Virco A4367a Gaming PC: Ryzen 5 3600 + RTX 3060Ti / RTX 3070 Series GPU from $1876 + Shipping @ Virco Computer


Morning Ozbargainers,

We are happy to announce that we have finally received the Deepcool Matrexx 50 4 Fan version from our supplier. That means we can offer all sorts of combinations for our 3000 series of graphic card systems.

Recently due to the heat wave from the weather, or the most current game loads lots of graphic power, we have received a lot of feedback regarding the overheating of the system, which may cause the crash of the operating system (the heat may damage the m.2 chip) or simply fail of the graphic card. We have reported this issue to our supplier Deepcool, they have provided us the fans which can install to the previously released Deepcool Macube 110 case. So for those people who worry about the case of Deepcool Macube 110 being warm as a toaster, please kindly contact us through email [email protected], we will post two extra fans for you to install into your system.

For those who don't know about us, our business practice is that we make sure we have every component in stock before we list it available for sale, to make sure the smooth transaction between the order and despatch. All our system comes with one year RTB (Return to Base) warranty, any issue with the system, please don't be hesitate to contact us through email/facebook/sms or simply come to the shop to see us.

This week you can choose either RTX3060Ti or RTX3070 from Virco A4367a system, spec as below: (Sorry, AMD Ryzen 5 5600x still not available, unless you willing to pay for the pre-build system from Thermaltake Rapture Pro V2

Specification of A4367a:
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 Core Socket AM4 3.6GHz CPU Processor
  • CPU Cooling: Wraith Stealth Cooler
  • MAINBOARD: ASUS TUF GAMING B550m-PLUS Wi-Fi AM4 Micro ATX Motherboard
  • MEMORY: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Memory
  • STORAGE: Kingston A2000 500GB M.2 (2280) PCIe NVMe SSD
  • GRAPHIC CARD: NVidia GeForce RTX 3060Ti 8GB Video Card (or RTX3070)
  • PSU: Deepcool DQ650-M-V2L 650W 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular Power Supply
  • CASE: Deepcool Matrexx 50 ADD RGB 4F Tempered Glass Mid-Tower E-ATX Case

NB: For those who wish to upgrade this system to RTX3070 graphic card, please make sure you have upgrade the power supply to at least 750W or above.

Few Extra:

Virco A416Ta (Rev 2.0) is the Micro-ATX version of this system which is the popular deal available from few weeks back
Virco A435a Lite Desktop is the prebuilt system for those who like to use the computer for work, and lite gaming.

Continues with the deal from last week:

On the top:
  • HP Deskjet 2130 all in one printer. Feature with Print, Scan, and the Copy. $20. Limit to one per bundle.
  • A further 20% off the mark price for any monitor we have available in our website: (Please proceed with the checkout first, we will manually edit the 20% for you after) (Limit to one per bundle)
  • If you have purchased All the above (Computer/Printer/Monitor), we will chuck one set of Logitech wireless keyboard mouse for you to complete the set.

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  • Impressed with Virco, person I spoke to was great and I received my new computer (with all the changes I asked for) delivered to Hobart in less than a week after ordering.

  • What I would suggest is to a build on and post it here for those who don't have time to look at your build and then research independently.

    • +12 votes

      We did do it ourselve everytime before our post, to make sure our build is up to standard, its one of our SOP. However, we don't think its a good idea for ourselve to post the PC Part Picker price on the post, as a good build is more than just look at the price, but also how we build it, the combination of the compatibility and how we present the product and the service afterward.

      Thank you for the feedback though, very much appreciated.

    • They do quality builds. You should always research regardless

    • I think it costs about $1750 to build it yourself.

  • Props to the poster for asking for feedback and answering questions

  • When is the Virco A5000 series coming out?


      lols, our model number actually has some meaning to it. so help us to keep in track of what is what.

      I don't think anyone has crack the meaning of our model number as yet, anyone like to give a try?

      • a: assembled

        the digit/s before the a is for the gpu models i.e. A4367a: 6 is 3060 ti, 7 is 3070

        the digit after the A is for cpu model i.e. A5xxx is 5000 series cpu, A4xxx is 3000 series

        I dont know what the other number is for, I have a feeling it is something to do with the motherboard

  • Honestly I think this is a great deal considering the parts listed. Only thing I could critic is the motherboard - a bit expensive for a mATX could probably change to drop the overall price by $70-80 to make it an appealing $1799 or something.

