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Bonus 120,000 Rewards Plus Points with New Platinum Credit Card ($3000 Spend in 90 Days Required, $0 Fee First Year) @ HSBC


Edit: Multiple users have reported that this is a targeted offer for existing HSBC customers. You need to have received an invitation e-mail and apply for a new Platinum Credit Card to qualify.

New HSBC customers can choose between no interest balance transfer for 26 months (1% transfer fee applies) and $0 annual fee for the first year, or 84,000 Rewards Plus points but no annual fee waiver.

Update: based on comments, looks like HSBC may be claiming this deal is targeted.
If it helps, here's a screenshot of the email I received - https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/216608/86881/hsbc_excl...
Aside from the subject line saying "Exclusive" and the body addressing "Dear [my name]", there's nothing in the T&Cs saying exclusively to email recipient.
Apply at your own risk and take screenshots every step of the way - enjoy!

Just got an email from HSBC - seems like a decent churner. Also comes w two airport passes which hopefully can be used

Features and Benefits

  • Get 120,000 bonus Rewards Plus points when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases using your new card within 90 days of card approval.¹ That's enough for $500 in e-Gift Cards from great retailers like Bunnings, Coles, Woolworths, Uber and more
  • 0% interest per year on balance transfers for 26 months² (1% balance transfer fee applies³)
  • $0 annual fee for the first year⁴
  • Earn 2 Rewards Plus points for every dollar spent on eligible international purchases and 1 Reward Plus point for all other eligible purchases⁵
  • Enjoy 2 airport lounge passes every year at over 500 airports worldwide⁶
  • Complimentary domestic and international travel insurance⁷

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      • The main one on the website is only 84k

  • Terrible web portal and if you own one of the later phones with bokeh, you won't be able to get yourself verified.

    You'll then either need to fill in the documents and get your Driver's License verified and confirmed at a post office, or otherwise rock up to one of the very few HSBC branches in your state.

    Oh, and business hours only, weekdays only.

    • even if you had hsbc saving account before? (but already closed it)

      • No comments on savings account as I haven't owned one before, just the credit card application has been a nightmare

  • +1

    I cant get past the sms link for facial verification, fail lol, no sms'es coming through

    • +1

      Not receiving the SMS link for facial verification , tried clicking trying again but no response.

      • just got it now, the capture system is incredibly stupid.

        it captures your id in 2000 era image quality, does a shit ocr job, then asks you to correct fields name, surname, dob and license expiry - oh and btw you can edit max 3 because id theft

        to top it off, if it captures your license number incorrect, bad luck, cant change try again.

        edit: Worked with iphone 12, didnt work with Note 10+ because of camera's acting up. iphone quality was perfect.

        • +2

          after all that dramas, later they said sorry its targetted offer you dont get the email you get standard bonus points plus pay annual fee :(
          better be careful

          • @ChiMot: damnit and they did a credit check already -.-

          • @ChiMot: Wow, I did apply and conditionally approved. I have screenshot the website to be safe.

            • @yht: doesnt matter if this one is targetted then you wont get. you are not the intended receipient of the email/offer

              • @ChiMot: Will ask them when they chase me up again next week

          • @ChiMot: No mention in Ts n Cs

        • +2

          Good old HSBC, they never change, always incompetent, always customer hateful ( unless you are engaging with the business solutions team to solve your money laundering problems)

  • Damn , just been made redundant a couple months ago. Will they honour redundancy payments?

    • +1

      If it mentions redundancy then it will be instant rejection. Similar with Jobseeker.

    • You make over $40,000 per year in redundancy payments?

      • +4

        Probably one of the directors that got stood down at Crown.

  • Nice thanks!

  • i am doing chat and call at the same time.
    both confirming for existing customer/receive email - new promo some staffs may not aware - but the guy in the phone promised to re-confirm and call me back next week.

    • +8

      It's Friday, they will say anything to get you off the phone.

  • I think I have everyday account with HSBC, haven't used for a long time, so will I consider a new customer and eligible for it ? Thanks

  • That bonus value is pretty much the same as other Qantas Frequent Flyers CC

  • I was gonna apply for the Qantas Premier Platinum promo, mite hold off and apply for this, but don't want the credit check if it's a targeted specific promo.

  • I've just been approved for their previous standard offer for this card 84,000 points $129 annual fee. Do you think I could switch?

