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Google Pixel 4a 5G $646 (Free Delivery or C&C) @ Officeworks


Back down to boxing day sale price for those who missed out (including me).

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  • Let the price wars begin!

  • Google Pixel 4a 5G Unlocked Smartphone 128GB Just Black


    Why does it say US$? Lol

  • why is people buying a 5g phone already?

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      Cause they is getting ready for the future homes.

    • The 5G phones comes with bigger screens, better camera and higher specced Snapdragon chips.

      • I see… so 5g itself does not make a phone more expensive
        maybe there is no such distinction yet until 5g become more widely available

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      This phone is better than the standard 4a in a few ways; larger battery, faster cpu, slightly larger screen. So if you're getting the 4a at $599, just pay $47 more and get the 4a 5g.

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      Helps me can cancer/covid or whatever the crazy thing is.

    • I’ve been with Telstra for a year and I’m very surprised just how much 5g coverage I get. A lot more than I expected. I think you’d definitely want 5g now to future proof your phone for the next 2-3 years and keep solid data speeds and coverage

    • It's almost like 5g is available.

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    Does this have unlimited “standard” photo upload after June this year?

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    Does anyone know if Harvey Norman will price match? I have a HN gift card from work that i really want to use.

  • Is it really that special?!

    • It’s a good phone, nothing amazing or special. Price is about right at this mark. Going from a Note8 to this you definitely notice the downgrade in build quality and premium feel.

      • Unless you have a phone case on it, then the premium feel is just whatever the case is.

        • Had a case on my note 8 and similar on pixel now, the feel goes beyond just the physical build… Little things here and there… Only the case if you go from a 'higher' end phone to this… Otherwise probably not noticeable

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    Gorilla Glass 3 on the front. That debuted in 2013.

    • The iterations of gorilla Glass are only very tiny incremental improvements, a lot of marketing from Corning, and varying tradeoffs of impact and scratch resistance: greater scratch resistance always comes at the trade-off of less impact resistance, and vice-versa.

      The Gorilla Glass iterations that came out with higher scratch resistance were less impact resistant, and then swung the other way. 3 is still good glass.

      • I had the same thoughts when I downgraded from Pixel 5. One fall and it broke, anecdotal as might have also smashed with the 5. But trying to source an OEM screen from slow boat in China is a pain, and the shops want $300+ to replace.

  • $599 very soon is all I can say :P

  • What's this size wise like compared to a Pixel 2 XL?
    This is an amazing price, I haven't kept up with phones and what's worth upgrading.

    I assume my Pixel isn't worth much on the used market, the phone does a great job but updated now have stopped and wireless charging would be nice.

    • Dont think these have wireless charging do they?

    • This would be a perfect upgrade to the pixel 2 xl. Its worth the price. Overall better in almost every department.

    • The body is slightly smaller than the 2XL (by a tiny amount), but the screen is bigger.

      I upgraded from the 2XL on boxing day. Worth the upgrade IMO.

    • Just upgraded from 2xl - similar size - better screen . Lucky if you get $150 if 100% perfect. Mine with a screen crack was worth $0 :-(

      • Yeah, mines basically perfect.
        That sucks, I got it for $900 new!

        At least apple holds value FML!!! May aswell keep it for that price as a travel phone or something!!!

        • Apple phones may retain more value but hey they also cost a huge amount more. A $650 phone after 3 years worth $150 is ok my me. I only paid $680 for my 2xl and $649 for my 4a5g.

    • it’s not manipulation, it’s optimisation so that you have a better experience.

      • 'Optimising' your experience to suit their view of world is called manipulation. Deliberately censoring results that don't match their narrative is called manipulation.

        • What results are they censoring, and how do you know?

          • @Tunblor: Because more and more content providers are posting of videos on YT of their videos that had tonnes of views, topping the search rankings, then overnight they disappeared from search results.
            They also delete subscribers from some channels they deem not inline with their political viewpoint, and they suspend and ban content predominantly from one side for random reasons.

            One example off the top of my head is Paul Joseph Watson's video "Creepy Uncle Joe". If you search that term in YT it doesn't show up, despite having 3M+ views and that being the most popular video with that title. It used to come up at the top because that's how I found it. Now it's all MSM videos instead.

