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25% off FLIRC Aluminium Cases for Raspberry Pi: Pi Zero $17.50, Pi 4 $21.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


FLIRC Silver Aluminium Case for Raspberry Pi 4 $21.50

FLIRC Black Kodi Edition Aluminium Case for Raspberry Pi 4 $21.50

The perfect home for your Raspberry Pi 4. FLIRC's case is made of a beautiful aluminum core heat sink that is sandwiched between two black, soft-touch shells that feel amazing in your hands. But once it's out of your hands, it blends in with your entertainment system.

Good looking, good passive cooling performance case for Raspberry Pi 4.

See discussion of cooling performance

Historical lowest price on Amazon AU

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FLIRC Raspberry Pi Zero Case $17.50 + Delivery — thanks to tommitytom's comment

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  • 25% off the Pi Zero version of the case too: https://www.amazon.com.au/Flirc-Raspberry-Pi-Zero-Case/dp/B0...

  • I got the labist case, despite the comments around here advising against it. Indeed, it is whiny.

    Would this be a better replacement?

      • I have two Pi's with this case, it's very good for the price. Both bought from core electronics.

    • this case has zero fan, so it will make exactly zero noise which is less than any case with an active fan

      • You have an option not to use a fan with neo and according to reviews it’s comparable to flirc. Fan with neo is for heavy usage. What I don’t like with fan on neo is that you need to open the cover otherwise it will trap the heat inside.

        • I've been wondering, with these passively cooled cases, it won't allow the pi4 to run at a higher clock right?

          Well I've been getting dropped frames in 1080p60 YouTube even with the labist, so I've been thinking if I could grab one of these passively cooled cases, slap a big piece of metal lid from those cookies tins on top, hoping for it to radiate heat out through the large surface area?

    • Same, I have the Labist case too. Agreed that the fan does get a bit whiny/noisy.

      When it does start to get a bit noisy for me, I remove the lid, detach the fan, wipe down the fan/case from the dust, and then spray a little WD-40 on the fan. That seems to quieten down the fan for a few weeks before it collects dust again and I just repeat it.

      There are a few reviews on YouTube highlighting the temperature diferences of this FLIRC case - e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkLr08K0c1E.

  • I like the FLIRC. But most people prefer the look of the Neo.

  • @imho… Nice find for an "L-Plater" :)

    Price is right too. This is comparable with price on the flirc.tv web-site - USD15.95 = AUD21.36 @ 0.75 + shipping (enough to frighten the horses, so don't go there).

    By the way, there is a choice of either a silver case or a modded Kodi Edition case at the same price for those who like that sort of thing to fit in nicely with their media centre aesthetics.

    These are great cases and are certainly cooler looking and cooler operating the standard Raspberry Pi 4 plastic cases.

    Thanks O/P… Bought a couple for my current and next Pi builds.

  • Got 2 already, one for RPi 4 (Kodi version) and one of the older ones - love them. Keeps the Pi cool and looks nice.

  • This is my favourite Pi case. I have two Pi 4 B's in the roof running SDR and FlightAware software, and both stay at comfortable temperatures despite the hot summer.

    • lol.. why r u tracking airplanes

      • Probs a hobby, like how some people track busses.

      • they upgrade your fr24 account to the business edition (US$499/year) which is basically every single feature available. Unsure what FlightAware offer but it is similar if you also feed data to them.

        I've been learning a lot about antenna building also from doing this

        its pretty much set and forget once you get it up and running

        • Yep - free FlightAware Pro account, and once the PiAware software is setup it runs by itself.
          The SDR is for radio scanners.

          • @adriany: Simple question, your antenna needs to be in open air or next to a window? You can’t just set it up in the roof space as it’s LOS is blocked by the tiles right?

            I’m hoping not to need to make a weatherproof enclosure for my cantenna if I want to have it higher / mounted on my tv antenna

            • @cam83: Yep - the antenna is best is open air. It will work near a window, but only for the horizon visible from the window. Radio waves in most commonly-used bands are line-of-sight.
              I have a few antennas mounted on the roof (UHF, VHF and ADS-B) on a short pole, with cabling to the raspberry pi's in the roof space. Power comes from a UPS in the garage. The Pi's are all connected by Wifi so if anything gets hit by lightning, I don't impact my house network cabling.
              The Flirc cases are brilliant: no fan so no dust, and enough passive cooling to keep everything well below the thresholds even when running at 50% CPU.

