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Kayo Basic $5/Month for 12 Months (AFL and NRL Live Pass Customers) @ Telstra


Get Kayo Basic for $5/mth for 12mths.
Exclusive to eligible Telstra AFL and NRL Live Pass customers. Roll onto standard fees after 12mths. Must sign up via Telstra by 31 May 2021.

Kayo Basic monthly fees (currently $25/mth) apply after offer period unless you change or cancel.
One redemption per eligible service.
If you cancel, you cannot restart the offer.
Not available in conjunction with other offers
Not compatible with third party billing platforms.
Cancelling? Make sure it’s at least 24 hours before the end of your offer period
Telstra billing not available for existing Kayo subscribers on another payment method.

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      • Yes, I wonder if it’ll be ok. I think they are separate as the billing is also separate but not sure 100%

        • I added my billing for kayo to my telstra bill :|

    • It should be ok. The account will be connected to your email after signing up. If you want to change it to a different number at signup you definately can activate it under a different number from your qualifying telstra sim, but, you will need to know the new number at signup plus your qualifying telstra account still needs to be active at signup to recieve the activation code on telstras website while logged into your telstra account. Maybee my post below will be helpfull in your circumstance?
      Alternatively, if you activate it to your telstea account now, then get a new service in 6 months and cancel your old number, not sure if you can 'change' the number connected to your kayo service, but it may be possible. You will at the least be able to use it on your new sim as a second device. I doubt cancelling your telstra account in 6 months would void your kayo deal though. I would risk it if i was you. Haha ;)

  • It somehow worked for me after today the 20th attempt but wasnt working all of my previous attempts for the last week

    I was continuously getting the error: 'Sorry Looks like something went wrong on our end!
    We're working on the problem, please try again later.'

    • Yep. Same.

      Tried for several days and continual 'Sorry Looks like something went wrong on our end! ‘ error.

      Just tried again after reading your post and “it’s a Bingo”

  • Did anyone recently have any luck signing up with Boost service. I tried but keep getting you are not eligible for this offer when it checks the service on Telstra portal. This is with wifi turned off. Resetting the browser history/cache etc.

    • Try my method below. During the signup you get the opportunity to change the mobile number connected to the service too so probably can gift to someone if anyone is wondering

  • I was having problems too being an afl live and ex post paid customer. I recently changed my postpaid telstra to prepaid boost with a new number.
    How i got through was tethered internet to pc from my boost sim. Logged into telstra on pc, went to entertainment offers and selected kayo. It then took me to a $15 a month offer. I cllicked on that and then it told me i qualified for the $5 deal and sent me a code to my OLD TELSTRA prepaid sim. I plonked the telstra sim back into my phone whilst leaving the page open on my pc ready to unput the code. Got the code and typed in on pc WITHOUT hitting enter, as i need to retether the internet to my pc again first. Did that and bingo. Sent me straight to the $5 deal checkout. Completed the checkout via credit card and was finished (billing was via kayo, not telstra).
    It let me start streaming on my pc steaight away after quick account setup (wasnt really expecting pc compatability so thats a bonus). Streaming archival replays from boost 4g tethered to pc was great. No stuttering or buffering issues on sd or hd (1080p). Ill be watching in sd mostly i think to spare data unless blockbuster games. Just have to set up the app on my mobile now and am all done. WICKED!!! It seems a much better user experience than afl live app streams (smoother)

    (i just hope i dont have any troubles cancelling the cc payments after 11.5 months :o

  • Guess no deals for business customers?

    • Try using this method (credit to JV):

      Delete the Kayo app from your phone.
      Turn off wifi.
      Click on the link in this post.
      Select the option to take up the offer using your phone instead of your Telstra ID.

      I have a business Telstra sim - was able to put my own credit card details in (so my work isnt charged for Kayo)

      • Nope, just wants me to log in with my buss account.

  • Anyone else getting a problem getting this offer? I am eligible and up to the page where they send you a pin code before payment processing details to be entered. The pin code they send me does not work. Always saying the code is incorrect or expired. Just cannot get pass this stage. Anyone got any ideas? I have tried on mobile phone and also Incognito mode also.