  • +6

    hi all, i'm chatting online with their support team who advised "this offer is specifically for existing customers who don't currently hold a Credit Card with us." When i pointed out "The 120,000 bonus Rewards Plus Points will be credited to your Rewards Plus Account within 60 days of meeting the spend criteria, provided that your account is active and not in arrears. Offer is limited to new applicants only. Existing HSBC customers transferring from another HSBC credit card or customers who have held any Rewards Plus card types within the last 12 months are ineligible for this offer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Gift Card values correct as 11 January 2021.", they advised "This is a misunderstanding and we'll be raising this with the relevant department. I can assure you that this offer is limited to only our existing customers.You can also contact our Sales team on 1300 131 605 (or +61 2 9005 8114 from overseas) available Weekdays 8am to 7pm AEST to confirm this." who to believe??

    • Thanks for clarifying this!

    • +1

      Hsbc cooked their own promotion
      So by their logic no one is eligible

      • i'd say just nobody told customer service about it

    • Some banks treat CC as ‘new’ customer even if you have a savings account or other product with them. As I have a transaction account only, never had. HSBC cc but didn’t get an email, I will save the terms and conditions on their website and apply. If 120000 not applied with no fee but 84000 and fee, I will raise the issue with them as the t and cs DON’T mention being invited to apply

    • If you apply to those T&C's, then those are the T&C's. And they must honour them.

  • +2

    Waste of time, a lot of likes on this post but did anyone even make the application? Seems targeted to existing from comments, and am seeing a lot of complaining.

  • Im with hsbc and never got this email. Might be targeted offer. Can anyone confirm?

    • +1

      Yes i am with hsbc as wel and did not get the email

    • with HSBC too and didnt get the email

  • HSBC are very fussy, rejected me 5 months ago.

  • Should this be marked as targeted if multiple comments say chat has confirmed it's only 84K points if not an existing customer? Or will they honour the 120K points given the T&C's don't mention anything about needing to be an existing customer?

  • Rejected lmao

  • +1

    Weird they people claim it's targeted when the terms say it's only eligible for new customers?

    • +1

      New credit card customers but old HSBC clients

  • do they still waive the annaul fee if you spend over $6000 per year on this one?

  • Thanks OP, this is exciting.

  • -2

    HSBC is the best bank in the world. They freeze many terrorist account quickly and stop terrorist activities from happening.

  • Do you know if they have an extra fee for additional cardholder? For the first year that is.

  • Can I get this offer? I have everyday account with them ?

  • Has anyone ever got it without a HSBC card?

  • Terrible user interface, got stuck at the facial ID recognition part and after multiple attempts gave up. Had to fill application form in twice because it kept failing to complete the form the first time when I did it on my laptop.

    Good offer - would’ve been great to have been able to complete.

  • +1

    Applied and got conditionally approved. Will see what comes out of it. I'm existing customer but did not get email.

    • Please keep us updated - the same boat

      • Got sms this afternoon that the application is approved. Hopefully getting full 120,000 points won’t be a problem.

    • Me too. Just need to get around to uploading my pay slip. I was happy I didn’t have to log in when I said yes to existing customer because I’ve lost my login details

  • How did you figure out its targeted?

    I can goto "Go to deal" and apply from card there.

    I am trying to figure out I am eligible for the bigger bonus + no fee.

    • +3

      yeah nowhere in the t and c says it's targeted.

      link works without any tracking


      i'd save the offer webpage and report them to afca if they don't deliver

      • Yep, saved the offer page before I started the application to have the proof of the offer. Hopefully there will be no need to chase them.

        • +5

          Save page as PDF of the offer (inc t&c) you applied for and make sure they deliver.

          “I was browsing online for a new credit card and came across your website (show page), so I applied. Now - Where is my $500 gift card?”

          If you don’t want to deliver on your advertised offer, I will need to discuss this misleading conduct further with the financial regulator…

          Should be interesting

          • @Shaneeo: Good practice, will do the same. Thanks.

      • Yeah just realised there was no code mentioned in the URL to indicate that it's targeted.

  • Is buying woolies/Coles gift card eligible purchase? Thanks

    • and also how to check how much spent are eligible, is there a meter/dashboard to track the progress?

  • -1

    HSBC supporting the HK national security law.

    • +10

      Then I think it will be our social duty to milk the $600 in cash back and cancelling before first year is up.

      • Was just about to reply this exact comment.

  • +6

    I'm rolling the dice, I can't see how this is targeted. If anything I'll cry false advertising.

  • hey guys i got through but on using upload the bank statements via ilion- it says uploaded then can't go to the next step/ do i need to wait till they verify the uploaded bank statements?

    • I think that is the very last step once you successfully verified your payslip via their website, at least for me. Or you can click the link they sms you and log in with your DOB & application code to check the progress.

  • +1

    Honestly don't bother. They can't even open a transaction account for average Joe like me easy enough..cant imagine the hassle you have to go through for a cc

  • Rejected after going through all hassle.

