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[NSW, QLD] Chicken Penne Pesto Pasta 4 Meal Pack $6 (Was $16) Pickup @ Gate Gourmet Meals (Brisbane or Sydney)


Short dated stock but they are frozen meals so really these dates don't apply IMO. I purchased a load for work in December that were short dated, still tasting fine now. At $1.50 per meal this is good value.

From the site:-

NEW - Chicken Penne Pasta meal pack (4 meals)
$16.00 $6.00

best before 18th February 2021

4 x Penne pasta with grilled herb chicken and creamy pesto sauce

Normally $16 - price down to $6 to clear

Check website for collection open times

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    What sort of serving size is each meal?

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      small flight size, 2 would be equivalent to a normal adult serve IMO

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    The lack of nutritional information is less than ideal.

    • Just assume its as bad for your body as they normally are.

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      537 calories, 21.4g protein, 30.4g fat, 10.8g of which is saturated fat, 43.9g carbs

      • Thanks mate. Odd that they don't put this on the website.

  • Wish these were available in Melbourne. Sounds like these would reheat well

    • they are in melbourne as well

  • Ingredients?

  • I got these in the summer pack I posted, gotta say I'm not a fan… It's still dirt cheap but I wouldn't want to eat 4 of them. The sauce is overly thick and oily but lacking in flavour. Chicken is fine but there's only really one piece. In the tray the chicken maybe takes up 1/4 of the space, if that.

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      Add some chili flakes and the meal will be more manageable :-)

    • agreed, sauce needs a little milk post cooking also the chicken wasnt cut into smaller pieces.
      not bad for the price though IMO