  • -1

    I've got it at the $15 but going to cancel, chock full of ads, no way on earth would I pay $25.

    • Where's the ads? In the app or the actual programs? If you're talking about the programs, it's just the Foxtel feeds….

  • If any one wants to share their account please message me and I'll pay the full amount.

  • Count me in for $60 if someone wants to share. I only want it for NRL/AFL season.

    • @Bobsam I’m interested

  • Has anyone tried Chromecast with the NRL basic account though kayo, the Chromecast icon is greyed out for me. Just wondering if it's my issue? I can Chromecast from Netflix in the same phone, S10+ running Android 10.


    All good. issue. I usually just use the Xbox for casting, works fine for most apps. Plugged in the old Chromecast and kayo was all happy.

  • Will pay full amount if anyone wants to share. PM me. Need for F1 only.

  • I tried to avail this offer with boost mobile number with no luck. Does anyone willing to share the offer please ping me. Thanks

  • Hi all. My situation is I had an AFL live pass over the last few years which I signed up to for free using a $30 credit on a Telstra Sim (which I bought for $10). The Sim has long since expired. I am seeing eligibility for $15 but not $5 / month. Anybody else in the same category and able to get the $5 (or know of any workaround to get it?)

  • Thanks op it work first time trying it, was paying $25 now $5 for next 12 months :)

  • If anyone has this and a spare spot id be happy to chip in $ to share it! Only watch for NRL.

  • Anyone managed to get this deal working by activating a $2 Telstra SIM?

  • How many screens can you run at the same time? Could my brother and I watch the same game at the same time (in different locations of course).

  • I forgot to make my payment now its cancelled, cant get the offer again…sucks

  • Would this work if I buy a boost pre paid sim then activate it?

  • long shot, if any one have spare spot and willing to share. I have Telstra account but I am not eligible to this offer. Thank you.

  • Just signed up for this after I hopped back onto Telstra through the JB deal

    • Did you get $15 offer or $5 offer (per month) ?

      • i was originally on the $15 - was on that for about 6 months. Just ported back onto telstra after about 3 months off and just activated the $5 per month deal through the afl app for another 12 months - it overwrote the remaining months i had left on the $15 plan

        • Yeah, okay, thanks. It might be a bit of luck of the drawer or just timing. I have a pre-paid SIM that was able to get the $5 deal, but I already have it on a postpaid plan. It may be a candidate for someone to buy off my, but I'm not sure it is worth the hassle.

          • @affinity: Are you saying you were able to see the offer on both prepaid and post paid?
            I still have a Telstra ID but it’s not eligible. I had NRL Live and am curious to see if I buy a pre paid sim if I will be eligible. I have 6 months left on my phone plan with another network and don’t want to wait money in a prepaid if it’s not going to work.

  • Anyone want to share their Kayo account? PM me

  • Anyone know how these vouchers are applied and billed? I am entitled to this voucher through Telstra Plus, but applied the first one to a friends account. Wondering if I'll see a charge for Kayo on my Telstra bill, or if it is just a discount and is billed normally through Kayo. Both their support services are terrible to get answers from.

    • How do you mean? You pay for Kayo either by credit card direct debit or through your telstra bill.

      • So I'm wondering if because I applied my voucher (from my Telstra Plus) to his Kayo account, if I will be billed through my Telstra bill, or if it will continue to be billed to his credit card via Kayo.

        Ideally if it is just a voucher and doesn't change the Telstra billing, I'll just get him to give me his one from his Telstra Plus… Just don't know how the billing works.

        • When you are completing the signup with Kayo (using the Telstra voucher) you choose the payment method (charging your T account or Credit Card)

  • Showing $15 for me :-(

  • If I was a telstra customer and used NRL pass, what would be the cheapest way to reactivate my service and take up this deal?

    Would it even work doing it that way?

  • I used TLSLP20 and got it for $5 a month

  • Can I switch to this deal after being on another third party deal for a month?

  • I lost access after porting out of Telstra. I wonder if I can use a $2 sim to score this deal. Pun intended

    • You should be able to. I ported out to kogan a few months ago, and ported back into Telstra yesterday, and signed up to the $5 monthly deal last night using my old NRL telstra access.