              • @adriany: Yeah my cantenna just sitting on the window sil of the study, gets decent enough view of the horizon with a bit blocked by the fence outside.

                Previous owners had co-ax tv antennas cables to every room so I’m thinking of using the port in the study to enable something to be mounted on my tv antenna pole on the roof since the cabling is already done to the study. Should be able to cover just about all of Perth when I look at the messages my ghetto cantenna can get just from a window

                One day….

  • Good case indeed. Got one of these earlier this year for $29 (from Amazon US) for my Pi 3B+.

    My new house gets hot and was overheating the Pi in the official plastic casing.

  • Thanks OP, will use two of these to replace my labist cases which are both noisy.

  • Purdy alumulum

  • Love your work OP, had been flirting with getting a Pi about a year ago and this deal + $10 Amazon promo code deal convinced me to finally pull the trigger!

  • Might be able to get rid of the noisy fan after all this time.

  • Anyone know about the Cooler Master Pi Case 40?

    How does the Cooler Master Pi Case 40 compare against the FLIRC, Argon NEO and Argon One?

    The Raspberry Pi 3 & 4 have mores options for cases but does the RPi Zero have any good alternatives to the FLIRC case?

    Flirc Raspberry Pi Case Gen2 (New Model)
    $21.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime or $39 Spend)
    Made for the new Raspberry Pi 3 B+, works with Raspberry Pi 3, 2 and B+ Models

  • Back to $29.18 for the aluminium.

  • The Kodi version of the Pi 4 case is still $21.50

  • The FLIRC USB Universal Remote Control Receiver is at an all time low atm. $30.95.

    You need a universal remote to go with it, such as a logitech harmony 350. They are a pain to set up, but well worth it for HTPC's.


    I'd post it as a deal, but I haven't fully finished setting mine up. So don't really feel qualified to field all the questions that may come up.

  • Bought 2x pi 4 ages ago and never ended up using it much. What are you all using it for other than Kodi/media browser?

    • One I run home assistant off, and then I have a Pi Zero running a second instance of Adguard Home.

    • My current use case it to just play around with it. I tried pihole, android, kali, etc. bought originally with plan to make it a media center (eg android tv) to play streaming and sideloaded apps but it not yet that solid. Pihole was running for a while then had to try the new version of android and now is back to collecting dust. 😅

    • Home Assistant, with a ConBee II stick plugged in to handle Zigbee (Hue, IKEA, Aqara) devices. It's a very neat, secure and cross-ecosystem smart home setup.

    • Wanna sell?

      • It's cheap enough that it's not worth selling and paying postage though lol

        Bought mine initially wanting to do H.A but ended up with a hybrid Samsung smartthings and google home setup. Just seemed more reliable for me

        Will look up what adguard home is

        • Adguard home is an alternative to PiHole and let’s me block malicious domains or ads across my home network. I used PiHole for a while but the Home Assistant addon was depreciated so I swapped over. I have two instances so if I reboot one Pi, the other can still handle DNS requests. Both Adguard Home and PiHole do the same thing and I’d happily recommend either.

          • @Smigit: Thanks for this. Haven’t tried adguard home and will give this a shot. What I don’t like about pihole is that I needed to find/setup a good source of blocklist. Hopefully adguard home can also block facebook ads soon.

            • @inubaran: Yeah the lists can take a while. Adguard comes with their own list to start with, which I find fairly decent. I’ve expanded from there.

              It’s hard but. Easy to add some that are too restrictive and break things you want to access.

  • Back in stock at the reduced price

    • Update: Sat 06-March2-2021

      Still listed in stock @ the reduced price.

      I had one running 24x7 for about three weeks now. Running a variety of tasks to test stress. No overheating and still cool to touch.

      Looks good and will now buy another for my next Pi build. (Both silver and Kodi editions available in stock @ $21.50, shipped free for Prime members).