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[Preorder] New P44 Speakers $138, S8 Subwoofer $199 + Warehouse Clearance Speakers from $30 Shipped @ Voll Audio


To celebrate the launch of our new P44 bookshelf speakers we’re offering discounts to many of our products. We’ve also used this opportunity to clear out our warehouse of some customer returned and repaired speakers an amps plus some odd prototypes we’ve tested over the years. Everything is massively discounted and still includes our standard 1 year warranty.

Our all new P44 bookshelf speakers are the nicest sounding speakers we've ever released. They are seriously good value and include many improved components. The 4" woofer has a huge magnet and voice coil and the custom crossover includes quality components that you never see at this price point.

We have also started stocking HiVi ceiling speakers and outdoor speakers. These are an awesome product for the price and have incredible performance compared to anything in their price point.

We offer free shipping to most metro locations.

Warehouse clearance
Way too many items to list but there are some big bargains to be had (while they last). Speakers from $30 a pair shipped, amplifiers from $40 shipped. Click here to see clearance items

Warehouse clearance includes SMSL and Topping amplifiers and B44 / B50 speakers at a fraction of their original price.

Any further questions or issues ask in the comments or message me.

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  • +1

    Soooo tempted for the 4 Ceiling Speakers for Atmos…….

  • Does anyone have any recommendations which way I should go for a new set of PC desktop speakers:
    - Voll P44 + Voll A100
    - Edifier R2000DB

    Both options are virtually the same cost, but the Edifier's have larger 5" woofers. Ignoring the marketing speak, is there any way the P44 could have as good bass as the larger R2000DB?

    • +1

      I can't remember if I've heard the R2000DB or not so I can't comment on the comparative bass between them. Generally speaking the size of the woofer is only one factor in bass performance. There are other important factors including but not limited to woofer excursion and cabinet tuning (cabinet size and port diameter and length).

    • +1

      the all in one nature of the Edifiers will be more convenient if you just want something you can take out of the box and plug in.

      the board in the Voll A100 is supposed to be pretty good though and I always like buying seperates to give you an upgrade path down the line. If chiefbodge is right that the P44 "blows Micca out of the water" you won't be disappointed.

      in principle I don't really think its much different from buying a Mac vs building your own computer, the better solution will depend on what your goals are.

      don't expect any bookshelf speakers to thump you in the chest either, you need a sub for that. You want some bass of course, and they're obviously designed to be serviceable without a sub, but there are other more important considerations to make IMO.

    • +1

      I have the R2000DB and use it with a Pro-ject Primary E turntable and a scarlett 24-bit/192khz dac (for digital) and they sound GOOD.

      In terms of using for computer speakers, they seem very loud for such near field operation to me, so I can't imagine using them for the PC.

      I use in a small sound treated room, and they can easily get loud without distortion (they'll hurt your ears before they'll distort). Sound is well balanced, and the bass is quite strong for such small speakers. Obviously a sub would add more bass, but it would also make the sound less accurate (that's ok if that's your preference I guess). I place the R2000DBs around 50cm away from the wall, and about 1.5m apart from each other, which seems to provide the best sound experience.

      I've not heard of these P44 speakers, as I was recently doing extensive research on decent bookshelf speakers, and these never popped up (denon, polk, etc did however), but would be interested in how they sound, especially considering that the R2000DB is double the cost, and they're considered excellent value too!

  • Noob question -How are they in comparison with micca or qAcoustics ?2 popular speakers in ozb

    • +1

      In my (admittedly biased) opinion:

      • The P44 blows the Micca out of the water (and I have a lot of of experience to base this on)
      • The P44 is better than the qAcoustics but thats just my opinion (my experience with qAcoustics is more limited)
  • Can you get the S8 on eBay? I'll buy it if so.

    • Yes but it's $270 on eBay and we can't reduce that price unfortunately.

      • I'll wait for next time then.

        • +5

          We used to do a lot more eBay sales back when they had the 10%-15% off site wide coupons and we'd drop our prices as well in conjunction with those sales but eBay doesn't seem to be doing that kind of thing anymore so it's unlikely we'll ever do an eBay sale again unless that changes.

          • +1

            @chiefbodge: Thanks, I ended up buying it last night before I slept lol.

  • +4

    Been very happy with my B50 pair.

  • Would anyone be able to explain the difference between A44, B44, B50, and P44?

    Looks like the B50 is ported, but is there anything else I should know about? I'm pretty keen for some of these for sure.

    I've been rocking the Logitech Z-2300 for many, many years, and they still perform pretty well - would any of these be an upgrade, even without the subwoofer?


