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[VIC] Electricity Supply for Low Energy Users (6-21 kWh/day): $0.49225/day + $0.23551/kWh (GST-inclusive) @ QEnergy



I went looking around for good energy deals which I do at least every 2 months and this one popped up on the Victorian government comparison site. I'm in Victoria (Jemena) and if you can find a plan under $1 daily charge you are doing pretty well.

GST inclusive rates

  • 49.225¢ per day
  • 23.551¢ per kWh

The per kWh rates aren't the best but if you are a low energy user like me it's gonna be competitive.

I haven't found any sign-up credits or cashback offers to combine as yet but I'll update if I do.

Jemena MiniMe Resi product fact sheet

Referral Links

Referral: random (43)

$50 credit to both referrer and referee, after the referred customer pays initial EnergyPass fee and transfer to Mojo as the electricity retailer for their residential property. Due to issues with Mojo not crediting referrals, system is now private message, in case of issues you can communicate with the referrer and obtain required details for Mojo to fix it.

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            • @DoctorCalculon: I really doubt how you run your numbers on spreadsheet. It is not as simple as the normal retailer, the data from AEMO is 30' rate per row and the usage data you got from distributor in many cases is a 48columns per row like a matrix. You will have to match the rate with the usage data for that period.

              For TOU tariff or Demand charge is even more complicated, you need to group the usage for only Mon-Fri for Peak/Shoulder/OffPeak usage accordingly. I am not sure if you really wrote a formula in Excel for it. If you have to do it manually you will have to convert the data to either per row or as a matrix and do that for each month of usage.

              If you just take the average rate on Amber website then your calculation is useless because it is nowhere near correct. After work out the usage data, you need to add the other cost like distributor charge per kWh according to the TOU of your tariff, then the Clean Energy certificate cost per kWh as well to get the final number.

              Because of this complication I really suspect those of you said Amber rate is higher is really got a wrong calculation.

              • @samehada: It just so happens that is exactly what I have. Excel macros and formulas are powerful friends. My Excel workbook Macro imports the raw data exports (which are annoying with one row per day i.e. 48 x 30min columns. I have that transpose into 48 x rows per day. Columns would be date, time, rate, and another formula to apply rate type i.e. whether Peak/Shoulder/Offpeak (in case needed). To cover daylight savings also have another column to factor in that as well as Exports are AST and not ASDT. Now I have something to work with Pivot wise.

                I then take my current use raw data (which is by the minute) and have another Macro with more formulas which does some more magic. Long story short………I have run many numbers. In all cases Amber came up short for me. But that's just me. Everyone is different.
                It's become a "as a matter of interest" hobby ever since Energy Aust gave me some dodgy bills. I could prove them wrong (which they were). The Spreadsheet however is now useful for many other things and comparing energy providers against each other. Just a matter of adjusting rate tables. Fun and games.

                • @Borg: Here is some bill from Amber

                  Citipower - low usage with Anytime tariff

                  United Energy - high usage on Demand tariff

                  This is from a guy in Ausnet with Tesla Powerwall 2, his rate is extremely low since he programmed his powerwall to discharge when wholesale rate is high and charged when it is low/negative

                  So basically you will need to add this cost per kWh to the wholesale rate and add the distributor cost as per your tariff and work out your bill cost.
                  - Carbon Neutral Offset - 0.11c/kWh
                  - Environmental Certificate Cost - 1.7743c/kWh
                  - Market Charges - 0.0715c/kWh
                  - Price Protection Hedging - 0.55c/kWh

                  Some distributor got Metering charge as well so this together with the Amber $15/month charge should be calculated as part of daily fixed charge.

                  After 1-Feb this rate will be changed but distributor charge per kWh will be reduced so check your distributor Price Proposal for the new rate
                  - Environmental Certificate Cost - 2.812c/kWh
                  - Market Fees - 0.249c/kWh
                  - Price Protection Hedging - 0.77c/kWh

                  • @samehada: Thanks for those examples. Amber were rather lacking when asked for any example bills or history rates. I needed something from them to compare with for absolute accuracy. Made me think they had something to hide. For me transparency is important prior to signing up. Will go through some of those when I get a chance to see how they compare although won't be for a little while as I need to fully understand whats what and work it into what I have. Cheers

                  • @samehada: I am not on the DEMAND tariff. So, my calculations are correct for the tariff that I am currently on (PEAK).

