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TCL 65C715 QLED TV $1149 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Picked up this TV today for $1149 in store (Moorabbin, VIC), which seems to be about $120 cheaper than the next-best price. Also available on their website for $1199 including delivery.

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Costco Wholesale

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  • This better than the Samsung TU8000?

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      Personally yes as the TU8000 is absolutely entry level. This at least has QLED.

      Note: I own one of these and the speakers are shite so invest in a soundbar at minimum. The C815 model comes with a built in subwoofer but I cant compare.

  • Can you get stuff cheaper in store instead of online?im getting a Costco membership and online is super convenient, but are prices completely the same vs I store?

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      I'm not a Costco member. But i would assume the pricing works like any other retail store. Some items might be discounted in certail instore locations while some might not.

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        Yeah, and you are right. Just wanted to clarify as Costco is so new to me

    • In store is usually cheaper, because they jack up the price online to allow "free" delivery. Very frustrating if you are buying several items online and end up paying much more.

      • Exactly what I was thinking might be. Will definitely try prioritise purchases in store when I can. Thanks for the info!

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    As an owner Im pretty happy with this model.

    Picture quality is above average for the price and the andriod OS although sluggish at times has replaced my use of the shield tv unit for convenience. I use many of the streaming services - even kayo / prime play nicely. Voice synch through soundbars and apps can be a PIA though esp with Plex.

    PS4 pro looks great and save my useless ability at games I would say the response time is respectable (quoted at 6.5ms on the JB site)

    Upscaling is pretty useless and note you do need to turn on CEC in the settings to get soundbars etc working properly.

    • USB version?
      Google Play Store?

      BTW, how many 4K free in air channels now?


    • Interesting, I own this one too but never considered the performance of the upscaling. Are you saying that there is a noticeable difference between playing content through the inbuilt Android OS and the Shield which can be attributed to the superior upscaling of the Shield?

  • This or Hisense Q7?

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      Go the TCL over Hisense & the C815 over the non sound bar version too. For $500ish you can go the 75” too with sound bar at COSCO for $1770! It’s big, bright and pops electric with great sound! Downside is it needs 2 men to setup and it’s not light. But HQ!

      TCL in p/c 715/815 series are edge lit but well controlled IMO. In AU we’re about to get the 3rd iteration of microLED (1st was 240 dimming zones, then 900 & now thousands of LDZ) & it’s about 20% brighter again! But not cheap @X2$

      I’m putting in a price match @jbhifi Monday for the 75” C815 (on back order) for $1769 inc delivery & setup. I ran out of time on Friday but it’s sorted verbally.

      BTW you have to say your a member (they didn’t ask for proof) and show the COSO offer (webs $1999) so a pic is all I needed.

      What’s it missing? HDMI2.1 local dimming zones and microLED. But at half the price and 97% the image, I’ll live!

      If your a was stung for 2021 to be affordable, that’s September Black Friday sales at the earliest!

  • Is this still $1149 in-store?

    • No sale has ended on the 31st.

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