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Samsung Galaxy S21 (128 GB) $0, S21+ (128 GB) $299, S21 Ultra (128 GB) $599 with Telstra 1-Year Contract $99/M @ JB Hi-Fi/TGG


In-store only. Offers exclude current Telstra, Boost and Belong customers.

Samsung Galaxy S21 (128 GB) $0, Minimum Cost $1188

S21+ (128 GB) $299, Minimum Cost $1487

S21 Ultra (128 GB) $599, Minimum Cost $1787

with Telstra 1 Yr Contract $99 P/M @ JB Hi-Fi

ETC: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0024/9803/5810/files/JB-Hi...

See Also: Samsung Galaxy S21 offer from The Good Guys

Edit: The Good Guys link thanks to Roguewolf

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  • +1

    Do you still need to be ported out for 2 months before hoping back?

    • Some have gotten away with porting on the day of sign up

    • I sign up to Telstra every year, have never had a problem even with same day port out and ins

      • Will they just tell you if it doesn't work or do they just port you then not give you discount?

        • Don't know

      • Spoke to both local Jb and Tgg last week and they both suggested they would enforce the 28 day period

        • +1

          Don't ask.
          What they don't know can't hurt them.

          • @Kangal: last year i did same day thing no issues, this year I did it but they have seen in their system and would not accept. i had to wait 28 days to be eligible.

    • It's normally 30 days, as opposed to 2 months. That said some people get away with it earlier, others get knocked back.

      • They pretty strict around here, look up on their computer and count the days

        • Yeah seems a bit inconsistent. I got knocked back a while ago for only doing 15 days but hear of others getting away with it after 2 or 3. I guess you can always give it a go and at worst you're told to come back in in a few weeks.

        • +1

          tell them with COVID-19, 1 day feels like a month, and let me know how you go.

  • Is this Telstra 5G?

  • Could do the ETC again..

    • +1

      Etc 599 plus 599 upfront is 1198 which is around 250 cheaper than edu store for ultra…. Hmmm

      And get hands on discounted jbhifi cards for more savings which brings it down further …. 😎😁

      • Yeah :)

        • +1

          Noice might fold in and get one and sell my Oppo X2 pro

          Etc $594( 12 x half the phone plan price early term fee) plus $599 upfront which can be discounted further using left over tcn cards

          All up could be $1133 if U get jbhifi GC @10%

          That's noice!😎

      • What is etc, can u pls explain this route.
        Does this deal also give us any jbhifi gift cards

      • where did you find ETC = 599?

        • Terms and conditions of the $99 plan. ETC actually = $594 from what I can see.

        • Find or download the T&C or CIS pdf file of the Telstra JBHifi $99 plan on the website

      • +2

        tho im still on eye for s20 fe waiting to go down.. but noice, might hit the button for ultra, price quite decent for ultra only, not worthy upgrade for normal s21 or s21+

      • -1

        ETC is $599 + you would have $500 Voucher Fee, so the total ETC will be $1100.

        • What you mean??? Where's the other 509 from???

    • +2

      I thought Telstra/ Jbhifi closed this loophole?

      • +3

        How they close it? Still says it in the terms and conditions?

        • +1

          I think the loophole was to cancel it without paying the etc

    • I have a prepaid (365 day) account with Boost. Could I sign up with a new number, pay the ETC, and then swap the SIM for my existing Boost one, thus keeping my number?

      • I think this deal excludes current Telstra, Boost and Belong customers

        • +2

          I was under the impression that was only for customers that wanted to port their number from Telstra, Boost or Belong. I'm asking about getting a new number, then paying the ETC and never using that number, then putting my existing Boost SIM in.

          • @rogk: Sorry I misread that. Based on the exclusions, it sounds as if its limited to folks porting their existing number over. Yeah, I'd also like to know if you can sign up for a new number instead of porting

            • @MarketersDream: No matter. They've added a voucher fee in their new T&C. See below.

      • phones like S21 comes in dual sim (one eSIM, and one physical) anyway, so don;t worry about getting a new number, all you have to do is asking Telstra for an eSIM after signing than you can keep your current number with cheap prepaid to receive calls and txt while using the eSIM for anything else :)

    • +1

      wait, so this means I could score a brand new Samsung S21 for $599 total?