    • +7

      To explain our models:

      1st Generation
      B44 v1 (same design as Micca)

      2nd Generation
      B44 v2 (improved design based on B44 v1)
      A44 (active version of B44 v2, has its own integrated amplifier and doesn't need external amplifier)

      3rd Generation
      B50 - larger 5.25" speaker design, all new not based on original B44 v1 design

      4th Generation
      P44 - all new design, back to the smaller 4" woofers but this design is not related to the B44 at all (only thing the same is the form factor). Much higher quality woofer and crossover compared to any of the previous models

      I would say that in terms of fidelity and flat frequency response all of our speakers would be a big improvement on the Z-2300. The only thing the Z2300 would have over them is more bass due to its subwoofer. But if you love bass we do have our S8 subwoofer which is awesome.

      • Thanks for the quick summary!

        I'm not a bass fiend, but I do like the "fullness" that huge subwoofer provides - sounds like the P44s might be a goer!

      • How does the bass compare (in quality and in quantity) between the P44 and the B50 with larger drivers?

        • It's fairly similar, potentially the B50 has a very slight edge there.

  • +1

    I've had B44s paired with a Topping VX1 since 2017, been super happy with them! If only I needed more speakers..

  • Are these actually your own developed products or just rebranded mass market ones like Douk Audio and the others on eBay/Aliexpress etc? Seems to be same looks and specs so guessing it's just putting your logo on them and reselling.

    • The P44 is a completely original design, you wont find it anywhere else. Some of our other products have been sold in other markets.

      The HiVi Ceiling / Outdoor speakers you will find on Aliexpress as HiVi is a very popular brand but our pricing should be better than anyone overseas or here for that matter.

  • Will these be superseding the B50? Or both continue to be sold side-by-side? Do you guys have any time-gated response measurements?

    • +2

      Superseding. We'd love to keep the B50 going as they are two different products but we just don't sell enough to keep two bookshelf product lines up.

  • Is delivery on top of the prices for everything? Couldnt seem to find any speakers that were $30 inclusive of shipping - unless I am reading the description incorrectly.

    • +1

      Sorry I should've been more clear. Delivery should be free to most metro locations but if you are outside of that delivery will be charged for the bulkier items (amplifiers are free shipping Australia wide but speakers aren't for example).

      These speakers: https://voll.com.au/product/6-inch-prototype/ for example are $30 with free shipping to metro locations.

      • +1

        Thanks Chief. Was showing as plus postage to my invoice address but all sorted to have it delivered to a metro area.

  • I'm pretty happy with my B50 + SMSL AD18 setup, although the bass could be a little deeper (I'll grab a sub when I'm in more bass-friendly housing)

    May look at a P44 + Sub setup for the TV in the future.

  • I'm looking at a sub to pair with my PreSonus Eris E3.5s, to be used for music production. Is there any frequency response info anywhere on the Voll S8? Music production is only a hobby so I'm definitely not looking for Genelec-level sound, but I'm curious about whether this is suitable as a super budget studio sub or whether I'd be better off with something like the Eris Sub8 (e.g. https://www.storedj.com.au/presonus-eris-sub8-8-front-firing...).

    Also worth noting that there seem to be some refurbished S8s on the site, if people want to save a few $ and don't mind some cosmetic issues.

    • They do quote "23hz-150hz +-3dB", which if true is really quite good. Realistically unless you have a treated room you're probably going to have to have some decent eq going on anyway. But I agree, some actual FR graphs would be nice.

      • From what I've seen of frequency ranges published, the +/-3db often refers to the point at which the frequency response curve drops below that db threshold at each end of the curve, or where the speakers can't really reproduce higher or lower sounds. It doesn't mean the curve is flat between those points though.

        It's probably less of an issue with a sub though, unlike normal speakers or monitors, because there's only a narrow range of frequencies to reproduce. It's more about making sure there's no spikes from port resonance or something like that, which can ruin the sound.

        Anyway for $200 I decided I'll give them a go!

    • PM'd

  • Ordered a pair. Cheers.

  • +1

    Just ordered some B50 cherry, what a bargain! Cheers

  • Would you reckon one of those S8s would make a worthwhile addition to my existing set of B50s that are predominantly used in a turntable setup?

    • +3

      Whether a sub is worthwhile with music depends on the genre of music and personal taste. The S8 could indeed add some warmth to your music but personally I don't find a sub makes a big difference to the kind of recordings you'd find on Vinyl.

