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Wofea Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller (Works with Alexa and Google, AU Plug) A$22.89/US$17.40 Delivered @ Wofea AliExpress


I've seen a few Ozbargainers mention these in comments before as being a good option for a WiFi garage door opener. At this price I figured I'd give it a go. Price includes GST - which is added on at Payment stage. Compatible with a lot of garage door makes and models - basically if your model supports a wired button then there's a good chance it'll be compatible. There's instructions on how to check this on the webpage.
Coupons like aliex178 or aliex437 may also work to give US$4 off if you are creating a new account via social media. Didn't try so if coupon works for you - please let us know in the comments.

EDIT: I asked Wofea for a clearer Compatibility List

Mod: Warning Be aware of safety standards and laws regarding the use and installation of this before purchasing.

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          • @hutchjnr: Is everyone else also unsure about these smart switches and the best way to use them??

  • Has anyone got their order shipped? I ordered on 28th Jan, status is still 'Awaiting Shipment'

    • Mine was "awaiting shipment" for a while too, but has now been sent (31/1). Purchased Jan 26

    • Update - just got email saying order is shipped, so all good.

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      Mine arrivedtoday, I just can't connect. Their instructions are now out of date

    • Mine arrived today in Melb; got it working in 30mins :)

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        I got mine today too, can’t get it to work, could you please share how you set it up?

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          I am currently using the Kogan Smarter Home app (a Re-Skinned Smarter Home) on iOS 14.4 as that’s where all my other devices are.

          How I got it to work:
          Plug in remote to power,
          Opened app, and added Garage Door Opener, which asks first to observe quick flashing of the LED. At this point I held down the on/off button on the opener for 10 seconds, then pressed continue on the app so it started searching for the remote. It took 45 seconds to go from “finding device” to “8registering to cloud”.

          All of this occurred while connected to the 2.4g wifi network that I wanted the remote to be connected to.

          • @yojabbajabba: Thanks mate! I’ll try this out tomorrow and see how it goes. I tried pressing and holding power button for 10 seconds. I got slow blue flashes. Probably have to reset the device and start again.

            • @chankaran: I tried like 20 times with all three different apps, 2 different phones, auto connect and manual, changed the WiFi security to WEP to test, 100% only using 2.4ghz WiFi only.

              No luck here mate.

        • Did you get your working?

      • Mines not working…

        Turned off 5ghz in router
        Checked to make sure
        Downloaded the smartlife app
        Went to add device… Electrical… Garage door opener
        Typed in my WiFi password
        Powered off the device for 10 seconds, then turned it on, it flashed red for a few seconds
        Clicked next in the app
        Its flashing slow so I hold the button in for 7 seconds until it flashes fast
        Hold it in again for 7 seconds to make the blue light flash slowly
        Light is now flashing slowly
        Connect to the device as a mobile hotspot
        Then go back to the app. It just tried for 2mins then times out

        Error is… Failed to find the router

        • I don’t think you need to connect directly to the device as a mobile hotspot. The app should find the device whilst you’re connected to the same network.

          • @yojabbajabba: Yeah the first try is automatic, then the second time it says connect to the device

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              @frazel: There is a install video for a similar closer using the smartlife app here
              At about 2m in he sets up the smartlife app.
              Then towards the end he installs the hardware in his garage.
              might be worth watching,
              Im still waiting for mine to arrive.

              • @zuby: Yeah I found that video too, thanks. It should work, but it isn't. I might try with my optus modem WiFi and see if it's my normal WiFi causing the issues.

                The devices IP address is if anyone is curious

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      I got mine working as well, for all who are having trouble connecting the device, here’s how I did it.

      1. make sure that the red and black wires are not connected to the garage.
      2. I used the smart life app. Install it and have it ready before you proceed.

      Step 1: Reset the device
      Plug the device into wall and turn the wall switch on (you’ll see the a red light or combination of red and blue flashing rapidly), turn the wall switch off after 10 seconds and then turn it back on immediately. You’ll see the lights flashing rapidly again. At this point you need to press and hold the on/off button on the wofea controller for 5-10 seconds, until a blue light starts flashing rapidly, now press and hold the on/off button again for 5-10 seconds, the blue light will now start flashing slowly. Now you have successfully reset the device and turned on the controller hotspot.

      Step 2: Connect with the app
      Open the app and select garage door from the electrical category. Ensure that your mobile is connected to 2.4Ghz wifi connection. Enter your 2.4 GHz wifi password and click next, it might run you through step 1, if not just proceed. Next it will ask you to open your mobile wifi setting and connect to “smart life” wifi. Connect to it and return back to the app, hopefully it will connect to the device in 30-40 seconds. If you want to test if the controller works, simply bring the 2 black sensors together and it should trigger a notification on your phone.