      • That was going to be my exact question.

      • -1

        Yes plus the pro rated amount of days you are on contract. E.g $99 plan per month you are on it for 3 days before cancellation $99 ÷30 = $3.30. Then 3 × $3.30 = $9.90 plus your etc

        • You're forgetting the "Maximum Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee"

          • +2

            @splishy: You're right sorry. I didn't know they changed the terms and conditions. I got my S20 plus last year this way. Didn't get hit with etc either. I apologise for the misleading advice.

      • Has anyone tried this yet?

  • -1

    Coming from prepaid boost?

  • I have seen people selling brand new sealed aussie stock with invoice s21 ultra 128 on fb marketplace under $1400.

    Very hard to believe if its legit, how could they have got so cheap.

    • +8

      Probably telco/ salesman got them 50% off RRP and flog them off.

    • Yes, Telco Employees get 50% off, so its those people who are selling at less than $1400.

    • +1

      I've heard people expertly open the sealed box and swap out an inferior phone.
      You look and are impressed - buy because it's exactly the way it should be.
      You open box later after deal is done and boooooom, surprise !!!!
      Seller is long by then……

      • +1

        expertly open the sealed box

        Yes, probably use hair blower to soften the sticky seal and peal it off slowly, perhaps?

    • -1

      Likely the telstra employee discount. They can buy the new flagship for 50% off once per employee and only for personal use. They're not supposed to sell them, but they do. They almost cancelled the scheme last year because so many employees advertised them for sale on sights even saying they're telstra employees lol.

  • Can you pay upfront cost with jb gift card?

    • Yes you can.

  • What are the RRP for each model at edu store?

    • +4


      Ultra prices


      S21 plus



      These are just copy paste and don't forget to minus another 50 bucks for the newsletter signup

      • Plus you get wireless charger free if you buy edu store

        • I think that was pre order only no?

          • +2

            @agalea101: I just checked edu portal, bonus trio wireless charger offer still available till 14th Feb.

            • @BK12: Cool would go nice with buds and watch if one has those . Thanks for info

              • @agalea101: Overall, a huge rip-off.
                The Buds are crap, the watch is nice but not RRP-nice. And the phones are trying to compete in the $1.5k segment, when traditionally Samsung's flagships used to cost $600-$1000. They've taken Apple's approach and ran with it.

                It really grinds my OzB gears!

                • @Kangal: I feel U bro

                  Coming from rocket Samsung s2 days I feel that.

                  Thank apple for that stupid 1k move for the iPhone X…. But alas it's our ozbro duty to find these beautiful machines cheap

                  But yeah PMO too

  • I'm sure a version of this gets asked a lot, but does porting from Aldimobile work or is it considered Telstra?

    • +1

      Aldi is fine, you can't port from Belong or Boost and get the deal though

  • Is exynos really improved?

    • According to this video, efficiency-wise, yes. But it still falls behind the SD888 in most benchmarks.

    • +1

      in real world .. i doubt u would really notice it…

      the only bad thing i would say would be the extra heat the exynos puts out…

      • -2

        Its the other way around this time. A few reviews show that SD heats up more than Exynos on S21 series.

        • +1

          not that i've seen… the exynos heats up faster and will start to throttle faster is what ive seen.

          at any rate… my s21u has been much better than s20. s20 definitely had heat issues, but s21u has been great, no issues whatsoever.

          exynos beats sd in more cpu related benchmarks, but is let down by is weaker gpu, the sd gpu is much better.

          this might change when they start using amd but i'd be very wary of first gen amd/samsung.

          i'll prob give next gen a miss.. maybe.

    • -1


      Exynos beating SD here.

    • constant stress on the cpu, it lags as it overheats, but if you don't game, it should be fine. Battery is definitely improved.

    • Yes it has. First time happy to buy Exynos and not import snappy here

      But only minor Minor issue is with camera and snappy having slightly better HDR and noise reduction

      But that vs local warranty and good prices locally… This is the way

    • Yes, significantly.

      CPU wise it's neck and neck with the Snapdragon this year. Battery wise it's neck and neck, potentially even better according to some tests. GPU wise it's worse, so if you play big 3D games a lot then that's a bit of a let down, but it's still better than last years and much closer to the snapdragon.