                    • @DoctorCalculon: Which distributor are you with? Anytime tariff is easier to calculate.

                      • @samehada: United Energy (as mentioned here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9996710/redir)

                        Anytime tariff is easier to calculate.


                        As you have mentioned already, to take advantage of Amber Electric or Energy Locals (I think they are the same mob), you need to be on the demand tariff, and keep a close eye on your power usage from 3PM to 9PM.

                        If your power usage skyrockets for one day during that above window, you will receive a nasty bill even if you don't use much power for the rest of the month.

                        I am not sure if the demand tariff is suitable for everyone.

                        • @DoctorCalculon: I don't see any extreme spike in the last few months. Do you want to share your usage data? You can delete your NMI/Meter No info.

                          Which retailer and rate are you comparing with?

      • The highest spike in VIC was $15/kwh on 31/1/2020, where did you get this $30/kWh from?

        • I wrote…… "where power could in theory be $30 per kWh" :-)
          I am in NSW but my point was more that even if only $10 per kWh, its not something I could be bothered having to monitor to potentially save a few $$ off a bill. Too much monitoring.

          • +1

            @Borg: so you choose to pay higher price for 365days in return for just a few hours of spike which is also covered by a solar system anyway.

            If you know full well the spike (app will notify you) is happening and still don't want to reduce usage then it is totally your problem.
            How much power can you use in 1hour anyway. That is exactly what the normal retailer is doing, work out a higher rate to cover for those few extreme and you are just paying higher rate for pretty much all your usage.

            • @samehada: Based on what they noted was their avg kWh cost……..can't remember exactly what it was as I type this (0.20c per kWh??), then add their fees and so on. it ended up be approx 15%+ more than what my current bill is. Remember I am "Time of Use" and for the most part (93% avg) I only pay 0.13c per kWh. There is no way they can get close (based my use).

    • Amber electric worries me with the "Price spikes" when you have to shut down most usage otherwise you can up for big bucks in a matter of hours.

      "At these times, coal and gas generators can charge up to 100x normal prices for their power"

      "Avoiding cooking during a price spike can save you up to $50"

      I would rather pay a little more and not have to worry about this.

      • You will need to have solar system, the previous extreme spike is during summer time and before the sunset when your solar is still generating power.

        In VIC, with SolarVIC rebate you pay merely $300 upfront cost + $38.55/month x48mth ($1850 total)for a 6.6kw solar system. This is the best deal probably in the world.

        • That's sounds awesome, I think most ppl would at least consider taking up this offer if they can even reduce their power bills by half the payment amount.
          Can you post a link please? Sorry if it's old news, I rent myself so I don't pay attention but recently learned about a renter/landlord subsidy program so I'm considering it.

          • +1

            @Clarky77: correct, renter can offer to contribute upto 50% of the monthly repayment which is merely ~$19.

            Sadly many renter is with the mentality that why should I pay for the landlord. In fact they should be thankful if landlord is willing to put the solar system in. The current FIT you get back on the electricity bill is already more than $19/month not taking into account the power saved during the day at retail rate.

    • you don't need to wait, just ask someone with Amber for a referral link and you can sign up right away.

      I have been with Amber with Demand tariff and I can tell you none other retailer is cheaper.

      • I'm already with Amber, and my power bill has gone down a great deal (was with Globird prior when it was recommended by the VIC energy comparison).
        Only issue now is that I pay for a gas line that I barely use and it's not bundled because Amber don't do gas.

        • There is government rebate on Heat Pump Hot Water system, I got mine fully installed for $999. Just get induction cooktop and you can be off gas.

          Victorian government will have rebate scheme for reversed cycle AC from Feb this year as well so why do you even have to pay for the gas supply charge which cost like $365 per year.

      • I have been with Amber with Demand tariff

        Did you request to have your tariff changed to Demand (via your distributor) before switching to Amber?

        • Any retailer can request tariff change, the only problem is the normal retailer defeat the purpose of this tariff because they do not truely charge what distributor charge i.e true cost but using their own shitty rate.

