Free Domain Name for 1 Year (New Customers) @ VentraIP


Free Domain Giveaway for 1 year from VentraIP
Domains available are:
All domain names include Email Forwarding, URL Forwarding, DNS Management

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$50 Visa/Mastercard Giftcard for the referrer after referee signs up to a new hosting service and either a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name, and remains an active customer for at least 60 days

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  • timing to get when it expires to resell to google. Or when google leaves the country ill take domain and wait for them to come back

  • doesnt work code didnt apply

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      OP should note, this offer is only available to new customers of VentraIP Australia and is limited to one free domain name per account
      If you already have an account with VentraIP, this code will not apply.

      Otherwise if you are eligible and having issues, there is a LiveChat service that can help troubleshoot and get you up and running! (bottom right of the page to start a chat!)

  • Waiting for Bill Gates to buy off me.


    Hey - Cheers for posting!

    Don't forget to make sure you're eligible for a domain first:

    If you just want something to play with, honestly just grab a - you can grab your nickname instead if you prefer, and have it redirect to whatever site you want - and use email forwarders for competitions you don't want endless spam from.
    Only eligibility is to be Australian resident/citizen and have the domain be your name exactly/your nickname (will probably need to send through an eTicket/email to Billing/Sales if it's not clear that it is your nickname)

  • I have to say I am impressed with VentraIP's hosting.

    I compared Crazy Domains, Digital Pacific, Micron21, Cloudways and Ventra. VentraIP had the best uptime, good technical performance (measured using pagespeed insights over a few months) for the price point and the extra's I cared about (SSL cert for example).

  • I don't have an abn as the site I'm making isn't a business/for profit site. Do I need an abn to make a free domain? And do I need to pay to have an account with you guys?


      For a comau, you will need an ABN.
      For an idau you won't :)


      Depending on the nature of the registration - you could also try for which is covered by special interest groups/sporting clubs.

      To get into the nitty gritty of what is and isn't able to be used as eligibility details for your domain name license registration, I do recommend visiting and reviewing the eligibility policy for your desired 2LD type.

  • Just registered
    Thanks OP!

  • Hi, if I transfer my from Zuver (expires on 20/02/2021) using this FREEAU code, will it be free for 1 year until 20/02/2022? It says '1 Year - $0.00' in my cart now. Thanks


      Hey Lado!

      Unfortunately not, this promotion is for registrations only.

      .au transfers are free, so the $0 price you will be seeing is just to move the domain name to VentraIP - not to renew on transfer. If you proceed, the domain will still expire on 20/02/2021. You will have the option to renew, but this will come at the standard renewal cost.

      • Hi, I have not applied any promotion coupon, just transferred my domains. It clearly said in my order: 'Domain Transfer - 1 year', it also clearly said in the description of transfer: 'Includes renewal of the domain name in the cost'. But after my order went through with status 'Completed' I saw outstanding invoices of $14.95 in my account. Not sure what to do now and will be defimitely asking to honor my order as my transfer from Zuver is presumably completed
        Then click at the question mark next to 'Transfer'. It clearly says: 'Includes renewal of the domain name in the cost'

        • What are you trying to do here Lado? Scam VentraIP out of 1 year domain rego? The OP clearly stated the promo was for new regos only, yet you still went ahead and transferred thinking you would get it for free. Domain transfers of domains are free, but you're still up for renewal on 20/02. So you should have just left it with Zuver and saved yourself $4.45 and the hassle.

    • FYI, Zuver is the budget arm of VentraIP and they are both resellers of Synergy Wholesale. You'd be best to stay with Zuver at $10.50/year (their control panels are basically the same). Even better, register a new domain as a new customer with VentraIP then transfer for free to Zuver. Transfers are almost instant (not the usual 24-48 hours) because they are the same company.

      • Thanks for your advice, butI don't need any new domain, just want to keep my existing


  • Negging due to past issues with both billing practices and business practices of company.

    Had a server with another company who was acquired by VentraIP, ~6 months left prepaid on said server. Part of the accusation I was informed prepaid servers would still be honoured following the sale. Their staff were very assuring of all this after I had originally requested a refund for the server upon hearing of the accusation. They had also stated the server would remain on the same hardware and in the same location.

    About a month post accusation tracert completely changes (ie appeared server was moved to a new location), VentraIP refused to refund the remaining credit. Was stuck with a server in a less ideal location.

    Ended up needing to purchase a second server back in the location I wanted and had it running alongside this one while I moved services across. Didn't get everything across in time and was slapped with a renewal fee of I believe $49.95 for a month when I originally paid I believe $4.95/Mo, though paid for 12 months and thus received a 2 month discount. This increased fee was not communicated until the DAY it was invoiced.

    I thankfully had regular archived backups of the data and didn't need to pay the $49.95… was able to move fully to new provider without too much down time.

    Had essentially a bait and switch issue with company and claims made by their reps.
    Would not use them for critical services.
    Would not link a payment method or setup automatic payments

    While it's free, it's great. Make sure to remove your payment method to ensure it stays that way.

    Bother VentraIP tries to pull their usually BS of saying I've confused them with another company… Invoice #4942201

    • Who was the company you were originally with before being acquired (assuming you mean acquisition and not accusation)

      • I'm guessing NetOrigin, didn't have the same experience here, my balance was still valid.

      • Acquisition yes, was a typo

        I don't recall the name of the company, I can look it up tonight though. Was a small provider in Melbourne

      • OnACloud was the company

        I forgot the exact deal I got it on but I was paying literal dollars (100% sure it was <$5/Mo), then got billed for $49.95/Mo lol

        Note for fairness I should state - VentraIP has since reached out apologising for the issues I mention. They admitted the acquisition was a quite a mess.. previously they had instead simply denied the issues ever happening, saying I was a delusional customer who was confusing them with another company lol.

    • I have been with them for a few years now, no issues. But I see where you're coming from. That doesn't sit well with me. VentraIP, it's worth noting that treating customers like this is not on. Customers are loyal, keep this up and we'll easily move.

    • So who to use? Net registry is even worse, won’t let you add wildcard catch all sub domains.


  • Thanks OP
    Got a few really good and domain names for my or SMSF (ABN) & my shelf company (ACN)

  • Did anyone else get told they seem dodgy and they will manually review first, or is it just dodgy me? :)

    • Not just you, I just signed up via VPN and had the same notice. Hope they approve dodgy you!

      • rejected…. unless provide id…. I replied with ID… email bounced… need to log on to help desk to respond to ticket … can't, they've blocked my account.

        I don't think I want to deal with this mob

        edit: just fixed a typo

        • They were quick for me, and emails didn't bounce. Something fishy going on there, sorry to hear it.

          I used Zuver, one of their cheaper companies, for domains over the last seven years and haven't had this trouble.

          They just updated their control panel, perhaps this process is new and they're using free domains to attract guinea pigs?

  • Anyone getting overdue invoice emails issued from these guys, even though the outstanding balance is $0.00? Getting one regularly, and being told that if I don't "pay" by 10/02/2021, my new domain name will be cancelled?
    Pretty unprofessional.
    Think I have had about 5 emails since signing up demanding money…