      In reality though you would likely be 100% unable to tell the difference between the 2 models if you were handed them both and told to find a difference.

    • CPU benchmarks are better for exynos, graphics worse. You'll notice a difference with games

  • -1

    just wait and see if S21 price will be dropped further after 13 Feb (day when xiaomi release 11 pro)

  • Does this mean If I cancel immediately I can get the S21 or S21+ for $599 Or $599 plus 299? What about the 1 month connection fee $100.

    • following. great deal if this is true!

    • Yes it does. But I wouldn't mention to the JB Hi-fi guys that you're planning to cancel it immediately haha. Where did you see a $100 connection fee? As far as I know that's never been required before

    • no, you gotta pay the early termination cost (etc) which is 594 as everyone has indicated. that's what I paid when I cancelled my last plan to get the wife a new iPhone.

    • Also following!

    • No that's not true. You would also pay $500 Voucher fee which Telstra introduced for JB hifi and good guys plans if you cancel within first 6 months.

      • yes they introduced that early this year but note that this deal has no associated to any voucher (e.g $500), its price reduction of the phone, so its only ETC that you need to pay based on CIS. I suggest check your contract first before sign it.
        I also dont see $100 "connection fee", whats that? you mean $99pm?

    • True. And as others have said, don’t mention it to JB staff. That voucher crap is not in your contract so I don’t know how JB can make you pay anything back. $594 is early termination fee for the $99 JB plan. Other than that what you pay upfront is part of the offer.

      I’ve done it a few times over the years, even got away with not paying ETC as long as it lasted.

      • +7

        That T&C attached to $99 plan is not updated on their website as it doesn't show the voucher fee. I signed up for their $99 plan a couple of weeks ago and proceeded to cancel the next day, i was stung with $1100 ETC.

        • +1

          Guys, this is what I meant by the loophole, so I am a bit hesitant to go through signing up and have to be stunned with ETC + $500 voucher. I am afraid, if I am not mistaken or guessing, this time if Jb HiFi printed receipt will probably end up like this:-

          Cost of the S21 Ultra phone, say $1099 - $500 voucher = $599 upfront.

          So you might end up paying ETC, for $99 plan is $594 + $500 voucher reimbursement = $1094.00

          Unless someone sign up and go through this and prove me wrong.

          • +10

            @cloudie9: That is correct. The receipt will have the phone cost ($1849 for S21 Ultra) minus the vouchers to bring the cost down to $599. There is no other way other than applying the voucher for JB hifi to give you the phone for $599 upfront.

            So there will be a $500 voucher fee charged when you cancel.

            A lot of people are being misled here…and people who are on their neg train on my comments… But I learnt it the hard way last week.

            • @batrarobin: what phone/plan did you signed up last week? didnt see any recent jb telstra deal except today

            • @batrarobin: This is pretty dodgy. Why not just add $500 to the handset cost? Intentionally misleading advertising?

              I would report this to the ACC.

        • +1

          but this deal doesnt have anything to do with voucher?

        • if that is the case, Telstra / JB need to have the updated T&C available. there is no way I would be paying that if they can't show me signed contract or voice recording accepting those terms.

          what does it say on your Telstra bill the extra amount ? (other than $594)

          • @fifoo: My bill showed the plan cancellation charges of $1100 as one line item.

            • @batrarobin: Is it exactly $1,100? or $1,094? Just trying to work out the breakdown

              • @CodeXD: It was $1091 (probably due to pro-rata for keeping the contract for 1 month out of 6 months, as they charged me 1 month $99 in advance)

                • @batrarobin: That still doesn't make sense?

                  I would go back to Telstra and ask for a breakdown.

                  If you had 11 months left on contact, it would be 11 x 99 /2 + 500 = $1,044.5

                  • @CodeXD: That $1091 calculation was sort of explained in the bill. Due to my billing cycle, there was also partial billing cycle involved so it all calculated correctly. Basically it was based on [$594 ETC + $500 voucher fee]

                    • @batrarobin: Did you sign up with a phone?
                      Any upfront fees on the phone?
                      Does the receipt indicate that the reduced price is from gift card?

                      Or did you get the $500 voucher?