          You will need to fully understand it, on this tariff it is even more complicated since you will now have 2 variables to reduce your usage cost even further which is Demand Charge hour (Mon-Fri exclude public holiday 3pm-9pm) and wholesale rate.

          So Amber is not for everyone not because it is not really cheaper but because it is more complicated and most ppl here is not willing to learn how things works.

          One example is Powerclub, the half ass retailer, using wholesale rate but still make up a fixed rate like the normal retailer and making the stupid powerbank. So they are using wholesale rate but most of normal ppl will not get the idea since they are used to a fixed rate per kWh thing so Powerclub also put up a fixed rate but in the bill if the true rate is lower then the extra charge will be credited to "Powerbank". So you are in fact just paying more than what you used and stuck the money in their account. They use this to cover the charge in case the true rate is higher than their fixed rate and if it is not enough you will still get billed for the extra anyway.

    • Are they the same mob as Energy Locals which popped up when I was using the VIC energy compare website recently?

  • Doesn't accept pdf when you upload data, but csv files are fine. Interesting

    • +1

      It makes sense as .csv is raw data and easy to work wth, where as .PDF is formatted and hard to copy/paste from and impossible to import from for the most part.

  • The reviews of the company Qenergy are not great.

    • What are the issues? Problems with online-portal or actual issues with billing/pricing ect

      • Customer service & billing

  • thanks fo rsharing.. I'm with Dodo (SE Power reseller) and daily costs are $1.54 and per KW/h is $0.44 - so I'll definitely be calling them.

    • +3

      Cuck. Getting ripped off. Dodo are criminal. Avoid

  • Amazing offer. Thanks OP for sharing, currently using about 10 kWh/day and paying about 1.12$/day!

  • Does anyone use solar, feed back into grid in vic… Who pays the best rate per kw?

    • Who pays the best rate per kw?

      click energy for amway associates. (i’m not one)

      • in exchange for that 16c/kwh FIT rate their electricity rate is higher than other retailers so you will have to see how this benefit you with your usage.

    • Origin can pay 20c/kWh F.I.T if you know the right number to ring.

      • not if you live in victoria

      • Yeah but what do pay for usage and daily surcharge

        • FIT offer: 20c/kwh
          Usuage costs: 24.915
          Daily Supply charge: 116.061
          Daily Solar meter reading charge: 6.974 (Origin say it's $6/qrt)

          • @Username checks out:

            Daily Supply charge: 116.061

            This daily supply charge is criminal, but I guess you are getting a very decent FIT offer to counteract it.

  • Thanks for the reminder to compare. Ended up going with the Simply Energy Blue plan

  • +1

    Solar rates 15c per kw. Just switched.

  • Is this only for jemena or do they have powercor as well?

    • +1

      These rates are for Jemena but anyone in Victoria can get the plan, just check the rates for your address it won't be much different. If my memory serves Powercorp is usually a bit cheaper but of course it's up to each individual retailer so nothing is for certain. It's called mini-me plan or something similar have a look.

      • Thanks clarky

    • Powercor is expensive apparently



      • Not as crazy as Ausnet lol. Well, I'm sticking with Momentum.

      • Yeah!

        Thanks OP. This got me excited - such a low supply cost would easily benefit my low usage home.

        But, sadly, I'm getting 77.88c for supply too on quoting, and the higher usage rate makes the cost negligible with my current provider.

        I stuck with Tango (supply 103.2c / usage 19.91c) after doing a recent comparison last month (they increased rates after 24mo), and was able to find a different plan under Tango that lessened the increase and wasn't much different to competitors. But I'll keep an eye on QEnergy now…

        • 19.91c p/kWh can you tell me the plan name please. For ppl who have pension cards or health care cards that would be amazing because your daily charge gets reduced down to equal your usage. I've got a couple of relatives who I look after with regards to Energy plans and that would be great.
          The best I could find recently was about 20.1c

          • +1

            @Clarky77: It's called Home Select

            • @Miss B: Thanks Miss B
              was 20.9c and 21.72c in the areas I was looking into, daily rates aren't cheap but they the kWh rates are pretty decent.

      • that's cheap as, for the last year whenever I looked up powercor daily supply never get cheaper than $1.2, $1.4 is the norm

        • I mostly meant Powercor is expensive compared to Jemena. Our usage averages 9.5KWh/day and as with miracle above, it's cheaper for us to remain with Tango. Probably good for a holiday house or someone with little usage.