      Step 3: Hook up the remaining hardware.
      Install the sensors first before connecting to the garage. Should be good to go!

      Hit me up if you got any questions, happy to help to the best of my knowledge.

      • Appreciate the comment but it didn't work.

        I'm going to try on an iPhone, then try with my Optus modem

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          This is now FIXED

          The problem was I run a mesh WiFi network at home and the minimum bit rate was set to 24mbps (default) on the 2.4ghz network.

          The minimum bit rate is used when the connection is too slow so the access point will actually disconnect the end point so they can then reconnect to be a better access point.

          How is this a problem, the WiFi chip in the door opener is cheap as shit and since it really doesn't need fast speeds, I think it only supports up to 11mbps.

          Since my mesh network said if you are less that 24mbps disconnect the client or don't let them connect. The door opener would not connect

          The fix was therefore to drop the minimum bit rate on the access point to 1mbps. Then it worked straight away.

          How this helps someone in the future

  • anyone know which terminal for merlin 230T should i short-circuited? there are 4 terminals
    1-2-3-4 >> is it the 3 and 4? or the 2-3?

    • Have a look here .
      The second response from Merlin is the one to follow
      Have a look at STEP 17 (not diagram 17) in the manual linked in that thread

    • The instructions said try any, so I did. Mine happened to be 1 and 2. It doesn't matter which way you wire it in, it just needs to make a circuit.

      BTW, I'm not using a merlin

    • I have same model, I tested with terminals that says 'Manual Control'

  • Can anyone provide a step by step guide on how to connect the controller to a Steel-line SD800 Sectional Garage Door Opener…any pictures of the connection would be helpful.

    • check the comments on the first page.

      I already started a thread on it and there are instructions below.

  • I just installed it. It works but given the app (SmartLife), it's functions are very basic. I also downloaded Tuya and it looks exactly the same.

    I do not have a Google home or Alexa or any other smart devices.

    Is there an app which can help me:
    - notify me when the garage door has been opened for longer than 30 minutes?
    - automatically close the garage door (if it isn't already closed) if I'm outside of certain radius of my home?

    I've been reading older comments saying you could do all of this, but with the SmartLife app, it can only open/close, countdown timer (I think it triggers the switch when timer is up) and a schedule.

    What do I need to do to have my above desired functions? I'm new to the smart home stuff.

    • You can use Home Assistant. It's a application you run on your computer to get advanced functionality of smart things.

      For example, CCTV camera + smart water irregation system + home assistant + object recognition software.

      Camera sends video feed to object recognition software, the software detects a cat, that sends a message to home assistant, home assistant then talks to the smart water irrigation system and turns on the water…… Cat gets wet.

      There is geolocation software available too which may be simpler

    • You need to do it in a bit of a workaround way via automations in Smart Life.

      On open, enable the notification automation which will wait a set amount of time then notify.
      On close, disable the notification automation.

      Check out this example

      • Thanks. This is definitely a step in the right direction. There's still a few things about Automation that I am not 100% sure of but I'll look into it.

  • Guys, Can someone please help me. I have a Liftaway LA-SD01 garage opener and I checked its manual and it is wall switch compatible. The user manual though is meant for an installer. I have copy pasted the picture from the manual which seems to explain it but I am not sure which one’s to short to check if its going to work. Thanks a bunch in advance.

    • The manufacturer recommends getting a paper clip and short the first 2. Then move on to another 2.

      • Thanks mate. The wiring diagram is for photo beam and wiring switch both. Do you think it will work with the opener if it means shorting two times?

        • You should only have to short it once.

          Get a paper clip and bend it so you can touch 2 terminals on the garage door opener terminals at the same time. Once bent, use the paper clip and touch 2 terminals and see if the door opens or closes. If it does, then plug one of the wires from the wofea to one of the terminals. It doesn't matter which way around you put the wires in.

          If touching the two terminals does nothing, then try another two terminals.

          • +1

            @frazel: Like Frazel said you only have to short once.
            From the diagram there are 4 pins.
            Pin 1 is +24v so you probably dont use that one.
            When you short you are shorting to ground ie to the GND pin.
            So you will be using the GND pin plus one other.
            So try shorting pin 2 to gnd, and if that doesnt work try pin 4 to gnd.
            You can use a paperclip but for adjacent pins I find it easier to use a small flat screwdriver and put a "corner" between the two pins until you touch both pins.
            Either way.

            • @zuby: Thanks Zuby and Frazel. As suggested I shorted the pin4 and ground using a paper clip and it sparked. Didnt have the courage to do it again. Also I noticed that pin 2 and 3 were connected already. Do you reckon I should take that connection out? I have attached a picture of the unit as well. Thanks once again.


