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[eBay Plus] Boost 365 Day $200 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit with 118GB Data (30GB + 88GB Data) $158.11 @ Catch.ozoffers1 via eBay


Boost $200 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit Boost (30GB +88GB BONUS) TOTAL 118GB DATA



Please visit Boost's website for the current $200 plan information and offers on this plan.

Any offers mentioned on the boost website for a $200 sim will apply.

Please use the below link for more details


If you porting your number from another provider then you should receive the sim first and then do the activation process.

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  • $13/mth for 9GB/mth + Telstra 4G network + international calls = I’m sold

  • Can I use this to recharge boost? I think the answer is no, but tell me if anyone knows otherwise.

    • You can register your existing number on it.

    • You are right. You can't recharge using starter kit.

      • Some people have claimed success by calling boost (or via chat) and asking for this credit to be transferred to their accounts

        • Yep, my partner is one of those people. It's possible, but just be polite with the chat rep

          • @starbearer: wouldnt it be risky if they dont budge then we will end up with a non-refundable simcard??

            • @homersyd: I think I wasn't clear earlier. A new SIMcard is not needed. When your plan is about to expire, you request chat support to put you on this plan, instead of you leaving Boost and going elsewhere. You can even try to get them to price match the Coles or Amaysim 12 month deals. In fact I think Telstra prepaid also has a 12 month plan. Be polite but persistent. You're bound to get someone who plays ball.

    • Recharge is already $150 with 80 + 40 GB bonus data ..

  • I have a dual SIM phone and I am already on Boost on that.

    Has anyone had experience with running 2 Boost SIMs on the same phone - if I buy this one I would be basically buying it for the data on Telstra but not sure how Boost app etc would work and whether I would be considered an existing customer. Thinking the easiest way would be to take existing SIM out, activate this one and then put 2 SIMs in…

    Anyone done this ?

    • Not sure how the boost app will cope with two sims…

      • I think there is always a default sim selected somewhere on the phone, the same with data, you have to select which sim will be the main one for data, and that's the one that would be recognised by the boost app.

  • IF ACTIVATED BEFORE 01-02-2021

    Damn, my current boost plan expires after that. Hey OP, any chance to get this offer again after the 1st of February?

    • Bonus will end on feb-1. You can activate after that

      • Yeah, but i will lose the bonus. Anyway, these offers show up every other week, so for sure a new one will be available soon

  • Im on telstra, can i move my number?

  • Does anyone know if moving from $300 plan to this one (downgrade from previous plan) will rollover the unused data? can't find that on website.

    • I asked the live chat a few weeks ago and they refused to rollover any data

      • But apparently you can transfer it to someone else, i or at least someone in the forum's said they were successful in doing that, so maybe you can transfer unused data to someone, and then after a couple of weeks ask for it to be transferred back to you?

  • Just curious, does Boost have their own promotion for selling the $200 sim for $150ish? If not, how come 3rd party sellers are able to sell for cheaper than what's on the website?

  • Seems like an alright deal, no dramas porting From Optus? So you cab rollover unused 30gb data Evey month?

    Havant had a pre paid service in many years so bit of an adjustment. Don't Think I need to be paying 55/month (was 41$ with Double data 80gb), but don't use that much data or calls.

    Just need to see how much recharges cost


    • You get all the data upfront, so 110gb. It's not 30gb per month sadly

      • Still pretty cheap and would probably do the trick. Just some want to lose this mobile number but guess as long as top up on Should be ok

    • Took <30 mins porting from Optus for me, but some others have had issues with porting. Just make sure to triple triple check the details to be ported.

  • I'm tempted but sounds a bit risky as it may take almost 1 week just to receive the sim card…then you pretty much need to activate right away to get the bonus data…and if you get the sim late then you're screwed…hmmm

    • If your purchased sim doesn't arrive before 01-02-2021 we are happy to share your sim serial so the customer can activate it before the date mentioned to still get the Bonus data.

      Could ask them for the serial number?

      • Just curious: Can you activate a SIM with just the serial number even if you haven't received the actual SIM yet? That means even if you receive the SIM later than 01/02/2021 as long as you've given them the serial number, you'll get the 80GB bonus; is that right? TIA

  • Remember to use Choice (cashrewards) egift card to get a further 5% off. Closest denomination is $150. Better than any cashback since they may reject use of coupon code above.

  • Waited too long, iOS
    Should be something else soon I guess

    • Edit, found another listing on eBay, assume same deal and activation should be as per boost deal of 1 Feb for current bonus data? Should ask for the serial number then?

  • I found one for 162$ in eBay, stating to be activated before 21 SEP. Checked with seller and it says it's correct, anyone bought one from superprices seller?

  • Received today…just in time.