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Google Pixel 4a 5G $646 (Free Delivery or C&C) @ Officeworks


Back down to boxing day sale price for those who missed out (including me).

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    I've been seriously contemplating a cheaper mid range phone ( Motorola / Redmi / a52 etc ) but the stock Android and consistent updates keeps bringing me back to pixel.

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    Good value phone. Takes great pics with no effort and size is bigger, although 6.2 is still smaller than a lot of other phones in the same price bracket. I'd buy one but looking for 4k on front camera as well as back.

  • This phone looks good. Does boost prepaid get access to the Telstra 5g network?

  • Don't like that this phone is only 60hz. at this range Nord and others are doing 90hz or 120hz refresh.

  • Is the Samsung note 9 to this a downgrade or upgrade?

    • I own neither (but had a Note 8, and currently a Pixel 2 XL) and I'd say the 4a5G would seem like a downgrade. It doesn't seem much of an improvement on my 2XL. The Note 9 will have a more premium feel, better battery life (possibly…). The 4a 5G has arguably the better camera.

      They're fairly different phones.

  • Price went up to $696 :(

  • Is this worth upgrading from Samsung Galaxy S8+

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      Speed wise, no. Build quaility, no. The 4a 5G camera will be much better.

  • Cmon, put the Pixel 4a on sale already!

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    Back up to $696 at Officeworks

  • Realme 7 5G is ~$330, anyone can tell me why should anyone pay double the money for this phone with similar spec? I understand the brand difference. Is it just the warranty that makes the difference?

    Sorry my qeestion may be naive. I need to buy one phone and deciding between these!

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      software updates, best camera IMO vs any phone. The performance, battery life and overall experience is far more than than specs.

  • I missed the deal :(

  • I was tempted until I realised there's not wireless charging - I couldn't go back to physically inserting a cable in the car/in the office/when i go to bed - old phone connection started to play up a bit after 2 years but with wireless charging who cares - you dont need to connect a cable

  • If Google pull their services from Australia, as threatened, will this phone be come a brick

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      That's a really good question. I don't understand if the news people don't want readers to read their stuff, why not just make them private. That way they won't be able to accuse Google of taking their revenue.

      • Haven't thought of impact on Pixel phone - very good question indeed…

        It's so easy to prevent Google or search engines in general from crawling your site or particular pages… It's entirely within their control. This legislation is designed by people who don't understand how the internet works and designed to appeal to voters who have an even more stupid understanding of tech. They want traffic and they want to be paid for the traffic… I'd also like to be paid by the government for traffic to my blog about how idiotic this legislation. I'd settle for $0.05 per unique view.