Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB $1889 with Free Express Delivery ($130 off RRP) @ 3 Brothers Mobiles


Please use code 3BM130 at checkout to get $130 off before making a payment

$130 OFF on Apple iphone 12 Pro Max 256gb [ RRP - $2019 ]

All Colours Available

you pay $1889

Brand new sealed in box

Australian Stock

Unlocked to all networks Worldwide

comes with GST Tax Invoice { Eligible for TRS }

Paypal payment available

Free express shipping

All orders placed before 2:30 pm will be shipped same day express post

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  • who's gonna be claiming TRS now?

  • An iPhone 12 deal would be nice

  • Am I getting a bargain or being ripped off?
    Apple iPhone 12 Pro 512GB 5G (Graphite) Model: MGMU3X/A is marked down from $2,219.00 to $2,268.99 or should I say marked up. Bargain for OP?
    Apple iPhone 12 128GB 5G (Black) Model: MGJA3X/A is marked up from $1,429.00 to $1,499.99 another awesome Bargain

    There are lots awesome deals on this site like above, be quick before the bargain ends.

    • Just wonder what you are complaining about?

      OP posted two deal 256 and 512 iPhone 12 pro max and both about 6-7% off RRP. You can say that its not really a good deal but hardly a rip off. You know many iPhone user buy them outright at full price?

      Some people may think $$$ is everything, other may think different. There must be a good reason why Apple is maintained so many customer while Samsung has to fight with locust phones back by the CCP.

    • They could be jacking the prices before marking down the discounts on these iPhones next. ‘Must be taking lessons from Kogan marketing 😉 A bit questionable to increase above RRP. They are reliable seller though as I have bought from them previously, but this does not look good for them.

  • Need a deal on a 12 Pro 256GB please. Cross fingers.

  • any item with pro max in name is worth 2k plus. for sure mate

    • It's the pro max ultimate version that demands the 3k price. You don't even want to know the price of the pro max ultimate turbo megatron version.

      The megatron+ version? You're looking at withdrawing the entire balance in your super account.

  • Legit got my iPhone 12 Pro Max on Friday… for $1989 sigh lol.

  • Thanks OP, any deal on the iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB please?

  • Anyone bought the phone from this store ? Haven't heard about this people before?

  • I got this deal over the phone with JB HiFi earlier today but have decided not to use it. Blue 128gb Pro Max $1749. Might be postcode-locked, you could need to click and collect from VIC 3805. Expires midnight.