  • +1

    Anyone know how to use the referral codes? I did a search and the referral page for QEnergy was blank ( https://www.qenergy.com.au/Refer-A-Friend ). They probably removed it, I guess. :(

    • If you can't find it online give them a call, you might need to wait until Monday. They'll usually be more than happy to apply the credit if it means a sale just try to get the referrers personal info (name, number is usually enough) in case they need to enter it manually. Good luck

      • Their phone support is absolutely atrocious.
        But I managed to speak to someone on the phone last week from QEnergy, and they confirmed they no longer allow referrals.

        • +1

          This is my experience too - no referrals

  • What's a good plan on Jemena for someone that is a very high energy user (especially in winter)?

    • For electricity I would look at Glowbird. Just write down how many kWh and how many days in your last couple bill cycles and then see what your bill would be with their rates.
      As for gas which isn't Jemena it's AusNet SP2 I think at least for a big % of the Jemena area if you are a big user you really need to look deeply into the tiered MJ rates as you can end up with wildly different bills depending on who you choose. The good thing is the government comparison site works much better for comparing high use so pull out a couple of recent bills and run them through that.
      Victorian energy compare just Google it or maybe some good soul can post a link lol
      Good luck

      • Thanks. Problem is i probably use 2 to 3 times the amount of power in winter due to heating our house (it is insulated like Swiss cheese atm). So going up and down tiers during the year is a bit of a problem for me!

        • Are you talking gas or electricity? Mums house is similar in that her gas is pretty cheap until winter then goes through the roof. If you are heating your place using electric definitely check if you are on a time of use or flat rate plan. If you are running the heater a lot then time of use is gonna cost a bunch unless you are actively trying to use it during off-peak times.
          I'm trying hard to put together a decent list of gas deals but it's harder than you think, if you have more details about your usage levels and what you are paying I'm sure many ppl here will be happy to share, as I said I regularly check and I'm in Jemena area but I only really look at flat rate plans usually. Energy is crazy these days, I was looking at my old bills from 12 years ago the other day & almost thought I'd found my great grandfather's going by the rate difference lol

      • Beware of Glowbird.
        They have just jacked my prices without warning.
        I will ring them on Monday for a refund and switch back to Tango.

        • Their T&Cs note that rates can change End of Jan & 01 Jul but no less than 6 months of signing up.
          Moral of story: make a note to check rates on those dates. If jacked too high just change carrier.

          • @Borg: (I'm currently with globird, and it's approaching the end of Jan, so would like to understand this.)
            Do they email you to tell you that the rate has been jacked up?
            If not, how do you know the rate has been increased, because you can't see it listed publicly in a big table on their Web site.
            Or do you just get a fresh quote using your NMI or metre number, and compare the difference?

            • +1

              @nickj: Not exactly sure as new to them myself. They told me that I "would" be advised in advance of rate changes. For me……..I'll manually monitor and also call them close to end of June (about Jul) to check.

            • @nickj: you get an email with subject line Energy Market Pricing Review, I received one towards mid Jan with the new rates applicable from Feb. My Electricity rates as per the new plan will go up 7.5% roughly and gas supply charge shoots up by 25% however usage charges will reduce by 5%. Therefore I have also switched providers.

              • +1

                @crazyguy: I have no doubt many people will be switching away from GloBird.
                My new electricity rate from GloBird from Feb 2021 is just 1% off of the VDO. Yet they still claim they are are the cheapest provider in town.

          • @Borg: Yes I seriously hate when they do that, I was implicitly told by their sales guy the rates would be fixed for 12 months, a big reason why I recommend them tbh
            Was it a small pass through increase or were they jacked?
            I'm no longer with them but I've got 2 family members on their electricity plans, seems I gotta look into this before they do the same to them. Thanks for letting us know

        • @Dave id: What was your before and after jacked rates?

    • +1


      Make sure you use your actual usage for it. I was able to put in my NMI and it grabbed our usage.

  • Please add (Jemena) to title.

    • The offer is Victorian wide, true the rates are slightly different for each zone but not crazily so

  • Depending on usage, ovo energy has lowest price for me, plus accept amex without fee.

