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HP 15.6" FHD 15S-FQ1052TU 10th Gen i5/8GB/512GB SSD Laptop - $599 Delivered @ druin2229 eBay


This looks to be a pretty good price for the specs - a 15.6" laptop with FHD/10th Gen i5/8GB/512GB SSD for under $600 is rare to see (especially the 512GB SSD).

The same model is apparently an "Awesome Deal" at Harvey Norman at $1099 - https://www.harveynorman.com.au/hp-15-6-inch-i5-1035g1-8gb-5...

Here's the complete specs:

HP 15.6" 15S-FQ1052TU 8GB/512GB SSD Laptop (9PG01PA)
Offering a wide range of performance-driven features like an Intel Core processor, SSD storage, and Windows 10, the HP 15.6-inch i5-1035G1/8GB/512GB SSD Laptop makes a great companion for the busy, on-the-go crowd. Compact and lightweight at just 1.7kg, you can easily bring it along wherever your next endeavour takes place.

Barcode (GTIN)
Product Type Laptops
Brand HP
Model 15S-FQ1052TU
Colour Natural Silver
Keyboard Backlit
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Type Intel Core i5
Processor Model 1035G1
Processor Speed (GHz) 1
Processor Max Speed (GHz) 3.6
Cache Size (MB) 6
Installed RAM 8GB
RAM Configuration 1 x 8GB
Primary Storage Capacity 512GB
Storage Type SSD
Digital Media Card Reader Multi-in-1 Card Reader
Screen Size (inches) 15.6
Screen Definition Full High Definition
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
GPU Chipset Manufacturer Intel
Graphics Card Memory Type Shared
Microphone Integrated
Wireless Networking Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2
Battery Type Lithium Ion
AC Power Adapter 45W AC Power Adapter
Connectivity 1x USB 3.1 (Type-C, Gen 1), 2x USB 3.1 (Type A, Gen1), HDMI 1.4b
Audio Ports Headphone/Microphone Combo
Security Features Fingerprint Reader
Operating System Windows 10
Product Width (cm) 35.8
Product Depth (cm) 24.2
Product Height (cm) 1.7
Weight (kg) 1.74

Manufacturers Warranty (months) : 12

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  • +12 votes

    Good price for the specs but god damn, stay away from HP.

    • stay away from HP.

      Why, their Probook not bad.

      How is the screen of this? 220 nits

    • cos of bloatware, or … ?

      • Can't speak for the group but a few issues I've noticed:
        - Fans run SUPER loud even when idle
        - Bloatware is annoying but not that big a deal
        - Build quality on a lot seems to be a bit 'creaky'
        - Quite a few still use old school wifi 802.11n (this was for a computer sold in 2020)

        As for this machine, 220 nits isn't great. The display is the thing that shouldn't be compromised on, because that's the thing you spend the most time looking at.

        • Pretty much how I feel about HP myself.

          • @Krad3r: Yep pennypincher98 pretty much summarised HP engineered products. You gotta feel for people who also bought their camera and printers over say similar Canon products.

            • @fuzor: That's not a fair assessment. HP build products to a price. Buy a $2k laptop, and it will be way better than this. I've bought both cheap and expensive, and the experience is that I get the quality I paid for. Sh*t cheap stuff, and very good expensive.

              • @mrau: Have you actually used HP products before? Pretty much everything they make for retail customers (us) is horrible to use. Learned this long time ago. I only buy Lenovo and Dell now. Bought a $2000 top end ultrabook in 2019 and the build quality between Lenovo Yoga c930 and HP Spectre x360 was not even close to the same level.

                Lenovo was built like a tank with zero keyboard flex or flex anywhere really, whereas the HP had a screen so loose, I felt it may fall just from me looking at it. Same target market and price level mind you.

                • @fuzor: Thanks for asking, I've been buying ThinkPads and HP laptops at a rate of about 2 a year for some 20 years. Yes, I know what I'm talking about. Several fantastic HP laptops over the years, and a very steady quality and resilience of X and T series ThinkPads. In fact, a 20" HP media centre laptop (yeah, not really for ones lap) is surely one of my best buys. Flawless, still working, and I can't even remember how many centuries ago I bought it.

                  My point is that generalising and stereotyping is not helpful.

                  • @mrau: Its not generalising when there are so many horror stories regarding this brand. And people should be warned of it.

                    I've given examples of why I think HP should be avoided. You're probably not being completely open about it but if you but looking at the first comment with 12 upvotes, it is enough said!

                    • @fuzor: Totally disagree and have sold and manage thousands of HPs (alongside other brands).

                      HP as a "Brand" on Prosumer stuff is generally excellent qualitywise and long lasting however there is a lot of crap on the "Consumer" models like this. In turn not good to generalise by saying the HP as a "Brand" is full of horror stories. All Brands have horror stories.