      • Appreciate the honest opinion. Cheers, chief!

      • It might also depend on how low your speakers go to start with.

        My little studio monitors only go to about 80hz so I can't hear the low E of a bass guitar (41hz I think), or at least the bass volume is so low at that frequency it might as well not be there. A sub can help in that situation.

  • +1

    Still loving my B50s Chief! I obviously haven't heard them but it looks as though the P44s are a side-step more than a natural progression from the B50? I have far too many speakers now and just can't justify buying another pair to compare them at the moment but after first hearing the B50s I gave my other Volls away. They're excellent.

    • +1

      We still love the B50s and wish we could keep selling them as well as they are a different product. When considering replacing a product we always make sure that it has a better value proposition than the previous product and we do believe the P44 does that (the P44 won against the B50 and the B44 every single time in blind testing). It's more of a successor to the B44 though than a successor to the B50.

  • Hi OP, I currently have q accoustics as front speakers and looking for rear speakers. Would you think these go well with them. Price looks pretty good.

    • +2

      Yes they'd be great as rear speakers paired with the q accoustics.

      • Thanks mate, bought the p44 speakers. Do you have any upcoming stock for center speakers ?

  • Anyone have the ceiling speakers. Can't find any reviews

    • +1

      They are a new product to Australia I believe so you wont find any reviews yet. The brand (HiVi / Swan) has a very good reputation world wide though - they are a name you can trust. We also have a money back guarantee but I guess that might not be a lot of help if you've already drilled a hole the right size into your gyprock.

  • I've loved my B50s that I've been using for about a year. Picked up some refurbished B50's to use as rears, thanks.

    Are there any single black B50's still available (refurbished or new)? Looking for a centre speaker to complete my 5.1 set

    • Unfortunately we can't do singles of the B50 anymore.

  • Dilly dally'd thinking about it too much and lost a set of speakers and amp from cart, then the replacement amp…

  • +1

    Hi, I'm really interested in both the B50s and the P44s. Would you be able to tell me the difference between the two in terms of sound?

  • +2

    Hi Chief. Nice deal. I grabbed a pair of the A44 speakers for a computer set up and noted that the Courier charge was only one dollar. If you’d like to have a look at my order and let me know how much IOU for delivery. Thanks.

    • +3

      We offer free shipping to many metro areas, outside of this our shipping is heavily subsidised which is probably why you paid only $1. If it does turn out to be wrong that's fine though - we'd wear it.

  • S8…..Shipping to Darwin, $80 /sadface

    • +1

      Sorry about this - we'd love to offer better shipping to Darwin but unfortunately the only way that would happen is if we were a lot bigger and were able to negotiate a deal with Australia Post (as that is pretty much the only way to get affordable bulky shipping to darwin).

  • dammit, just got the B50's days ago . should've waited for these!

  • I’m interested in the S8, does anyone here own one? Would be interested in an opinion.

    • Should be plenty of people here able to give you feedback. We do have some reviews on our website also (we have always posted all reviews that aren't spam and never deleted any reviews).

    • +4

      I have the S8 and it's awesome. I have it hooked up to a pioneer 5.1 amp. I love how bass kicks in when it's needed and maintains clarity. Not constantly boomy like some subs.
      And the deep low frequency sounds amazing with movies running through it. Probably the best sounding bang for your buck sub out there.

  • Where are these made?

    • +2


      • Thanks for the quick response

  • thanks OP for the deal, and also your thoughtful and useful responses to ozb questions - bought some B50s

  • How much warranty on these products?

    Subwoofer will be good for movies( home theatre) or is it more for music( to be paired with bookshelves)? can anybody who have used this woofer comment and guide me?

    • +6

      2 year warranty on the S8. If it fails in the first 6 months we'll even have our courier pick it up at our cost, repair / replace and return to you completely free of charge.

      The S8 is great for both home theatre and music. The 8" woofer delivers clean punchy bass but also can extend quite deep. For home theatre it wont compete with $700+ 10-12" subs from the top brands but it gives the mid tier subs a run for their money and massively outperforms the cheap 10"-12" subs which are generally just useless garbage.

  • Hey Chief - I'm looking for a pair of speakers for my PC. I was looking for something like the Audioengine A2+ or the newer A1 (which apparently is no different to the A2), I was wondering how you think these will compare to them soundwise.

    I currently listen to my music on the Epoz Aktimate Mini B+, if you happen to know them how would these compare?

    • +4

      Having listened to the A2+ I can't say I'm impressed at all by them, their frequency response is all over the place. I can easily think of many speakers I prefer. I can definitely understand why they are popular though, very nice build quality and features in a compact size.