    But I temporarily moved to sumo for amex $30 cashback from multiple cards.

  • The per kWh rates aren't the best but if you are a low energy user like me it's gonna be competitive.

    This is possibly the lowest daily supply charge I have seen.
    I did some comparisons with OVO Energy and Simply Energy. As long as my average daily usage (for a 30-day period) remains below 8kWh, QEnergy is the winner.

    • Lowest supply charge I’ve seen too, at least for StKilda West

  • Just a heads up regarding sign up experience.

    When I signed up online about a week ago, I was asked to confirm the sign up using their My Account portal.
    Apparently this was built by Mojo Power, which is a sister company under the umbrella of the Gentrack Group Ltd / ION Group corporation.

    At the time I had no idea that this portal was just experimental. I created my account and setup my PayPal agreement which had the Mojo Power branding.
    At the time of sign up, they kept informing you that if you do not setup a payment instrument for direct debit they will not start the switch.

    It turns out that the customer portal was not supposed to be live, and they don't need your payment details until the first bill.

    So far, I am totally unimpressed with this mob.

  • +1

    I google there reviews and I'd never use them : https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/qenergy

    • Shocking reviews. I would rather pay a little more than have to deal with such poor customer service.

  • I have signed up with amber and my usage bill was around 20-30 % less than AGL. Form SA

  • I live in brisbane and installed 5kw solar and got $310 credit in my bank account in 6 months…No bills and extra money.. very nice bt qld gov has just lowered feed in tariff to 8c from jan 1 :(

  • I can't find any pricing information for SP-Ausnet.

  • I hate energy retailers and their pricing sheets. Why do they put so much shit into it?
    I just want to know my kw/h charge and daily rate.
    Still don't even understand TOU/Single Rate Controlled Load/Flexi/Demand rates are and why they differ

    Why is the pricing between the 2 deals so different in regards to the supply charge?

    I paying 21.50c per kw/h and my supply charge is now $1.01c. (Using 10kw per day).

  • Most days I use less than 6kwh. What happens then?

    • That was exactly my thought! I use 2.64KW per day on average and it provides no clarification on what is the best plan for me (although from their fact sheet, it does appear to still be the Mini Me)

  • I'm a low energy user and Amber is actually cheaper than this "deal" on average days, even cheaper when I have to use a bit more obviously.

    For the people complaining about price spikes, highest I had personally was about 45c/kWh but it didn't impact my bill significantly. In any case there's a "price protection" mechanism that guarantees you won't pay more than VDO over the year.

  • Geez didn't think anyone could compete with Tango but this just might. Cheers OP will take a look!

  • +1

    I'm currently with Tango. Moved there after a terrible time with Sumo. My rates at Sumo were jacked by more than 50% 4 months after joining. Called and was given the "it's not us it's the energy provider increasing rates". So I check the rates being offered to new customers - pretty much the rate I was getting. That and the fact that the contacting call mentioned that the rates would not change for 12 months, they had no option but the revert my rates and agreed to lock them in for another 12 months. Took months to get the credit correctly applied, only to find they'd jacked the rates again after 4 months. That was the last straw. Others have reported the same behaviour from them. Couldn't believe it until I experience the highly questionable practice myself.

    Tango has been hassle free. My 12 month no rate change deal comes to an end soon. My rates are:

    22.11 c/kWh; 90.20 c/day.

    Their new plans have a higher daily, but lower kWh rate. This will assist those with high daily kWh use. My current and the new plan balances out.

    This post is a good trigger to look around. Thx.

    BTW - I have my gas with Energy Australia. Find them to be reliable. Rates are the lowest I could find. There was no hike in year 2. Let's see how this year goes. I'm on the Anytime Saver plan with a 34% discount on the usage rates below. The discount is a guaranteed, and not a pay on time discount. Sorry wasn't at my PC otherwise I'd have reduced the usage rates by the 34% :-).