            If this is all new to you I suggest watching the Netflix doc The Social Dilemma, also read up on former Google Engineer James Damore who was fired from Google for having an opinion, and ex KGB agent Yuri Bezmonov who described exactly the propaganda and manipulation techniques being used.
            Also read George Orwell's 1984, it seems like Google and Facebook are using it as an instruction manual.

          • @Tunblor: Biden’s inauguration on the official White House YT channel had some 4K likes & 24K dislikes. YT scrubbed the dislikes constantly until the channel took it down.

            Why did YT need to scrub the dislikes?

  • But but i want to use my $500 jb gc :(

  • The only thing I don’t like about this phone is the lack of water resistance, it’s not even rated splash resistant

    • There are videos on YouTube of people dropping 4a's into containers of water for 20 minutes with the phone switched on and nothing happens. Water resistant certification is expensive and they don't bother to pay for it on a mid range device. Because it's not certified doesn't mean it does not have a reasonable level of resistance is what I'm saying.

      • Building on that, the phones that are marked water resistant aren't in practice water resistant either, dust, heat, sweat, or just defects often ruin the seals, and the phones end up toast anyway if they get wet.

        There's no real practical difference if it's marked WR or not: you still have to be careful with your phone, and it still might get water damaged, either way.

  • Boxing Day sale price was $644.

  • I'm using pixel 2 XL right now.

    Is this worth it or pixel 5 better? Or should I risk it and go look find x2 pro or samsung s20 ultra/s21 ?

    I also did like oneplus 7t pro with the hidden camera.

    Really need help. Mine is dying from battery charging overtime and all. Plus it is frustrating me everytime I think I plug it in to charge. Wakes up with 28% battery then drops super fast while using it.

    • I went from a well maintained pixel 2 xl to this and apart from the wide screen camera which isn't a must have, I really can't tell the difference between the 4a 5g and the 2 xl. I read others on Reddit say the 4a 5g is a worthy upgrade. No, it's not. When I first started using the 4a 5g and compared side by side with my 2 xl the experience was nearly identical even down to performance. I was opening apps and webpages side by side and everything loads at identical speed. The camera quality is identical.

      This is down to how finely tuned stock android and camera software is. They want the experience to be uniform across all pixel devices and they have achieved that. I felt a bit bummed that I had purchased what felt like another 'pixel 2 xl' with 3 years of updates and not an actual upgrade. I use my phone's for 3-4 years so I am annoyed that I will be basically using the "same" device for 6 years. It's not a bad phone it's just the same phone is all. I wish I had continued busing the 2 xl for another year and saw what Google had in store for pixel 6. I live in Sydney and I spoke to a small phone repair shop that would swap in a 3rd party battery for $70. They have good reviews on Google with comments saying their pixel or nexus felt brand new with the battery swap. You could try that route. I avoid Samsung and other brands that throw on bloat to android.

      • Hey man could you please link that store, I'm in the same boat with a perfectly functioning pixel xl 2 just with a crappy battery. Cheers

        • It might not be your battery either. I'm running a Pixel 2 and the battery is still fine, what ended up being the problem was the charging/USB-C port. Dust, grime etc. built up and was hindering it's connection.

          I'm personally waiting for the next gen, I've only just been downgraded to high quality photos and the OS updates have been stopped for Pixel 2s.

          Figure it's easier to wait, worst case I'll chuck a third party OS on for updates and ride it till it dies lol

          • @TogTogTogTog:

            problem was the charging/USB-C port. Dust, grime etc. built up and was hindering it's connection.

            I also had this problem, but a can of compressed air did wonders. Or if you have the patience (and caution) you could use a toothpick and try scrape it out.

        • https://sydneycbd.repair/ I haven't used them myself but the Google reviews that come up when you search them seem legitimate and positive. Maybe do a more detailed look if anyone said anything elsewhere like Reddit or a product review site.