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                @dealsucker: its 1 and 2 that you need. PB and GRND

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                  @frugalferret: Yep - I'd agree. Confused me at first because the manual is back to front to the pin layout in the photo.
                  @dealsucker - the sparks make sense because you were connecting the 24V pin the the Ground pin - but test 1 & 2 (looking at your pins not the manual) - you shouldn't get any sparks.
                  The 2 & 3 pins might be connected because their Photo Beam product might keep the connection closed until something breaks the beam.

                • +1

                  @frugalferret: Thanks Mate. Shorted 1 and 2 and it worked :)

                  Much appreciated.

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                @dealsucker: @dealsucker.
                Strange. I am not sure why those 2 pins are connected.
                Liftaway have a free assistance number 1800 506 247, I'd give them a ring

  • mistake

  • Anyone can assist in how to add a pin protection to Alexa or Google Home App for security so that not everyone can open the garage via the controller?

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      Open the app (eg smarter home) you used to add the device in, open the garage door device. You will have a little bell next to the status of the garage door. Click on the bell and and the third option is set password. Created a password. All done

      • Does this option also work in Google Home App and/or Alexa app?

        • You can't add the device directly into Google Home.

          You add the device into the Smarter Home app, then you use the Google Home app to link the Smarter Home to Google Home.

          Once you do that, the device shows up in Google Home.

        • @gat78
          you look like that Cat lawyer from America?

  • Is anyone getting multiple alerts each time the door opens or closes? I am getting 2 alerts every operation. It's like Open Close Open Close.

    • +1

      See my post below but the short story is try placing the magnet/sensor slightly further apart. That did the trick for me! Good luck 👍🏼

  • Guys I installed it and linked smart app to google home but can’t seem to open and close with the google home app. It just has details of the device that’s it. Any ideas?

    • You need to ask Google assistant to use it. Eg is the garage door open? or open garage door. I had to set a pin in the tuya app to open but not status or close

      • Just got mine today and installed it but I'm having problems with Alexa. I can't get status whether it is open or closed and I have to treat it like a switch ie Turn Off Garage Door and Turn On Garage Door rather than Open Garage Door or Close Garage Door. Alexa says Garage Door doesn't support that.

        Works well in Smart Life though and I can see the status.

        • Found this comment from a reviewer in AliExpress:-

          Easy Installation for a good handyman. I integrated it on Smart Life, so I can control it from the Smart Life application. We can recover the state of the door "open" or "closed" On Amazon Alexa and manage a routine that can turn On the light for example and start the music. By cons it is not possible to ask Alexa to open or close the door. But you can ask her if the door is open, she will answer you. 2019-11-30 07:50:53

          Additional Feedback
          Worked well so far, but no longer works under Alexa. On the other hand works very well with Smart Life. 2020-01-16 06:44:16

          I think something changed and Alexa no longer recognises it as a garage door opener and only as a Switch.

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    I got around to installing mine yesterday and it works a treat. The closed position sensor comes with a bracket and instructions for fitting to a panel door but makes no mention of a roller door which is what I have. I made my own simple bracket to mount the sensor and it works a treat. I made a little DIY video on it if it helps anyone else

    • Great video. It took me a bit of thinking and fiddling with a roller door too. This video would have saved me time.

  • Great gizmo which works as advertised except the notifications 😆
    Does anyone else have an issue with receiving multiple notifications whenever the app/sensor detects open/close trigger? I’m guessing this has something to do with the sensor placement but I have it done correctly I think so it’s doing my head in!

    Currently I have the sensor and magnet within 5mm from each other in the close position and when I open the garage door the magnet moves away from the sensor but the notifications go from open to close to open so it’s somewhat annoying. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

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      @leb2nv Not sure if this is the same problem as yours but have a look at this video from the 8 min mark
      The app shows the door opening then shows shut then shows open.
      If your problem is the same then it may be a glitch in the software.

      • Thanks Zuby. Yes this looks similar to my experience. I wonder if this is what everyone experiences with the Smart Life app? I might test the Tuya app to see if it’s any different ..

        • +1

          Just got mine today and using it with Smart Life. No double notifications. Test your unit by placing the magnet to the sensor and see if you get double notifications from door close? Otherwise try logging out and back into Smart Life.

          • @trex: Thanks for confirming. Good tip. Will try and report back :)

          • +4

            @trex: It took a lot of trial and error but it’s finally sorted.

            Even though the instruction manual says to place the magnet and sensor 3-15mm apart and I had them 5mm apart the app obviously didn’t like that.

            By placing them around 30mm apart that did the trick and got rid of the false notifications.

            Thanks and hopefully anyone with a similar issue can benefit from my experience hehe

            • @leb2nv: Good to hear that. Magnet may have lost its strength or there could be something else nearby that’s interfering with the magnet. If you want to keep a large gap, getting a stronger magnet like those neodymium ones would help.

