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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global Version $39.99(OOS) | Xiaomi Juistar Portable Juicer $38.99 or Twin Pack for $69.99 Delivered @ Gearbite


Greeting everyone, another good deals for Mi band 5 and Xiaomi Juicer. Best local price for both products, Ship from Our Melbourn warehouse. Limit stocks available this time.

Xiaomi Portable Juicer single package Here
Xiaomi Portable Juicer Twin package Here

Band 5 Main Features:

  1. Large screen with dynamic color display, the display area is increased by about 20% again, 100+ themed watch faces
  2. 11 sports modes, rowing machine, skipping rope, yoga, elliptical machine
  3. 50 meters waterproof, can be worn in rain or swimming
  4. 24-hour heart rate monitoring, real-time monitoring, heart rate warning
  5. 24-hour sleep monitoring, REM rapid eye movement, sporadic naps
  6. New women's health, physiological period record and reminder
    7, 14 days long battery life
  7. Magnetic charging, direct charging without disassembly

Xiaomi Portable Juicer Main Features
Video Here and Here

Take it Away Anwhere with you and just Shake 'n Enjoy.

Glass Cup
Easy Juice-making or Baby food blender
Magnetic Contacts Charging
15 Cups on one full charge

Come offer 12 month warranty on these products.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +10

    Any chance you may stock the Xiaomi screenbar?

  • daaaaaamn, just paid $42 for my mi band 5 last week :(

    • +7

      Rippppppped hard, dude 🥺

    • +6

      fark… $2.01! feel for you man

    • +6

      brutal :(

  • Shipped from Aus?

    • +2

      Ship from Melbourne.

      • Thank you.

  • Does it have a vibrate alarm functionality for a phone call and morning alarm?

    • @Gearbite

    • Yes.

      • Thanks. Purchased!

    • +4

      Yes, that's exactly whati use it for. I can keep my phone away from me to avoid getting distracted, but still be notified when someone calls me. Also the vibrating alarm is great in the mornings when you don't want to wake up everyone else in the house

  • +2

    if only has NFC that works here…. seriously… why one one think of just simple band like that we can tap to pay….

  • got one for the wifey

  • +2

    Band 5 has noticeably worse battery than the 4 (even competing my year-old 4 to a brand new 5). More features and a nicer screen though, so there are upsides.

    • +1

      Thanks for this! Was thinking about getting one but think i'll pass and stay with my 4 now.

    • +4

      My band 5 generally lasts 3-4 weeks between charges

    • Which you won't notice if you put it on charge when you're in the shower.

      Because why the hell would you want to wear this thing in the shower?

      • Monitor your heartrate whilst increasing your step count ;p

    • +1

      Fully charges in about 30 minutes.
      Mine lasts more than a week with all 'battery draining' features on, including continuous heart rate monitoring.

  • +1

    Band 5 - no gps

    screen is okay but a bit hard to see in sunlight

    Please make sure you enable the function where screen turns on if you lift your arm, so you dont need to press the screen everytime you check

    • Not a fan of this feature as I often get blasted by light when I wake up and move my arm.

      • +2

        You can set a time frame for this feature to be active.

  • +1

    Joseph “Juistar”: “Holy sheeeet!”

    • +1

      oh my goooooood

  • The Mi Band 5 has hovered between $44 and $39.99 on for at least the last week.

    I'd personally much rather buy from Amazon than Gearbite.

    • +9

      Gearbite is standing right there

      • HA!

        Nothing against Gearbite in particular, but Amazon have decent returns, so just putting an alternative option out there.

    • Gearbite are solid

    • i found one ages ago on ebay for about $35

      they were giving them away ages ago

  • Tempted but I have the MiBand 4 and it seems to be going OK for me so far.

    • +1

      I have the same issue. It's the decision that drives capitalism.

  • got one, thanks for the good price, my old one got cracked screen.

  • OP, do you think this can fit a average 7 year old boy's wrist? Thanks

    • +15

      Might be ok for fingers but suggest a regular benchtop blender for your needs.

    • +1

      my 7 year old daughter has one, so should be no issues

    • +1

      Got one for my kid last week. The strap will likely be at the smallest setting. May or may not be loose depending on wrist size.

  • Yeah I keep looking at 5, but no real reason to up from 4. Well the charging looks nicer.

    NFC would seal it for me. Or inbuilt GPS for exercise without phone. Or bluetooth transmission to headphones for podcast listening but now I'm really stretching my imagination.

