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Ffalcon 55UF2 55" Ultra HD HDR Smart TV $499 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Original Price $599.00 - $100 dollar discount

Key features as per product description:

55" Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) screen with HDR10

Netflix/Stan/YouTube/Freeview Plus

Works with Alexa

Netflix & Stan Quick Access Button

50Hz Refresh Rate

Dolby Digital

USB Recording

USB Media Playback

Linux OS

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

3 x HDMI Inputs

2 x USB Ports

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  • warranty?

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    dat refresh

  • Whirlpool forums has a large discussion about Ffalcon


    Worth reading before spending 500 bucks.

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      Haha yeah I went into a jb to get one for a warehouse TV and the guy essentially refused to sell me one telling me they were beyond junk. Took that as a sign if even the store people refuse lol.

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        You cannot really take a salesman's word for it. I'm in I.T and some of the rubbish I've been told by some technology salesmen in Harvey Norman and JB makes me wonder how they get employed there (although there have been a couple who impressed me with their in-depth knowledge).

        My brother has one of the older models, bought just after JB started selling them and he has no problems with it. Maybe the salesman had an interest in selling you one with a higher commission or bigger sales margin?

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    I have a 55UF1 and it's fine. Just bought a 65" FFalcon too.

    I also have a 65" Sony OLED, and that constantly crashes after coming out of standby, and reboots.

    Yes picture isn't as good, but I think it's fine. Looked fine playing on my Xbox Series X on it.

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    I bought one of this last month and I am perfectly happy with the picture quality (for the price).
    The software is not good, but since I added Chromecast with Google TV I am very happy.
    I also connected the sound to amplifier and external speaker.

    • I’m planning to do the exact same thing! Random question: does the Google TV have a volume control? I can’t see one on the remote.

      • Yep

      • yes it has volume control on the side.
        Beware thought you can't program the Google TV remote to control Ffalcon TV - (using TCL setting since they are basically using the same remote control anyway)

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    Bought same one last year, pretty good

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    My friend brought one recently, he said he regrets it.

    Its cheap but the constant issues with the software causes the screen to go black that freezes.

    • Is he returning it? Or is it not that much of an issue?

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        he will but he said the hassle of taking it back to the store is a pain.

        He already put it back in the box but brought a smaller Hitachi one but a bit more expensive already!

        I told him to take it back asap or they might not give him his money back.

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    Ffalcon fffs

  • Does the Extra F helps with the reFresh Rate?

  • Had a fight with JB recently trying to return one of these for my daughter, ended up going thru Fair Trading and problem solvered. You could not add an app for Amazon prime so she was casting to the tv from Phone, hardly suitable for a "Smart TV" Lynix software and Netflix app lost info all the time , phoned supplier to try and fix, no good and even they advised NOT to use the web browser as not suitable for Browsing Net. End result TV returned and full refund. She purchased an EKO ANDROID from Big W and been great ever since

  • seems i dodged a bullet reading these comments

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    I bought this during Boxing Day sale for the same price. Hung it on the wall outside, added a chromcast with google tv and it’s doing a great job. Been watching the cricket every night. Kids watch Netflix and Disney+ all the time. Not really sure what people are expecting for 500 bucks but at that price point, I’m pretty happy.

  • This should be quantum dot already by now

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    Picked it up last year, for the bedroom. Added chromecast with google tv and the popular Yamaha sound bar from here and bobs your uncle

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