $150 version anymore

    • +1 vote

      Yes there is, if you are already using it, it still works… I renewed the other day.

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        Only for existing customer right ?

        • Only for existing customer already using one of the products I believe…

      • Did it come up on the renew page? Or is yours set to auto-renew?

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          I just renewed manually on the website…

          When you type in your service number, the old plans show up.

          • @jv: I hope they still have the old plan when I need to renew in Aug 2021. I read on their website that eventually they would want to move everyone onto their new plans which is more expensive. Such a shame!!! $150 for 80g of data is the best deal ever on the full telstra 4G nextwork.

  • Can I buy this to recharge an existing Boost prepaid number? If so does it mean that I won't get the bonus data?

  • Can anyone please advise the cheapest and best tele providers? looking to port from Kogan

  • Same price as buying directly from Boost.

  • Yes, but often you have Coles vouchers, etc. Besides, quite easy to walk into your neighborhood Coles & buy the SIM Card.

  • Same price direct from Boost

  • So who is considered a New Customer? Someone who has never been with Boost, or it is OK to have been with them once or more, and then changed to another provider and now return back to them?

  • I recall that you had to activate the sim before a very close now certain date for the 80GB bonus to be valid. Afterwards the offer just goes back to 30GB total. Is that date still a thing with this deal?

  • What do they mean 30GB + 80GB Bonus on first recharge?? Its a 12 month plan??

    • The first recharge refers to the credit that is bundled with the Prepaid SIM kit.

      Per description
      "All SIM Packs include first recharge. Offers valid for new customers who activate by 01/02/21.'

  • Hi guys, I'm on a post paid $55/month Optus plan which i was getting for $41 and the 12 months has just expired, and back up to the full price. Still get 80GB which is great but don't typically use anywhere near that having NBN at home. Would still like say 50gb perhaps if I'm ever offline etc and need to hot spot.

    Just thought it may be worth shopping around again, if anyone knows any great deals, boost seems good if I can port my number and post paid I guess, no shock bills.


  • I'm currently using Kogan, if I get this starter pack, for the next recharge (next year) is it going to be $150?

  • Officeworks is closeby, so i pricematch and get extra 5% off. Though admittedly i used cellmate.com.au to bring it down to about $160

    • I just got Officeworks to price match….actually they beat it i paid $171 had no problems doing so

      • There are still a few listings on ebay would be around $157 (with the $5 off voucher).
        Delivery time could be touch and g, and getting it activated by 1/02 for extra data.
        Officeworks probably easy.

        • yeah I thought about that option but with the public holiday this week i didn't want to risk missing out on the bonus 80GB of data so Officeworks was the easy safe option

          • @kiwibro: Agree mate did the same, ended up with the $300 for $228
            Anyway lucky I ported before the 29th, taking forever..
            Applied for the activation yesterday morning, get an initial sms, then an email last night at 9pm saying 4-24h
            Still not, not complaining but it's usually very quick (optus post paid)

            • @G-rig: good stuff mate when I ported my number over my service was up and running within the hour…..unbelievably fast I was stoked

              • @kiwibro: Lucky you, not sure what the hold up is. Don't like it not going well as I don't wish to lose my number :P
                Hopefully later tonight or when I wake up it's done.

                • @G-rig: Yeah I hope it happens for you soon .Good luck mate

                  • @kiwibro: All good mate, decided to get on the chat, my current telco didn't release it as there was a mis-match of info (thought it was correct at the time). Anyway should be good to go soon :)

  • Agree probably do the same