              • +1

                @trex: The odd thing is I suspect the magnets are stronger than they should be hence why the closer distance gives the false notifications but positioning the sensor and magnet further apart fixes the issue.

                Anyway the main thing is it’s working as it should now so I’m pleased. 😊 and thanks once again for the tip 👍🏼

    • Got my magnets set up ok now, but I still get a double notification when closing, software issue though as only happens with app.

      Opening is fine, but when closing in app, says closing, then second or two later goes back to open as magnet hasn't reached switch yet. Eventually once door is closed and switch is latched goes back to closed.

      LED on the relay box is showing that the mag switch is working fine as only switches between red and blue when expected, and using my remote logs the open/close properly too.

      So seems I need some way to get Smart life to wait 20 seconds before it checks the mag switch status again when closing, which I guess is out of my control. (I guess really it shouldn't be logging a close at all until the magnet closes the switch, but looks like closing the door in the app does regardless of the mag switch)

  • Bought one. Thanks OP

  • Anyone understand why with the Tuya Smart app google assistant is asking for a PIN to open?

    • Otherwise anyone can just shout out "hey google open the garage"

      You set it in the tuya ap
      Click the alarm bell, and set password

      • Thanks, I'm checking it out now..

        Thought I'd just rename the garage a secret word lol

        Would seem that when asking google to open it requires a PIN but not to close. If I simply say "close" it opens it without the PIN, hopefully that will be fixed up when I install the sensor.

        • When the sensor is installed, it knows if its opened or closed.

  • I just got mine today, easy to setup love how it work! Feel free to PM me if anyone has any questions :)

  • Has anyone tried the geolocation smart automation within the SmartLife app? I have set the following:

    If Leave MyHomeAddress
    Then GarageDoor switch:Off

    and another Automation:
    If Arrive MyHomeAddress
    Then GarageDoor switch:On

    This doesnt seem to work. App has location permissions and GPS is always ON.
    Any pointers would be really appreciated.

    • You can create it under automations tab and then select "when location changes"

  • Just received mine today and found my wall switch is wireless. Brand Avanti (Centurion) model SDO-21 I can't find where to connect the wire. There isn't any port outside Anyone can help me with this?

    • did you read the manual you linked? The answer is there. Hint - look at table of contents. Wired wall switch maybe?

      • I still can't find the ports

        • +1

          The instructions tell you where it is. Section 18 page 19

          • @frugalferret: installed thanks

          • @frugalferret: Hi Bro, I have another issue now, my previous wireless remote controllers and wireless wall controller doesn't work any more. Any idea why?

            • @RichardF89: The remotes may have been deleted. Follow the instructions under item 22 in page 22 to re-learn the remotes again.

  • Has anyone got this working in homeassistant?

    There seems to be a few methods, none of which I have got working thus far.

    TasmotaOTA didn't work, I tried a few different versions.

    • Following.

      Would love to get it working in HA as well

      • So far I have managed to get my deviceID and localkey using these instructions:

        I have tried to integrate with localtuya but it errors out when I try and add the device. TuyaGateway looks good but I am going to need to do some research into how to set it up.

        • +1

          According to this the latest version of localtuya doesn't work but 3.0.1 or 3.0.3 sort of does.

          When I first tried to add to localtuya I got an error, tried later and was able to add (but still not working, haven't rolled back to earlier version)
          I think it was because Smart Life app must have still had a connection to it (you can't have them both at the same time, so make you kill your Smart Life app)

          It's not showing up at all in the cloud Tuya integration.

          To be honest, I'm thinking of flogging this kit and just getting a Shelly1. Think it will be a whole lot easier to integrate into HA.

  • Any guide how to install this on Avanti garage door?

    • @lancerx If you search this thread on " Avanti" you will find posts on how to set up a few models of Avanti doors.

  • Ok got it to work finally, the dam WiFi is so hard to connect….red go to com port, black to go no port for avanti model.

  • Has anyone fitted the sensors to a roller door (not a sectional door)? I am having trouble trying to figure out where to fit the sensors.

    • +1

      Maybe run the wired magnet to the edge of door and stick the other to the bottom of the roller door itself.

    • +1

      @macy517 if you search the comments here using the term "roller door" you will find Brettule has posted a vido on his great method of fitting the sensors to a roller door.

      • How do I search in just this post??

        • Dont worry. Just found it

      • Thanks. I missed that. What a great method.

  • anyone had an issue with the unit starting and then stopping straight away?

    seems to be intermittent, would work fine and then later stop working.

  • Might be a stupid question but can you fit the sensors aligned when the door is open? I found a great way to do that.

    • Why not? Whatever works and as long as the sensors meet when the door is opened / closed is fine. I fitted the first sensor on the garage brickwork first, aligned it with the door sensor, marked the bracket on the garage door then opened it up to mount the bracket. Works a treat.