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12 Months Free Access to Chris Hemsworth's Centr App for AmEx Australia Card Members (Value $120) @ Centr


American Express has just launched a new app offer for eligible Card Members: 12 months complimentary membership of Centr By Chris Hemsworth, a health and fitness app. This benefit is valued at $120 p.a.

How to redeem this offer

To redeem this offer, you must subscribe to Centr using an eligible American Express Card via the offer link between 15 Feb 2021 and 14 Feb 2022. You must enter your card details as per the Centr app subscription process, although your card will not be charged if you are eligible for the offer. Limit of one complimentary subscription per card, and one time per Card Member during the offer period.

This benefit is available to American Express Card Members with active consumer, small business, or corporate Cards issued in Australia by American Express Australia Limited. We've been advised that supplementary cards are eligible.

Auto-Renewal & Cancellation
Your Centr App subscription will default to automatically renew at the conclusion of the complimentary membership period, and your American Express card will be charged at the standard rates published by Centr. If you do not wish to renew, you must cancel your Centr subscription no later than 24 hours before the end of your subscription period.

Existing Centr Members
If you already have a Centr subscription, you will be eligible to redeem this offer upon the expiration of your current Centr membership plan between 15 February 2021 and 14 February 2022.

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    • +1

      Worked fine on my DJs Amex

    • Worked fine on mine also…

    • All good. The Centr team fixed it for me, it was my other previous card stuffing it all up.

  • Is noom better?

  • So if you have a current subscription, you need to wait until the current subscription finishes before signing up? Or sign up now and the auto renewal for $0 will happen in the background?

    • what do you get with the subscription?

  • Anyone know if you can just create a new amex account and immediately claim this benefit?

    Never used Amex before.

    • +2

      You’ll need a card number as part of the sign up.

  • How do we see it's a $0 charge?

    On my subscriptions via settings it says total cost $120.

  • +1

    For those wanting more information, see here: https://centr.com/article/show/13943/amex-card-members-offer...

    Key takeaways:
    - "This benefit is available to American Express Card Members with active consumer, small business, or corporate Cards issued in Australia"
    - "you must subscribe to Centr using an eligible American Express Card via links provided in communications from American Express between 1 March 2021 and 28 February 2022"

    I might wait until 1 March to get an actual offer email before jumping on this. I have a corporate AmEx through work and don't really want the headache of sorting it out if any charge goes through.

    • +1

      The Amex briefing information I've been provided with states the launch date and start of card member communications is today, 15 Feb. Perhaps they brought it forward a couple of weeks. In any case, no harm in waiting until the official email comes through.

      • +1

        Official email just came through.

  • +9

    But I already look like Thor!

    me: fat Thor belly and sunnies

  • They put it as if I'm supposed to know who Chris Hemsworth is

  • +4

    Kept getting "Sorry, we dropped a dumbbell. Please try again shortly." but persist as it eventually worked (Velocity $0 card and did get promotional email). Cancelled sub and can confirm it says it will still remain active until 12 months is up.

  • +2

    When I enter my card detail and click submit it says "Sorry, we dropped a dumbbell. Please try again shortly." and doesn't work…

    I have the Low Rate Credit Card. ($0 annual fee)

    • +1

      I had the same error but then I refreshed the page or wentback and it looks like it's already registered me. Fine and processed to the next step.

  • damn, I signed up twice with two diff emails using the 1 amex card and it gave that error, but it actually did work.

    Total cost
    $119.99 AUD
    Renews on 15 February 2022

    Is this what it says in the subscriptions tab for everyone, or does it actually say $0? It said $0 when I entered the info now it says $119.99 in the subscriptions.

    • Yes, says $119.99 for me too. Card hasn't been charged though. Assume it's the same for everyone.

    • Mine showed $0 at first but when I cancelled it is shows what you have above… hopefully, no charge will be taken though.

    • +1

      Yep same here too. Hoping it's still $0 for the 12 months. I removed my Amex card details from the payment method in the account management page. Hopefully they can't charge now

    • +1

      don't worry it's worth $120 anyway

  • +1

    Can we cancel subscription now and keep the service active until end date?

    • yep, you just click cancel and you maintain access for 12mths

    • I removed my AMEX card after signing up and it worked. I have access until next year.

  • I'm going for his look in Endgame. Do I need to follow this app?

  • +3

    Leaving out vowels in brands seems to be the new trend

    Soon you will know a Michl and a Jhn who named their kid Mry

  • -1

    Hemsworth > Pratt, Pine & Evans

  • Had to create a new Centr account as my old account wasn't eligible 🤔 weird but at least got 12 months comp. Thanks OP

  • Is anyone able to do this one for me by any chance? Dont have an Amex card myself

    • Apply for one.

      • I honestly dont know too much about them, also I don't really need the Amex card.
        How much do they really cost? I know there's a 0 Fee credit card but I don't know if that one qualifies for this stuff.

        • It will. Every credit card will have a unique number which will be identified when you put it in the payment box.

          • @nightelves: Is there any benefit in getting one of the other ones? that are worth the costs?

  • Has anyone successfully signed up to this deal with an existing account? My wife created an account login but never went any further. When I get to the page to enter card details it says "Billed every 12 months from 22 February 2021.First 7 days free, cancel anytime. Total cost: $119.99"

  • I keep getting "Sorry, we dropped a dumbbell. Please try again shortly". Not sure if it's them or my cancelled credit card.

  • +1

    Chris Hemsworth after a one night stand, says to the lucky lady

    "you know i'm Thor,"

    flustered lady replies

    "you're Thor? i can barely walk"

    • "you're Thor? i can barely thpeak" 😫

      • You get it?
        Cause she chugged Mjolnir, Des and Troy all at the same time?

        I'll show myself out…

        • +1

          username checks out

  • This is so perfect! Thanks for sharing adelee I tried out 28 by Sam Wood during Steptember last year and loved the meal plans and shopping list. The workouts were fine but I got pretty bored (they did work though!). I love that Centr has a bigger variety of workouts and it seems like they include more leftovers and repeat the lunches sometimes so you don't have to make a whole new lunch every day (which I never did on 28). Excited to see how this goes :D

  • Worked on my DJs Amex. Signed up and cancelled straight away. Downloaded iOS app and logged in no problem.

  • I tried to signup. I've typed in all information and try to click on the "Start 12 Months Access" then a pop-up appears: Sorry, we have dropped a dumbbell. Please try again later. I click again a few times but still get same pop-up. I then tro to register again, but been told account already exists. I loggin and see : Great goal, B! Your first 7 days are free, cancel anytime.
    Does this mean my Amex card is not valid?

  • +1

    For those who are EXISTING members of Centr with an expired membership, try this link instead:


    • +1

      Man you are just too awesome!
      I m an existing member with expired membership and tried to use the offer but always had the full amount shown up so I didn't proceed and I ve tried hundreds of time
      Now it works. Thank you!

      • did you succesfully subscribed ? i cant ; it show a "null" amount for me, hence i cannot continue with payment…

  • +1

    So who has actually used it after signing up? LOL

    • Not me!! Is it any good?

      • can't find workout videos of hemsworth

  • https://centr.com/join?partner=amex

    you can create additional free subscriptions with the same amex card - for you and your granny

  • does anyone know if i can join with one account and how many devices / people can use?

  • Couldn't get a cancelled card to work like others. Just getting dropped dumbbell

  • I couldnt get this work with my cancelled Amex card oh well.

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