      Our P44 in my opinion is ahead acoustically compared to the A2+ in every way.

      Unfortunately haven't heard any of the Aktimates (or at least if I have I can't remember them) so I can't really compare to our P44. People I trust have said very good things about them though so I certainly couldn't say our P44 are better or worse without listening myself.

  • Yamaha Outdoor Speakers with Weatherproof 16cm Woofer & 2-Way bass-Reflex - NSAW294 (Black) are only $245 for a Pair


    • I haven't heard the NSAW294 but after hearing lots of the cheaper Yamaha speaker products and being very unimpressed I would guess it's worth spending a little bit more and getting the HiVi's who have a reputation for building speakers that sound good. Also it's a little thing but those Yamaha's have steel grills which will likely rust over time where as the HiVi's have aluminium grills.

  • I was looking at buying the edifier s3000 pro, do you think it will need a sub or should I be looking at different speakers. Mainly for music but I might connect it to the TV for the odd movie

  • Anyone looking at the A100 amp, note the power is rated at 4ohms @ 10%THD….

    • +2

      That's a fair point. I don't like rating power at 10% THD but it's what everyone else does. We'll look into rating it more reasonably in the coming weeks. It is still a very powerful amp that will drive most speakers to hearing loss levels in most rooms.

      • When should I check back in? I had three different amps in my order successively disappear while I was caught up in indecision, ended up getting the active speakers but will still probably need an amp with an optical in.

        • Sorry I missed this question. We have updated the power rating to 2x100w @ 0.25% THD. We don't sell any amps with optical inputs. If you need an amp with optical input the Topping MX3 is a good choice (but we don't stock it anymore because a distributor in Australia has done an exclusive deal with them and our low price business model isn't compatible with getting ripped off by middle men). I have also heard that Topping may be releasing a replacement to the MX3 some time this year which hopefully solves some of the issues we've had with the MX3.

          We are also working very hard to import a full featured amp like the MX3 but at a lower price - hopefully this is something that eventuates at some point in the coming year but can't make any promises.

          • @chiefbodge: Thank you, I am in no real hurry, should have been quicker to place my order instead of looking at other potential goodies to add to my basket.

          • @chiefbodge: Out of interest, can you say which full featured amp you are looking to import? (Or do you not have a specific model in mind?)

            What about the SMSL AD18 (which looks like you used to sell?) - is that not better suited than MX3? (From my understanding, the AD18 has a more powerful amp for speakers, but the MX3 had a better headphone amp)

            You would go the MX3 over the AD18?

            • +7

              @caprimulgus: We have sold a lot of Topping and SMSL amps over the years and it's been a real love hate relationship with these two brands. We love the sound quality and features for the price but we don't love some of the design issues and quality control issues. We pride ourselves on our after sales service so certain amps have ended up costing us a fortune due to failure or poor design. Here's some thoughts about the popular models from both brands:

              • Topping MX3: Awesome sound quality, probably the best we've seen from a chinese speaker amp, noise floor is not too good (audible background hiss), remote is useless, bluetooth has very poor range, when overloaded it simply switches off and you need to turn it back on (most amps temporarily cut out which is a lot better in my opinion). Reliability is not that great.
              • SMSL AD18: Decent sound quality, good power output, great noise floor, remote is ok but not great, bluetooth is pretty awesome, reliability used to be great but in the last 2 years it has gone downhill badly (although we haven't stocked it for 6 months so they might've fixed that, who knows)
              • Topping PA3: Great looking amp, love the two inputs, powerful. Absolute disaster for reliability, steer clear.
              • SMSL SA-98E: Powerful amp, incredibly reliable (I think we've only ever had one or two faulty for the 5 years we've been selling them), pretty bad noise floor, sound quality not bad.
              • SMSL SA-36A Pro: Reliable amp but a bit underpowered, need efficient speakers, definitely get the 15v version.
              • SMSL Q5 Pro: Good amp with decent features, pretty nice sound. Not the most reliable but not bad either.
              • Old toppings: The old Topping amps were rock solid in terms of reliability, our favourite ever was the VX2 - absolute gem of an amp, lowest noise floor ever, super reliable, great sound. Other models didn't have the greatest sound quality but were also rock solid.

              With the exception of the SA-98E and SA-36A pro the Chinese amps we've sold have had much worse reliability than the big brand amps (such as pioneer). It's a real shame but it is what it is, hopefully Topping's new speaker amp coming this year will bring back their legendary reliability. I would recommend buying Chinese amps from an Aussie retailer (or Amazon) if you can and it's not much more because a proper warranty will make things easy in case things go wrong.