    • It's a big step up to a Garmin 245 Music to get bluetooth but you still don't get NFC.

      A cheap, GPS + wireless payments + music is coming, but it's not here yet. (emphasis on cheap)

    • I just want a basic phone in watch form. For the days I just want to leave my phone at home. Go for a run to cbd and just bum around there for a bit.

  • Never had a band before, will this work with iPhone 6S? Plus?
    I mainly want it to monitor heart rate and alert me if it goes over a certain bpm.

    • +7

      Okay Bruce Banner…

    • Keep in mind the heart rate alert doesn't allow for anything higher than 120bpm IIRC.
      It's more meant to notify if you're not being active but your heart rate spikes rather than, say if you're running and you're trying to keep below a certain bpm.

      • I would like to know if my heart rate goes above 80bpm.

      • +1

        The exercising heart rate alert is determined when you enter your age, height, weight, etc info.
        Mine alerts me at… >146bpm.

        • Is it possible to manually enter your own bpm limit?

          • +1

            @Jaxx: Went through everything but couldn't find the option to do this.
            However, you can easily view HR on the go.

          • +1

            @Jaxx: Just found where you can do this!

            When you enter any exercise mode via the band, you can select options and adjust HR and various other alerts.

  • what's the app like for the mi band?

    • It's ok. Not as robust as Fitbit's. It gets the job done with ok graphs. You can't zoom in on the heart rate graph for example. On the plus side you can configure the layout of the menu on the Band 5 more so you can remove all the activities you don't want to see, rearrange them in order of which ones you do most, etc.

      • +1

        Notify for Mi Band app gives you a lot more features, including ability to zoom heart rate graph.

        I used my Google Rewards balance to buy Pro version. I don't recall what extra features it gave you but I since GR balance evaporates if you don't use it, why not?

  • Bought one. Many thanks for the info

  • Hey OP,
    Dont these come in colours shown in pictures? Interested in Green or pink.

    • The main unit screen thing pops out of the band itself so what you're seeing is just different band colours. You can probably get a different band for a few bucks off ebay or Aliexpress if you can stand to wait a month for shipping.

      • Wont be using black, so rather than paying $10-15 for band, wanted to know about buying other colors. Wont have good experience previously buying staps from ebay for samsung gear.

  • watched a few review on youtube. Order is made for wifey.

  • be aware there seems to be some reports raising concerns on how accurate the heart rate monitor is.

  • Thanks OP, need a new one after having a run of bad luck on my end with the Mi Band 2. The first one got chewed up by one of the dogs whilst the other fell out of its band and I can't for the life of me find it.

    • +1

      Yeah, band 1 and band 2 had tendency to to fall out.
      Band 4 (and I believe 3 as well which is the only release I skipped), have different design and and I haven't had any issues - running, playing soccer or swimming.

      This price is really good for local stock. Tempting, but band 4 has been so great, that only failure or Global NFC payment would make me upgrade. Looks like Global NFC payment is not slated for band 6 either :(

    • +1

      This one doesn't need to be removed from the band to charge, so perhaps is less likely to loosen up in the band.

  • OP, any specials on Roborock?

  • What are the highlights between band 3 and band 5?

  • Read the title as "Xiaomi Joestar". Might be the next JoJo.

  • Any other Xiaomi watch on sale?

  • Thank you, got one

  • please offer a sale for dreame v11, as $369 deal before.

  • sold out?, could you put more in stock?

    • I would also purchase if there’s more stock OP

  • Is the juicer any good? Thanks

  • More stock please

  • Interesting concept of the juicer. But wondering at what limits can it blend up to? Can it blend ice?

    • Put some ice and some water would be fine.

  • Haha I didn't know I needed a portable blender till today. Got the twin pack.

    • I didn't know I needed a portable blender

      I bought a portable blender (not rechargable type) a few years ago because of ozbargain and only used a few times.

  • Band 5 Out of Stock!
    Op: Any more stock to add.

  • Ordered this on 4/2/2021 and received on 11/2/2021 in Perth. However, its not working, the LED light shows it's fully charged but the double click does not turn on. I just get the red LED flashes, which according to the instructions says the battery is low. I plug it in again and the LED is solid green, which means battery is charged.
    I emailed Gearbite on 12/2/2021 and later with a follow up. Yet to receive a reply :(

    • Please contact us at [email protected], we should give new replacement in your case.

      • Thanks. Since received the new blender top and it works now.

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