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6 Free Meals Delivered ($79.99 off) via Referral @ HelloFresh


I found they changed the promo from $59.99 OFF to $79.99 OFF, so that new customers can get 6 serves free with free shipping (First box total $0).

Please use the referral randomiser below to participate.

Personally, I enjoy their recipes, and it’s pretty convenient during the hard time of COVID.

Option 1 FREE ($75.93 OFF) – Choose 2 people and 3 recipes per week (6 serves in total). The total cost will be $0.

Option 2 Get the full $79.99 OFF – More serves than option 1, but you’ll need to pay extra above $79.99.

NOTE: if you just want a trial or not satisfied with the food, please don’t forget to modify or cancel your plan later.

Offer expires 8 Feb @ 9:59 am

Mod: Please use the referral system below ONLY. Solicitation, referral codes or referral links are not permitted in comments.

Referral Links

Referral: random (759)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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  • -3

    I find it interesting when reading the comments, no one has actual experience signing up and cancelling from Hellofresh?

    Here is mine, I signed up few weeks ago using a referral with a 'free' week of groceries. The box came this morning.

    When it arrived, I immediately went to cancel, only to find Hellofresh already charged my card $75.93 for 'next weeks' order.

    When trying to seek a refund via chat, I was offered a 50% refund, that was it. Their excuse was cancelations require to be done the Tuesday before the delivery.

    At the time of signing up, only Wednesday deliveries were available. Cancelling your order by Tuesday, will mean they will cancel the delivery for Wednesday.

    After a few hours of complaining via chat, they conceded and arranged a refund.

    In the end, it's still a hassle, even if the first boxes were 'free'.

    • +4

      For anyone worried about this - after selecting your choices for the first week, pause the following deliveries for the next 3 weeks - I couldn't select more than 4 weeks into the future.
      Once your first box arrives then go back into your account and cancel your subscription

    • +2

      You got charged as you cancelled AFTER the Tuesday 11:59pm deadline for next week’s order!! Bad timing for you…

    • +1

      A lot of people starting up don't know the windows in which you have to cancel. Commitment day is every Tuesday, you would have to know exactly which Tuesday you must cancel by to receive just the one box (I have had some people cancel their first/free box accidentally, and some forgetting to cancel so they get charged for the second box) - or skip the next week's to cancel at a later stage without being charged.

      Not really on hellofresh, as terms are pretty clear regarding this, but some people can get confused. There's a catch to everything 'free'

      • As for the comment above when I was going through they tell you can can skip future deliveries and cancel anytime however at the bottom of the page as many have noted cut off is the Tuesday before delivery at 11:59pm. Mine even shows me the date when I'm choosing the delivery week it tell me the cut-off for the 6th of Feb is Tuesday the 2nd.

        I saw many here have probably started to do is skip the next 3 weeks after delivery date so no charge to worry about. Once box has been received then cancel subscription.

  • +2

    Just put a hold on your orders after your first delivery. I put a hold for the next 3 weeks. Gives me more time to cancel.

  • I have the $79.99 coupon (added to the random generator). However when I click on my own link from the ozbargain platform, it shows $59.99 - but when the link is entered directly on Chrome/Safari, it clearly shows $79.99 - how to fix this?!

    Addit - never mind, mods just confirmed my link is working fine!

  • Just signed up successfully with the random referral

  • -3


  • How do i check how much credit I have from referrals (if any?)

    • On the app click on settings and it will show you how much credit you have on top

      • How can I do it on a laptop, please?

        • +1

          Go to your account and click on “plan settings”. It will display the amount of credit available

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Have always been intrigued. Vegetarian wife who does most of the cooking (which I am super grateful for but) can get a bit samey so hopefully this can add some different types of meals. Worth a try for free!

  • +1

    Ordered, I appreciate it.

  • I got the free box and added my referral code and now have $210 in credit showing in my account. How do I go and change my first box from the 3 meals x 2 serves to a different box with more meals or is that not possible for the first one?

    • Not possible once you place your first order. You can use credit for the second order

  • Let's give this a shot. Can't beat free. Thanks OP.

  • +3

    Gotta say thanks to the Ozb community. Thanks to the refer system I've racked up a lot of credit on this deal

    • Agreed haha, I'm on $140 now after two referrals :D some people have racked up way more haha

  • +1

    Apparently one can only get 20 x $70 credit (ie if more than 20 people use your referral code, they are still able to obtain the $79.99 discount but referrer doesn’t get additional credit). Can anyone confirm?
    If that’s the case, then OP could kindly let us know if he/she has reached their cap so that others ordering can use the random codes only!