              It's quite likely we will not stock SMSL or Topping again. SMSL because they are selling below our cost price on Amazon now and Topping because they have an exclusive Australian distributor. Any amp we add to our line up will either be our own brand amp or a more unknown and upcoming Chinese brand that offers better value than what Topping / SMSL have become.

              We will be stocking a smaller amp based on the TPA3116 soon which is an awesome amplifier chip, rock solid / reliable, great noise floor and sound quality. Not sure of the exact date of that and it might come without Voll branding initially. Tread carefully when buying a TPA3116 based amp though because quite a few designs have an impedance mismatch in the design causing quite serious noise issues.

              Edit: realised I was rambling and didn't answer the question. At this stage I would probably pick the MX3 over the AD18 but only marginally because the AD18 will probably be more reliable and has bluetooth / remote that actually works.

              • @chiefbodge: Wow, thanks for the very detailed response! That is very helpful!!

                Look forward to seeing what you come out with! :)

  • are these B50s good for a Yamaha HTIB amp? to be used as the L-R front speakers for movies? dont know much about speakers hence I only have a HTIB, but the amp specs says…. " 100 Watt - 6 Ohm - at 1 kHz - THD 0.9% - 5 channels (surround) "

    • +1

      Yes the B50s will work fine with a Yamaha HTIB amp.

      • decided to get the P44s since I wanted Black…..am hoping these beat all the other passive speakers in the this price range

  • Just saw this offer - I'm interested in ordering a pair. Will I make the 24th of Feb stock drop? Thanks!

    edit: I used to own a pair of audioengine A5+'s and the S8 sub. The sub was rubbish - so flabby. sold the lot to consolidate audio gear. I know the P44's are a different price point, but any opinions comparing the P44s vs the A5+ speakers? TIA!

    • +2

      Do you mean the audio engine S8 sub or our Voll S8 sub? I'm guessing you mean the audio engine S8 because our sub isn't flabby.

      Initially our container was due to arrive mid feb but we've recently been told by our agent that it will be about a week late so 24th of Feb is a realistic estimate but it is possible it could be slightly later.

      Audio Engine is overpriced, great styling and features but our P44 sounds much better than the A5+ (in my opinion).

      • yes I did mean the Audio Engine S8 - that thing is rubbish :). Thanks for your opinion. I think these will be worth a shot! Placing order!

  • Received my refurb tpa3116 amp today. Bargain for the $35 it cost me.

    Surprised with the speed of shipping!

  • For anyone interested: we've found 2 more pairs of cherry B50s and made them available on the website.

  • +1

    Ordered myself the P44 speakers with S8 subwoofer for my 2.5mx2.5m study.
    I look forward to receiving them.

  • would you be able to show the back ports of the A100 amps?

  • +1

    Just got a P44 + S8 + A100 from Voll and some isolation pads from Amazon, keen to suss this setup!

  • +1

    Hi chiefbodge! Have you received stock of the P44's? If not, I hope you can share any revised ETA info please? Cheers!

    • +1

      Very sorry for not updating everyone on this - I did mean to but it slipped my mind. There have been some delays and we expect to ship most orders on Thursday the 25th of February. I will update again once Thursday is 100% confirmed.

      Apologies for the delays here - we did leave a lot of leeway in our delivery estimate but there is a lot of congestion in ports all around the world right now.

      • Hey Chief, would this date be the same case with as for the S8 and A100 backorder?

        • +3

          Yes, A100 & P44s are arriving at the same time. It's unfortunately looking like we'll be shipping preorders on Monday the 1st now. I don't expect any further delays though.

      • How very exciting! We will soon be treating our ears with these new speakers!

  • Hopefully some good news today! :D

  • +4

    Hi Everyone,

    Very sorry but we were unable to deliver the orders as promised today as we were informed that our container was held by customs (selected at random for Xray) - we had assumed it had already cleared customs but our agent hadn't made this clear and booked in the delivery which is why we were sure the container would arrive today.

    In our experience customs usually only delays the container by 1-2 days so we expect to be able to fill orders tomorrow or Wednesday. Apologies again about the delay, I realise this is a week past our estimate - in the future we will provide more wiggle room so we can ensure on time delivery.

  • +3

    Our container has been released from customs and will be delivered tomorrow morning. We should be able to ship all pre-orders tomorrow.

    • +1

      hype hype hype

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