      • Thank you for your considered, detailed response. I am also using a 2XL and am happy with it however I had been thinking that it would be timely to upgrade for the reasons you mentioned. I will hold off now. My sincere thanks for your wisdom.
        Any tips on changing the OS to get android updates please?
        PS. One thing that bugs me is mild "burn in" of the home screen icons. Not a big concern as it doesn't affect anything but it is annoying.
        PSS. I use mine every day (calls/text/videos) and still get to about 6 or 7 pm before it drops to 10%. I will do the battery swap when it worsens.

      • SUPER helpful comment, thanks. I'm exactly the same as you, well maintained pixel 2 xl, considering this. I was keen on the wide screen camera but I've never had one before so can't miss what I've never had. I still get 6+ hours SOT a day. I maybe thought I wanted a headphone jack again but that's not a dealbreaker.

        Updates would be nice as the 2XL ones have just stopped, but I used to experiment with custom ROMS all the time so will just move to LineageOS if I want new Android versions in future.

        I reckon I'll wait until next year. Thanks for taking one for the team!

      • I might wait

        My Pixel 2 XL is doing fine, I may hold off.

  • OP don't feel bad. My pixel 4a 5g from JB boxing day sale just shipped today, even though I bought it in stock.


  • Any deals on pixel 5? Was $749 on black Friday sales.

    • Hasn't been lower since, just holding out for the deal that will come for it eventually…

    • AFAIK that $749 came with a locked in plan, it wasn't outright and was spread across the duration of the plan.

      Go to JB and they'll do it for $50 off so $950.

      Or wait 6 months for another deal.

      • Mate I bought it for $749 outright from JB hi-fi. Price matched with $749 at Telstra. Just that I gave it to my wife, so looking for another one of it gets back to $749.

        • Seems like the plan was that you'd have to attach it to an ongoing plan and JB removed it from their site shortly after but you got a good deal, well done.

    • Don't think there has been any deals since… Still waiting

  • Great deal thank you . Bought one for free photo back up.

    • Would recommend getting a second hand Pixel OG instead for free unlimited original quality photos backup

  • Damn. I bought one outright from Telstra (only place with stock 2 weeks ago) for $799. If only this was within 7 days I could've used their price match offer…

  • Would this be a good upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy S8? I've had this phone since 2017

    • Coming from Note8.. Battery is better (since it's new) but I would recommend a S20 or similar if you can afford it or get it cheap, if not and your S8 is on its last legs then this is ok.. Other than that the upgrade hasn't impressed me, so if you have no issues with S8 stay with it… Personal opinion…

  • will JBHI match this ?

  • Bought one, thank you op.

  • This or pixel 5?

  • Ugh! Just bought this from JB earlier in the week. Was waiting for a sale and didnt think it was coming :(

  • Just sharing the reviews from GSM Arena, users are complaining about:

    -Touch sensitivity issue in 4A 5G
    -Top speaker
    -Sensor fails like adaptative brightness
    -If you activate 2 SIMs (one physical plus one embedded) the phone can no longer achieve 5G

    Google is aware of the touch sensitivity issues in the 4A 5G and were/are going to address it in December then January and now February security

    As much as I like the price, I'll be cautious before spending my money on this.

    • I've got the Pixel 5 and don't understand all the complaints about the top speaker. It's fine for calls and listening to videos. If you're looking for great quality, you use headphones, like any phone.

      Can confirm the adaptive brightness even on the 5 is a POS

  • I own a 4A 5G and can confirm the touch screen has some issues - I can't quite put my finger on it (no pun intended) but sometimes when I type it feels like it doesn't register, same with using the 3 touch navigation. It's not constant but enough to notice.

    I had no issues with my 2 XL (prior phone).

    • If you had known this earlier would you have bought it in the first place, I'm asking coz I'm a bit worried? Although Google said the upcoming update should fix it but who knows.

      • For me personally, I really value the Pixel photo style/capabilities so I'm willing to put up with these minor annoyances. If I had known earlier I would have considered the Pixel 5 more seriously (but that also had reports of build quality issues at the time), but still ended up with the 4A 5G and hoped for a fix.

  • Got the phone from last sale, very happy.

    Not the most tech amazing specs but it's enough for what I use (browsing internet, music, Netflix, WhatsApp and occasional phone call).