    • Agree, since it is with the Ryzen 5 3600 CPU this motherboard is overkill and most could easily get away with the B450 and drop the price, or at least have it as an option to select from. Also, I would add the ability for a cheap CPU cooler which will do a much better job than the stock one, after all this is a gaming PC.
      The mid case is a great option, For future gaming PCs I would drop the mini and micro cases permanently, too cramped, noisy and possible overheating issues….

      Waiting on the 5600x with 3070 at a similar/slightly higher price to pull the trigger from you… Good luck !

  • Hi rep,

    Thanks for sharing, this would been the perfect system for me if it had an RTX3080 option.

    Any info on when more stock are coming? What's the best way to not miss out?



      We are saving our RTX3080 for the end of month build. (which is next week). We don't have much RTX3080 in stock, its so difficult to get the stock still.

  • you know what's the worst about these type of posts, everyone who has built a pc and knows how to research prices and use websites like PC Part Picker thinks they are a guru or something.

    the build is fine, sure you can ALWAYS get parts cheaper if you are patient or willing enough…but you have to order them individually and get them from potentially different shops - what is the point of sharing a PC Part Picker list when you have the items listed from 6 different stores. thats like $20 shipping per item - plus the inconvenience of having to potentially wait for parts to be delivered on different days.

    these shops need to make money on products, you are paying for the convivence of the build, some sort of quality assurance with the build, allocation of stock (which is something worth considering in these times, when you buy these pre builds you KNOW you are getting the GPU for example and dont have to worry about chasing stock - unless the seller is being dishonest), some sort of tech support/troubleshooting upon delivery of the item etc.

    this is essentially a take it out of the box, plug it in and you're good to go product.

    i think its unfair and stupid for people to always point/compare with techfast, when they still continue to have issues delivering to advertised timelines (which have been since their inception and still exist lol) and providing brands from the lower end for some of their products.

  • What's the warranty on this?


      One year return to base (RTB) warranty

      • So no 3 year warranty on parts?

        • +2 votes

          One year warranty on us, rest of the warranty can claime through original manufacture. Each components come with different warranty details, please check through manufature website for more info.

          for example, three years warranty for CPU, life time warranty for the RAM…etc.

  • Hey rep OP, I have a question on the V547a (don't see it posted on ozbargain for some reason so I'm asking on this deal):
    It says in a note on the page that products starting with a "V" will have orders collected first then components ordered. How does this impact the quality of components and the wait time for the build? Any sort of estimated wait time compared to the other virco deals (which are ready before orders collected)?
    Also, another question: what models are the upgrades for the PSU (the deepcool and corsair ones)? CV series for the corsair like the default one and DQ-M (non-V2/V2L) for the upgrades on deepcool? And do we have the option to install our own PSU?


      hi, you can email us for your question next time on [email protected]

      There is no V547a deal on ozbargain, it's just an system we have available on our website. We are experimenting with a different way of selling online. Pretty much we collected the order first, and then we purchased the stock from the supplier, and then built the machine. That means, unlike all other Virco machines which we have all the components in stock, we can assemble the machine straight away after receiving the order.

      That also means, we can't really guarantee which model of product you are getting unless specified otherwise, but the price of the whole build would be cheaper. We introduce this sort of pre-build machine for us to be able to compete with other online shop, as most of other small online shop does that as well to keep the price down, although we are proud of Virco ourselve that we always use the quality product rather than cheaper product, but to survive in this market, we have to sometime do whatever other people does as well, hopefully you guys understand that. Anyhow, that's why we differentiate this sort of selling method with our model starting with "V".

      The estimated waiting time would be longer, but don't worry, won't be months, you are expecting roughly 1~2 weeks, although some builds we already despatched, that would be other stories.

      The upgrade of PSU is listed on the webpage, sorry, we don’t allow you to install your own PSU.

      • Thank you for the prompt reply! I'll keep that email in mind next time.
        The PSU upgrades on the webpage online say the brand (e.g Corsair or Deepcool), nothing more than that. Does that mean there's no guaranteed series/model? This is something keeping me from pulling the trigger


          yes, no guaranteed with series or model. so for corsair upgrade, we would use Corsair 750W 80+ Bronze with semi modular, while, for the Deepcool upgrade, we would use 80+ Gold Fully modular psu, any model/series would fit into this description, we would use that.

          If you don't feel comfortable with that, guess its not the type of machine you should buy, so won't create for future issues or disappointments.

          Thank you for your support.