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[Backorder] Seagate Expansion Desktop 12TB External HDD - USB 3.0 - $274.53 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


12TB external drive from Seagate, model STEB12000402. May be shuckable.

Shipping from Amazon US and in stock 6 Feb now, apparently 3 Feb 5 Feb well check for yourself at the link for when they'll be back in.

Updated In Stock Date
26Jan 1021 in stock
26Jan 1118 3 Feb
26Jan 1141 5 Feb
26Jan 1251 8 Feb
26Jan 1302 9 Feb
26Jan 1327 10 Feb
26Jan 1419 14 Feb
26Jan 1500 out of stock
27Jan 0745 16 Feb
27Jan 0928 23 Feb

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  • I believe that's the cheapest this drive has ever been in its 12Tb capacity. Comes with good quality drives inside too, either an Ironwolf Pro or a server grade Exos X16 drive (which is LOUD according to users who have had it, but performs great), these were mentioned in the previous post when it was ~$290.

    • They are, especially when you got a bunch in a RAID array and they start chattering away. That being said they're well built

  • $19.26 shippng for me.

    • buy the monthly prime membership for $7 then cancel

      • Then go to Twitch, find an Australian streamer or whoever you want, subscribe free to their channel so they get ~$5 of that.

        • Isn't the standard payout to the streamer for a Prime/Tier 1 sub US$2.50?

          • @lbft: Yeah $2.50US to $4 US, depending on the size of the streamer. Either way, some of that money going back into people, rather than Amazon.

        • Or you can just use you Prime sub once you have the subscription to support the streamer. They still get their cut…

          • @dheywood: Yes, that's the free subscription I was referring to. 👍 I have Amazon Prime, and I use it monthly on a twitch streamer. But some people just want to get a single order like this & sometimes it's cheaper to sign up with Amazon for a month, than pay the delivery fee.

  • $274.53/12TB=$22.87/TB ($23.46/TB if including $6.99 prime membership)

    • Seems a good price. Does it get any cheaper (for 12tb and/or per TB)?

      • Yeah. I got the 10tb WD for around $180 and I think it was $130 before but I believe were price errors.

        This is a good price considering it's a better quality drive inside (should be an ironwolf, exos, maybe a barracuda pro).

        That said, can't trust any manufacturer and you need backups.

  • What’s the warranty claim like for things shipped from Amazon US?

    • 3 months.

      • Sold on Amazon AU so they’re pretty good about honouring warranty under ACL.

        • Do you send it back to US for warranty claims?

          • @ca6leguy: Yes I had to do this for one of my HDDs that was purchased from Amazon US. You need to contact them via chat, tell th it's faulty and what troubleshooting you did, then they email you a label that you print out and you give it to a Parcel Point location. So easy.

            If it's from the UK you will need to pay for shipping yourself but you can then claim shipping cost back.

            • @Saiya: Thanks. Why return postage to Amazon US is free while you have to pay for UK?

              • @ca6leguy: when you buy from US via Amazon AU, to send it back you print a label and take it to the nearest Parcel Point. It's free.

                When you deal directly with Amazon US, you send it back at your own expense and can claim some of your postage back (to a limit) later. The AU way is better since it's uncapped and you don't have to initially pay for it yourself.

                I presume it works the same way with UK. If you deal direct with them, you have to send it back at your own expense and claim it back later. If you buy from Amazon AU, then they give you a label. This is an assumption but I don't see why it would be different than US.

  • Back in stock!

  • What’s the power adapter like with this device? Does it do 240v with a US adapter or does it need replacing for AU?

    • I can't confirm for the 12TB model, but my 16TB ones from Amazon UK came with a 100-240V wall wart with multiple international plugs that clip into it, and someone who also owns the 10TB model told me that one has the same.

    • 8TB and below seem to only come with either UK/US plugs unless you buy the AU version.

      10TB and 16TB come with the changeable power adapters. Not sure about 12TB or 14TB but would expect the changeable ones.

  • i'm kicking myself for buying a Baracuda 8TB internal for $245 last week.

  • Would something like this be the ideal hardware solution to hosting downloaded movies to stream to a chromecast without a PC on or connected? Would love something I could cut/paste my media to via LAN and then stream anywhere in the house.

  • Anyone have a high level of confidence on the shuckability?

    • I've shucked several WD and Seagate external drives. No real issues (sometimes they can be hard to take apart). But every time it is a gamble. You never know what's inside and whether it will work without the enclosure. Don't spend money that you're not prepared to lose.

      • Based on the comments from Amazon should be 100% shuckable. Perfect time as I need to rebuild my htpc.

    • Desktop hard drives are generally shuckable. Only ones to be cautious with are WD's 2.5 drives which have the disk and IO soldered.

  • I bought the 10TB version a few weeks ago for $244 but it hasn't come in yet. Is it worth to send back for this or nah?

  • How good are these for shucking into a NAS? Just ordered but can always cancel if you guys don't think it will not work as a shuck. Thanks

    • +2 votes

      My personal philosophy is to use mirrored pairs - and try and use a different manufacturer for each side of the mirror. Why? Because different manufacturers are likely to have failures at different times and in different ways.

      The worst thing that can happen to a mirror is to have both drives fail at the same time in the same way. Then all your data is lost. But if one drive fails before the other then you can swap out the bad drive for a new one and still retain your data (of course you should always keep offline backups, too).

      So - I bought a collection of WD 12TB drives last year when they were cheaper. And I've been waiting for another manufacturer (Seagate, Toshiba, don't care) to have a good price, too. Hence I've bought 2 of these to balance my mirrors that are currently made of the same model WD drive. Assuming the drive inside is all good, of course.

  • If only 16TB ones were on sale …..

  • Does anyone know if these come with the exos drives?

  • Is there no 12TB option now? Expired?

  • OOS ?

  • Just shucked a 10tb Seagate and inside was an IronWolf Pro NAS, not what I was expecting, was really after an EXOS for internal desktop

  • Bought the 10TB Seagate which arrived last week. Does anyone know the drive is still detectable after it's shucked without reformatting? obviously first time shucker here…I copied all the data over before this question dawned upon me.

  • Just received the drive today : ST12000NM001G
    Seems to be Exos x16 enterprise drive.

    • Also just got my 12TB. Appears to be an Exos x16 going by checking the internal drives serial on Seagates site.
      To verify some peoples observations it is a relatively noisy and chirpy little SOB and it always seems to be constantly accessing the drive.
      Some of that can be attributed to the external case and the 7200rpm speed but it's noticeably noisier than my Western Digital 14TB external when running tests.

      My drive came with firmware revision SN02. There is a newer SN03 firmware on Seagates site which may or may not be worth an update. Not sure if it can be applied whilst in the external but could work fine when shucked assuming Seagate don't do anything to the drive when putting them in externals.

      • Got the same.
        Just shucked it so will do the firmware update before loading it up.


        • Nice, let us know how u go. I won't be shucking for a while so will be interesting.
          Also check the serial number of the actual Exos drive on Seagate warranty checker site. You might be lucky and the Exos drive might show up with a 5 year warranty.
          This was working about 6 months ago but I believe they may have fixed it now. You might get lucky.
          Unfortunately mine shows up as Warranty Not Available so just the normal 1 year. Although I'd push Aussie law if it came down to it.