    Waste of credit check :(

    No follow up email was sent for my future record. Only displayed rejection on the screen with reference ID.

    What a pathetic way of handling application.

  • How many people have successfully been approved?

  • I just want to see if you have an account whether you get 120k or not.

  • +2

    Applied last Friday afternoon, got approved 8.30am upon check with them. No 120k points after checked with customer care. Cancelled card straight away, double checked that no annual fee will be charged.

    • And i don't have any HSBC credit card in last 5 years at least.

    • why you cancel straight away? what if it takes time for the system to give you the points? what if they are investigating and then decided to grant you the points?
      why is so rush ?

      • +1

        Don't bother. Too much hassle, transfered me 4 times this morning, even handed up once.

    • +1

      Do you mean customer care said you won’t be getting 120k points even with 3k spend?

      • +1

        Yes, they said according to website there is no 120k offer.

        • weird last week two staffs from chat and call both confirmed they knew about this new offer but only for existing hsbc accounts holder

        • +2

          according to website there is no 120k offer.

          And what did they say when you told them it is on the website and offered them a link?

          • @watwatwat: I even read out the page, they said currently there is no such offer according to their website.

            • @anson: I think the employee is just too lazy. I'd get their name and ask to speak to their manager.

              I'll update in this thread if I get approved and I'll try to ask customer service the same thing.

              • @watwatwat: Any update?

                • @nightelves: Oh my god HSBC are another level of retarded.

                  I updated payslip then get called a day later with then wanting a bank statement so I upload that. Then a day later they want another bank statement which shows my salary being deposited and has to be within 90 days old, so I do that. Then 24 hours later I get another call saying it has to show salary within 30 days old. ING doesn't even offer a statement that recent to me.

                  All that after giving a full face 3D scan and photos and driver license etc etc etc.

                  I would say this bank is not worth it. Better to churn elsewhere.

                  The incompetence is high with this one.

                  • +1

                    @watwatwat: you have been HSBC'ed

                  • @watwatwat: I only need to upload the last 2 payslip as I am paid monthly plus a discharged letter from my bank home loan. You probably got the retarded one. The same person ?

                    • @yht: I doubt it is the same person every time. I think they are all as dumb as each other.

                      I'm quite sure they are just all lazy employees. If the customer actually meets the criteria, they probably need to do the work to actually process the application so they are incentivised to give crappy information and reject all submitted documents based on nothing.

                      • +1

                        @watwatwat: I couldn't trust them, that's why i gave up. Lol

  • ING does show the 30 days. Just do a print screen. That’s what I did. I’m still keen given it’s $600 cashback for literally no annual fee.

    • Ok thanks I will try that. I was under the impression it had to be an actual PDF statement.

      I keep getting told different information every time from them.

      • If so just print as PDF and that should convert it to PDF for you.

        • Ok thanks for the tip.

          Also I just called them. It's crazy how many points of ID they want: name, mother's maiden name, debit card number, internet banking username, license number, date of birth, address, application reference number. Then after all that, they transfer to someone else who wants date of birthday, phone number, mother's maiden name.

          And after all that, she advises me that the email addressed to me actually states the statement has to be within 90 days. So she said that should be good enough and she'll try to have application re-assessed.

          I wouldn't be surprised if I get a call tomorrow saying I need to upload within 30 days. In which case I will try your pdf technique.

          • +1

            @watwatwat: WTF! That is ridiculously excessive. I suppose they're extra careful these days after that doco on Netflix. Anyway can you let me know what they say about the 120k points. Thanks.

            • @nightelves: Haha after all this, it would be a nice ending if they don't honour the deal anyway.

              Yep I've seen the HSBC documentary and they are indeed a cancer of the world.

  • Worst case scenario is we get the 84K 0$ annual fee they have on their main website I guess. All though I'll push and fight for the 120K points.

    • I don't think there's an annual fee waiver for the 84k promo

    • I believe 84k is with annual fee. The balance transfer offer is the one with no annual fee

    • becareful, read again i think you need to choose between 2 offers, one with points comes with annual fee

      Two great offers to choose from

      0% p.a. Balance Transfer for 26 Months1
      Put time on your side with 0% interest on balance transfer for 26 months1 (1% balance transfer fee applies2).
      $0 annual fee for the first year.

      Receive 84,000 Bonus Rewards Plus Points4
      Be rewarded with the HSBC Platinum Credit Card. Receive 84,000 bonus Rewards Plus Points points when you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases on your new card within the first 90 days4.

      • Yeah just saw that, I guess this is more proof that this 'deal' is different, as none of us got to 'choose' which option we wanted.

  • -3

    Nah think annual fee is waived. Saw it in the T&C

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