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$10 / 10% off (Max $10) nbn for 6 Months for Referrers @ Superloop


A update to the recently expired referral program - new terms suggest this will be available until 30 June 2021.

Note: does not stack with promo discounts but helps a fellow OzBargainer.

Note: Referee can still use a promo code in conjunction with a referral code.

Details here: https://www.superloop.com/documents/legal/010221-SHBB-Referr...

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Referral: random (1128)

Referrer gets 10% off for 6 months.

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  • Possibly put on hiatus due to the current NBN Co promo…?

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    It says may 2020 to June 2021??

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      Thanks I have updated the description.

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        Cheers its been going for a long time

  • doesn't seem to be doubling up on referral + $10/offmth

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      They don’t stack - you get the promo or the referral - not both. The referral helps a fellow OzBargainer at no cost to you.

      • It is quiet outrageous that Superloop hasn't updated their T&Cs to mention this point by now, as this question comes up so often on both OzBargain and on Whirlpool.

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          I’d say this covers it:
          9. This Promotion is not available in conjunction with any other promotion or offer.

    • Stacking only works for referrers, and not for referees (when they sign up). They always neglect to mention this in the T&Cs.

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    My mistake - read it as May 2021 and thought that was weird!

  • FYI for anyone who was on their COVID student plan (free 6 months which just ended) - they are now giving an automatic 50% discount for 12 months until 15 Jan 2022. It was automatic for me, although our last bill was at full price (just before offer announced).

    50% off= $32.48pm for 25/5. Love Superloop!

    More info :

  • This is the best code to use. Help yourself out, help a fellow OzB out.

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    Superloop is brilliant - I signed up via a code & couldn't be happier, moved from ABB when they increased their prices, I saved $20 a month on the 100/40 plan (I capped at 500GB) as it was about $15 cheaper than unlimited. Worth noting they still have that option, for those that want fast internet but dont absolutely hammer the downloads.

  • Does superloop supply network hardware (WiFi router)?

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      And I like it that way.

      For example, Belong insists on supplying their own modem. I later learnt the reason they do this is so that they can remotely control your router using TR-069 or CWMP (customer-premises equipment wide area network management protocol).

      • Thanks for answering this one DoctorCalculon.

        We do prefer to not lock customers in to specific hardware and want to encourage people to bring their own if they prefer or just get an unlocked one from us that can handle the needs of their NBN service type.

        mdb01 - you can find our hardware offerings on our help centre here

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    Just wanted to say thank you to whoever's random hit got my referrer code this morning. You've made my morning! 😊

  • anyone want to PM me a refferal code, im wanting to sign up today

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      I believe you can grab one at the top of the page just click the "random 1043" hyperlink and it will give you a random code (takes you to the signup page and the code is entered automatically for you)

  • If I was with Superloop for 6 months, left for 6 months, then rejoin, would I be eligible?

    • would I be eligible?

      As long as this promotion is still running, the system would still consider you as a new customer. You will need to use a different email address during sign up.

  • Great stuff have been a member for a few months everything has been great so far. A small $10 discount would help for sure.

  • I’m moving out from tpg, can I use the nbn box and modem tpg provide for superloop nbn?


  • I tried using referral code but there is nowhere in the signup to indicate any discount is being applied. I went right through to last step. I know it doesnt stack with other promo so I deleted the SWITCHNOW21 code which was prefilled in the sign up. I want $10 off the 59.95 25/10 plan which isn't discounted in the promo.

    On closer inspection on the t&c there is absolutely no reference to a referee getting a discount, only the referrer. Negging this post as misleading

  • In your invoice you can see y do have a credit of $10 i went for 50/20 for the 6 months, price its very similar of what i used to pay with tpg, i guess ill downgrade after that, i dont really need that much; only 2 at home.

  • No mention of any benefit to referees, as incorrectly suggested by title.

    • I would say your neg is invalid, if you read the following disclaimer closely.

      Note: does not stack with promo discounts but helps a fellow OzBargainer.

      • It can't be used stand-alone either.

        The title is: "$10 / 10% off (Max $10) nbn for 6 Months for Referees/Referrers @ Superloop"

        which is wrong. For referees there is no benefit, regardless of how you use it.

        • I see your point. Their previous terms under the referral program have the referee a $10/mo discount also. It seems that when they updated these terms, that part was dropped. I'll update the title.

          I can advise however, you can add a referral code, and still use a promo code - as the referee you still get the promo code benefit, but the referrer gets thier benefit too. Think of it as altruism.

          My 1000/50 plan is currently free due to referrals, and all those that signed up probably used a promo code to get a better price also - win-win.

          I hope that clears it up.

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