Bosch 18v Brushless Impact Wrench Kit $249 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Total Tools


This is the impact wrench and driver combo drill. Kit with 4.0Ah battery and charger is cheaper than Bunnings are currently charging for just the skin.

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  • wrench and driver combo drill.

    Good lordie, why did it take so long for people to think of this?!

  • 200nm impact wrench? pretty low.

    • Works just fine though. Register online to extend warranty to 6yrs.

      • I dunno, my 380NM was barely enough to crack my cam gear bolt, and crank bolt.

        200nm I'd imagine would struggle with something as simple as drive shaft nuts.

        • You picked the wrong tool / range. Give the 18V-LI HT a go. Will undo wheel axle nuts easy

          • @pegasusx: I only use 240v unless I'm really stuck, I don't think I'll be bothering going back to batteries.

            I have the full Ryobi range, but it's only for light duty.

            Curious though; when it was successful at completing the job; what makes you say it was wrong?

            • @MasterScythe: If you know / expect untighening torque to be more than 200nm. Select a tool that has more than that?
              e.g. typcial cam shaft bolt is 30-40nm tightening. factor in age / binding / thread locker. The untighenting torque is probably x 5 that.

              If you used the 18vLI HT 600+nm. 100% it will undo most of the bolts on passenger / light commercial /4wd cars.
              e.g. I've undone 20yo pajero wheel bearing nuts with the above tool. these are 255nm tighted nuts. previously had to use a 1.5m breaker bar to crack open.

              • @pegasusx:

                If you know / expect untighening torque to be more than 200nm. Select a tool that has more than that?

                But I did. and it worked; I said 'barely' (took about 5 seconds of hammer), but it worked..
                I just don't understand why you say it was wrong.

                • @MasterScythe: Ah I see. Thats how its meant to work actually. the max torque is delivered only in factions of a second. i.e. moments of impact.
                  Doesnt work too well when its thread locked / seized. So 5 seconds sounds about right. Any thing longer and the correct tool is a breaker bar that provies constant torque or a higher rated impact wrench with larger anvil.

        • Works better with the big ProCore battery, perhaps the voltage drops less under load. If you need an impact wrench rather than impact driver get something else.

  • Actually Bunnings has this on clearance. You will need to find it in stock. It's $50 cheaper at Bunnings.

    It is a cheap kit though, the same kit (Battery and charger) with a drill instead is $149 at Bunnings, again if you can find stock.

    I have mainly Bosch gear, it is good tools(and this impact wrench is surprisingly powerful, I have one) but I would probably recommend something like Makita with the wider range of skins.

  • This is an okay deal. If only this was the kit with the Bosch Sortimo case, this would make it great.

    Also this 200 version is the basic model. The other 200C model has three speed control and Bluetooth module.

    Also 200nm is plenty enough. Have take off 4wd lug nuts off with no issues

    • Bluetooth? On a drill ???

      • Sure. You find it on most professional lines now.

        Keeps data so you can control tool inventories, service dates, lost / damage kits etc.

        Also allows the end user to control softstart/kick back control , max speeds etc

      • What's the purpose of Bluetooth?Monitor battery status on your phone or stream music on the drill whilst drilling.

    • Haven’t had mine on the dyno but reckon it cranks way more than 200nm.

  • the biggest selling point is its chuck, its 2 in 1 and it can lock.

    i have yet come across anything similar (other than ebay makita knock offs )