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Silicon Power U3 256GB MicroSD Card $40.99 Delivered @ Silicon Power via Amazon AU


Seems lower than last deal posted here. Sandisk U1 available @AmazonAU for $1 more.

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  • These silicone power cards seem to have a bad doa rate (still in the Decimals of percents); but if they survive a "burn in" get very highly rated.

    Since Amazon won't argue with a refund, I'd be willing to try at this price; not bad at all.

    • It is a third party (Silicon Power) so no, Amazon won't deal with the RMA until third party seller failure to do so.

      Your statement is only true when it's sold by Amazon AU or US/whatever.

      • That is incorrect, since it is shipped by amazon they deal with returns and refunds of the item, I have had things go wrong when I bought an item fulfilled by amazon and amazon will literally refund without you returning or they might ask for it to be returned and refund you straight away, you don't have to directly deal with the seller.

        • I have had Samsung SD card shipped by Amazon but sold via third party supplier, where I gone through third party who told me to go to Samsung directly for RMA (and did without issue).

          I have had Gooloo jump starter kit that delivered to wrong address (Melbourne whereas I'm in Sydney) during Prime Day sale and Amazon just refunded me but they wouldn't do a replacement instead because it's sold by third party. They did replace several other items sold by Amazon that was purchased along with the Gooloo.

          Of course I have had experience like you as well but it's not always the case. As they are sold by 3rd party supplier Amazon can and has refused to step in directly (see the Samsung SD Card). It's only true while the return window is still up, but once past that 30-60 days you are going to have to deal with 3rd party seller. And SD card doesn't fail within 30-60 days unless it's really bad, mine failed after 9 months.

          • @Bigboomboom:

            It's only true while the return window is still up

            Incorrect as well, I have had an item go wrong 11 months after I purchased it and it was sold by a third party seller and shipped by amazon, amazon refunded it and even said I don’t have to return it, they even said I don’t even have to have any interaction with the seller.
            Must be the customer service rep you had as some of them will provide incorrect information

      • Sorry mate; they can TELL you to go wherever they want; but if you wish to push your consumer rights, the money was sent to Amazon, and the shipment is fulfilled by Amazon.

        I've had them suggest I contact the distributor; I've just told them "no I prefer to deal with the retailer as per ACL", Amazon says no problem.

        I think the staff are multinational; so they forget that Australia has significantly more consumer rights than anywhere else they service.

  • I don't understand why anyone would buy a SanDisk U1 card at less than half the speed of this one (SanDisk don't even advertise the write speeds, they're so bad).