                      • @Borg: Now you're gonna talk about their business/enterprise models? I wrote "Pretty much everything they make for retail customers (us) is horrible to use".

                        Most consumers are gonna be buying the consumer models of any brand in a retail store. They are not going for business models!

                    • @fuzor: Lol, do you really believe in what you just wrote? HP sells more than 50 million laptops a year, and the few complaints your referring to are supposed to be helpful? Ridiculous.

                      • @mrau: Again read the first comment in this thread and the upvotes. Enough said.

                        • @fuzor: You really are a baby. 10 "upvotes" to a general rant about products that are actually not the one in this thread, while HP sold 50 million laptops just in the last 12 months, meaning 50 million people voted with their wallets.

                          Thanks for the laughs.

                          • @mrau: And you cant accept reality. 50 million sold because they are cheap junk thats contributing to quicker landfill and pollution. This deal is prime example of the cheap poorly engineered products that they design out of HP, sold in good number only due to low pricing.

                            • @fuzor: And the proof for all the nonsense you just wrote are 10 upvotes on Ozbargain. You should consider doing stand-up comedy.

        • 220nits seems the norm. My recent laptop purchase came with a 500nits screen, but with a far higher price tag. The added brightness makes a huge difference though.

    • Guys be really careful if you're going for a HP. I used to get sucked in on the price. Their laptops are damn cheap. I bought the pavilion series and would never ever buy HP again because of the experience I've had. See my previous posts if you want to hear my experience on them.
      pay $250 more and get the bargain lenovo Ryzen 5 IdeaPad

  • Pretty good for the price.

  • Came too late! D:

  • +3 votes

    One bought 3 and other bought 2. Sold 9 units in 13 minutes.

  • Okay seeing as we're all hating on HP, what brands do you like? Lenovo? Dell? I'm also in the market for a ~$600 laptop (originally considered chromebook but decided against it). Doesn't have to be flash, but I did want a mainstream CPU (I.e. an i3/is over a pentium or celeron) and just need an ssd or m.2 for fast boot speed (size doesn't really matter).

    • Acer and Asus^ have been good to me.
      Had an Acer Spin for 3.5 years now (2 in 1/i3-7130U/8GB/256GB) got it for around $700 after gift cards/cashback.

      Very tempted by the Lenovo Ryzen, but I'm waiting for a reason to upgrade, the Acer has done everything I've thrown at it.

      Speak to a sales guy, most of them will tell you HPs rep has gone down the gurgler.

      ^Have not had any experience with Asus support, someone below says it's crap.

      • Asus support, someone below says it's crap.

        Both Asus and Acer are crap

        For business user always HP because of their support and onsite.

        • Found good experience with Acer support personally. Haven't had to use it much.

          HPs support would want to be good because you encounter so many issues with them.

          • @pennypincher98: I had a bad experience with Acer when sending a laptop back for a refund. I had to follow up myself every time, with them never getting back to me in the promised timeframe. Then telling me their tech's couldn't find anything wrong with it, so I had to send video evidence. After that, they told me after checking again, that there were faults indeed found with the device, imagine that! So I was finally promised a refund after going through this lengthy process, then had to wait over a month to finally receive the refund.

            I must say, I have always had a fantastic customer experience with Dell. Unfortunately I had issues with the devices where they had to be sent back, but the process was hassle free and straight forward. I was always kept up to date with what was going on, and in a timely manner, getting reply's always within hours. The rep I dealt with was very easy to communicate with, and even followed up with me to make sure I received my refund.

            I'll be giving Dell another chance in future, but very unlikely I'll be giving Acer any consideration.

  • Personal experience … Asus or Dell. Go for I5 minimum if you can.

    • Stay clear of Asus (crap support), and Dell as their extended warranty is stupidly priced (if one wants 3 years). Personal opinion only. Lenovo is probably the way to go seeing as everyone here is Anti HP for the most part.

      HP are good but more on a prosumer notebooks rather than these consumer lower end ones. Lenovo would be the go if a good deal "on special" was to be had and while at it just addthe 3 year extended Lenovo onsite warranty……they are respectably priced.

      • I had a 15" dell Inspiron decked out with touch and it only $260 for 3 year pro support extension. My desktop 7040 Optiplex, was $89 for another 2 years. I find it very cheap for the support you get. I live rural and last claim there were here fixing it next business day

    • Just personal opinion - May be everyone has different experiences, I used both Asus & Dell. After warranty both were just money pit for me will never use them again.

      • If you want a laptop that will last a lifetime, it has to be an X or T series ThinkPad. You can even buy very old models, and they'll still do. While I don't use my very old ThinkPads, I can tell you that my 20 year old x20 still does a good job running Linux (could probably run w10 just fine).

  • for a $600 laptop you cant go too far wrong.

    Considering most of the time this nets you a Celeron / 4GB / 128GB on a 14" Touch Screen..
    by these specs it kills it