    Addit - can confirm the terms and conditions state a max of 20 invites

    For both of you to receive the credit on your next box, your friend must sign up for a new subscription using your unique referral code. Promotion ends Feb. 10th at midnight AEST/AEDT. Please note: you can send a max. of 20 invites.

    • Oh the humanity only $1400 of free food :D

    • That’s true if OP you have reached your max 20 referrals please let us poor buggers have a chance

  • how can you tell if the credit applies? i am on the checkout page and the order summary shows $75.93

    • +1

      The credit didn't apply then, try use incognito mode

      • +1

        Thanks so much! that worked!

  • +1

    Nice work OP.
    Bit late to the party but added my $80 discount to the referral mix finally

  • Hi Guys.. I have ordered the first box, dedcuted $1 from PayPal for authorization, may be it will be credited back.

    I cancelled the meal plan straight away and it said that as I have paid for it ($0 or $1 whatever) it will still be delivered and now there are no payment methods saved in HelloFresh and also cancelled it from PayPal active subscriptions.

    I didn't wanted to wait for Tuesdays and take a risk, Now the first box is definitely coming with no risk of getting charged.

  • +2

    On the checkout page it said i will pay $0.00 so i processed the order.

    My credit card has been charged $75. Why?

    • Damn! How did that happen?

    • +1

      Ok after 1 hour with chat they only offered a $70 refund. I said it should be $75.93 but they refused. I said the checkout page shows you will pay $0.00 but they didnt beleive me.

      So i cancelled my order and got a full refund. Have to wait 3 to 5 days for refund.

      Check your bank account afterwards!

  • How do I add my referral to the randomizer?

  • I must be blind but where is the random refferal code generator link?

    • Search the page for the below and click random

      Referral: 1000060 or random (505)

      Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $50 off their first box.

      • But it’s $70 right? Not all referrals get $70 store credit?

  • +2

    BTW when you get the box you get a special offer for $20 off the next 2 boxes but if you deactivate your account a couple days later they send you a letter with 40% off next 2 boxes and 20% off 2 more after after that.

  • +1

    Got one, thanks OP

  • Can we use the referral credits to order another free box?

    • Yeah, I don't see why not. I'll be doing that :)

      • haha, awesome. will have to unskip the next week's box!

        • Yeah, same!

          I'm on $210 from referrals, so that's about 3 boxes I think.

          It does say "Your next box will be discounted" under the 'your credit' tab, so yeah we should be all good.

          • @Aidan0098: yes, i am on the same. hope nothing shady happens and money gets deducted..

          • +1

            @Aidan0098: Where do you and how do you find how much referral credit you have? In fresh achievements? I have $70 according to the email they sent, but can't see it in fresh achievements or in checkout.

            • @Ughhh: Hover your mouse over your username at the top right —> account settings —> account info.

              • @Aidan0098: Only see personal info, password and Connect to Facebook.


                • @Ughhh: That is strange. I see all of those, and then the referral credit tab as well.

                • @Ughhh: Referral credits don't show on mobile- go to Desktop view 🙂

                  • @Tgb: Strangely, it didnt show in mobile or desktop view. I'm only seeing it now in the app. Thanks though.

  • when should i cancel if my first delivery is on feb10 wed? thanks

    • +3

      set all you upcoming orders to skip then cancel after you get your first box

  • max i'm seeing is $70 flat (even OP's code)

    have they changed it?

    • +2

      Yes. Referral in app now says give $70, get $70

  • +1

    They updated it :( need to pay shipping now

  • Thanks OP, got my box this morning. Skipped next week and then cancelled all in 2 minutes

  • Just got mine this morning. Serving sizes look kind of small but can't complain. Delivered within the time frame and at location specified. Thanks OP

  • +1

    Received my delivery this morning, despite cancelling on Tuesday night. Haven't been charged anything additional. The $1 authorisation has been removed as well.

  • +3

    Received box this morning, cooked one of the meals (mexican rice and falafel) for lunch - it was good and filling enough for two people. Ingredients were fresh and well packed.

  • +1

    Not sure why this is marked as expired. Just checked my account and I can still send out emails for the $70 discount for the next 7days and 22hours

  • +1

    Deal still not expired… why it has marked as expired?

  • One of the dishes was Korean Tacos ….. My husband is Korean and was not amused. Made me laugh.

  • +1

    Can someone tell me how can I get my referral code added to the random referral links?

  • +1

    Confirmed that this is still working as of last night. Someone used my code and got $70 off.

    • That's great congrats

  • +1

    Got 4 x free boxes. It's time to return OZB family:) Not sure how much credit but basically you'll need to pay for the postage $9.99 for a free box. New customer only!
    PM your email if you want one and I'll send straight away.

    Mod: please delete if giveaway is not allowed.

  • Has this expired? When I click on my own referral link it stills says you can get $70 off a box by using my link

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