This was posted 8 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Durex 30 Pack Condom Varieties $11.89 ($10.70 S&S, Minimum Quantity 2) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Amazon is price matching Chemist Warehouse. If you feel a bit awkward buying them at the shop, this is a good price to get them delivered.

Thankyou, come again.

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    Choose : <12 months>

    • Qty:5, should be enough for 12 mths :)

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    20% thinner means these aren't great for putting over your head and blowing them up with your nose just FYI.

  • Durex sucks. Okamoto FTW.

    • Do tell. Whats the difference?

      • 0.07mm vs 0.01mm you tell me?

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    I prefer ribbed doms except I use inside out

  • Cheaper to buy bulk through eBay 👍

    Plenty of brands to choose from, only limited when you need larger sizes.

    You can find 100 for roughly $30-40.


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      even cheaper on Ali express (just don't blame me if it rips)

      • Buying low quality condoms on AliExpress is a rip off.

    • id be pretty uncomfortable buying cheap re-used condoms from thailand

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    are these good for back-door entry ? asking for a friend

    • Once you pop, you can’t stop

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      did you forget your key?

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      Yes just slide it onto the door handle when breaking into the back door of a house as to not leave any fingerprints behind

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    'pleasure me' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Came for the comments

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    Early preparation for 14th Feb!

  • Yesssss…. was waiting for this since last deal last year

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    "If you feel a bit awkward buying them at the shop"

    Awkward?, I take them up to the front counter, open the packet and ask where the fitting rooms are.

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      What if you are told those look too big for you and xxxs is out of stock?

      • Then you have two heads that are starting to shrink.

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        Not sure… its never happened. What did you do ;-)

        • I told them “you must have confused me with someone called azitiz.”

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    damn i remember these from the good ole pre pandemic days

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      I remember not needing them before the other pandemic.

  • i got 2 with s&s for $16.4, not sure why.

    • You would have used $5 Amazon Credit that was in your account

      • says
        Items: 23.78
        Promotion applied: -7.38
        Gift Card: -16.40
        Total: 0

        not sure where the promotion came from.

        • S&S normal price = $21.40
          = promotion applied of -$2.38

          You would have had $5 Amazon credit in your account that gets applied to your next order, either from a complaint or from this deal

          • @brandogs: Oh thanks. Totally forgot that.

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    Dad what are these for?

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      Inversely proportional to your existence.

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      Chewing gum

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    Wow a lifetime supply for under $12!

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      You must be married…

  • What's more awkward, buying them at the shop, or having them on your permanent shopping record and then continually popping up in suggestions while you browse at work?

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      Amazon is pretty smart. There is an option to hide it from the order history and it never shows in the suggestions.

    • attention staff, we need a price check on a pack of extra small at register 7, extra small at register 7…

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      "Quick guys, come look at infy's screen, he got a suggestion for condoms!"

      "Can you believe it?! And adult that has protected sex!?!?!"

      Really, it's not a big deal. Most people do it, and most of those who aren't wish they were. Do people get embarrassed buying toilet paper? How is this any different?

      • You can choose not to have sex or not use condoms or use very well proven pull out method

        But with Poop there is Zero control and no Option 2

  • Urghh I just bought 2x 40 packs.

    • Don't make the rest of us jealous.

      • I was stocking up for the pandemic. Should last about 30 years.

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          Or one good dinner party?

  • These slip off just before you release… not deliberate 😁

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    Came here for comments. Then came.

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      took you less than 2 mins to read the comments

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    It is the OzBargain spirit to buy something when it’s a good deal, and never use it.

    Don’t need them, but bought it anyway. Thanks!

  • WTF 30 pack ……

  • $0.36 a pop

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      You need to add the cost of dinner and drinks….$200+

      Or you can use a pro which still gonna be $200+

  • Do you still feel awkward though? We are in the midst of a pandemic. So using condoms is the last thing to worry about. It's avoiding another pandemic as well

    • We are in the midst of a pandemic

      Makes more sense to order online in that case.

      • Yup👍🏾

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      just a different kind of mask.

  • just here for the comments

  • Just checked the Durex site for a product spec. They said most guys think length is most important, but in reality it's girth (width). Always wondered what David Bowie was going on about in 'Width of a circle'.

  • I am not awkward, you are awkward cause I am gonna buy 10 of them.

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    "This order contains a gift"

  • -2

    Thanks, but I would rather use glad wrap and save….

  • thanks! bought 10 .. that should get me thru Feb

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    If you feel awkward buying condoms, maybe you shouldn't be having sex…

    (but if you are anyway, then yes, buying online is a good idea)

  • OP, any chance of a bulk supply? It's gets kind of expensive buying just one day's supply like this.

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      If you work at a brothel, you should talk directly to the wholesalers.

    • You aren't supposed to wank in them.

    • Socks are reusable and better value

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    Who else "came" for the comments only?

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    Cum again? My kids are screaming in the background as you can tell I've missed the last deals.

  • Happy MARDI GRAS!

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    Nah! Have to buy them at the counter and chose the hottest checkout girl and says I got a date tonight…….hoping to be you! lol

    • when I buy 10 boxes the cashiers always give me a wierd look.

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    Boss sneaking up behind me while i'm reading comments on this deal:

    Boss: "You're on OZBargain, what are you shopping for?"
    Me: Sht, think fast* "Just random stuff"
    Boss: "Anything I'd be interested in?"
    Me: ……….. o.O
    Me: "Lakers lost again"
    Boss: Distracted with NBA talk
    Me: Disaster averted

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      Should of looked him dead in the eyes and said "I'm buying condoms in bulk, it's mating season"

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        "I'm buying condoms in bulk … for my brother-in-law."

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    I'm married with kids. No need for anything to do with sex anymore.

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      ur at the end game now

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        "get married" they said… Pfft

    • +1

      I hear you brother.

  • Now we need to find someone to use them with.

  • I'll pass on this deal, Mrs Palmer gave me a better offer. ; )

  • Balls will be blue waiting for delivery.

  • Do these come in Hog size?

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    Even though I’m married I might still buy some. I think my GF will appreciate the protection.

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      Your gay friend must love it

  • You can bulk buy 144 condoms for like $40 on ebay