    Daily supply charge
    $0.9020 per day
    Low season rates
    First 50.000 Mj per day:
    3.2560 cents/Mj
    Next 50.000 Mj per day:
    2.7720 cents/Mj
    Next 50.000 Mj per day:
    2.3100 cents/Mj
    Next 100.000 Mj per day:
    1.9690 cents/Mj
    Balance of daily use:
    1.9580 cents/Mj
    High season rates
    First 50.000 Mj per day:
    3.3660 cents/Mj
    Next 50.000 Mj per day:
    2.8930 cents/Mj
    Next 50.000 Mj per day:
    2.3650 cents/Mj
    Next 100.000 Mj per day:
    2.0460 cents/Mj
    Balance of daily use:
    1.9910 cents/Mj

    • +1

      Also with Tango here. Switched to them when they were originally Pacific Hydro as they were the most competitive back then. I received a call from Lumo last week (I'm with them for gas currently) and looks like Lumo's prices are getting pretty close as well. I've already rang Tango once to re-negotiate once last year so might have to do it again, I've had 2 price increases from them already.

      Current Tango rates are 25.52c/kWh; daily supply charge 96.8c/day

      I'm in SE Melbourne and not getting the rates as per OP through QEnergy. Quote I received for SP Aus Net "mini me" is 27.324c/kWh, supply charge 70.081c/day

  • I'm with Red Energy - I've been through all the comparison sites and my current plan is within $50 per year of the cheapest plans I could find so I've not bothered switching.

    But I'm paying 41c peak KWh and 24c off-peak KWh with a daily supply charge of $1.23 ⚠️
    My daily average use is 14.6KWh.

    So at first glance this deal's plan would be massively cheaper for me … am I missing something ?
    None of the comparison sites had anything over $50 cheaper than my current plan.

    I'm in Vic, I do have Solar, and AusNet is my distributor.

  • I just signed up a new energy plan on Friday due to moving house next week. The plan has no contract and no exit fee and still waiting for connection. Does anyone know if I could switch to this electricity provider now?

    • Yes as you can cancel your existing anytime especially if not already activated. I would recommend to first let your new place know so that they can cancel the transfer request. Once confirmed, then sign up here.

    • -1

      there is a cooling off period of 10 days or something google is your friend, they'll email you once you're actually connected

      • Why the neg? Cooling off is often included in the transition period BUT what I am saying is to contact them NOW (whoever it was you choose) to save the transition occuring and cancel the switch.
        At the same time sign up here. This way you become part of this network ASAP rather than first arrive at recently signed up place and then having to wait again. It takes time to transition from one supplier to another.

        • accident

  • Good Job.

  • Powerclub.



    All inclusive of gst

    The catch is you have to pay extra upfront to charge your "power bank".

    The reward to that is that if the spot price drops below around 7-8c, they pay the extra back into your power bank.

    On the flipside if the spot price goes above 7-8c they take the difference out of your power bank.

    Whatever is in your power bank is yours to keep if you ever cancel.

    My power bank started at around $280 in August and is now just passing $400.

    • +1

      They are using wholesale rate yet trying to make it look like a normal retailer by putting a fake the rate and make you put more money than you actually have to in a "power bank".

      What a nonsense and they also charge higher mark up fee in the daily supply charge.

      If you want to use wholesale rate why not just go with Amber for paying what you are actually charged instead of this nonsense powerbank.

  • Tango has started gas as well. They called and offered a 50$ credit if I switch. Rates were slightly lower than globird in Victoria.

    • Yes gas is way harder to compare, glowbird has generally been one of the best for electricity not so much for gas. Click was the best for me last cycle and they offered $50 credit on sign-up and when I tried to switch away they offered me another $100 to stay no commitment. I'll have to checkout Tango for next cycle $50 is usually enough to cover 2 month bill cycle for me or close to it. I haven't paid more than a few dollars for gas the last couple years cycling through offers but I only use about 18-25 MJ per day so I think I'm an extremely low user, basically just hot water & oven/cooktop.

  • +2

    Anyway my summary of QEnergy is you get baited to sign up at there lower rate . Without warning some months later the price rises and you can get through to there customer service .
    So if you want to enjoy that sign up .

    • The contract states they can't change the rates for at least 12months though & as with most energy providers I'd hope ppl are checking the best deals at least every 6-12 months, even more if you have the time/inclination.
      5 days notice for price increases which they pretty much all give is pretty crap though considering its gonna take at the very least 14 days for a switch to go through and more likely a month or so. Imo they should be required to give 30 days so ppl have time to make other arrangements if they aren't happy. I guess ppl need to make more noise before anything will change.