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[VIC] Indomie Mi Goreng (40x 85g) $9.99 Per Box (Parallel Import, Short Dated) @ KFL Supermarket


KFL has $9.99 boxes of Indomie Mi Goreng. Heaps in stock when I went. Parallel import and short dated April 2021.

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KFL Supermarket
KFL Supermarket

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  • Luckily this supermarket is within my 5km radius so I can go there and get a box. Thanks OP!

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    Every students dream come true…

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      must be on sale as students can't come here atm.

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        Interestingly most international students are rich and don't rely on mi goreng

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          They may be rich but they still love instant noodles

          • @ruski: Much like the soldiers of World War 2 missed eating mystery meat spam so much after the war ended, you dont give up on Indomie after you're out of college and on a liveable wage.

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    total wonders as soon as the lard melts into the noodles with the sweet soy sauce and the flavours…. with spam and eggs (if you can afford it :P)

    • Thats my weekly sodium intake… Worth

      • Just eat more banana. Potassium to counter and you should be sweet.

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    Is this statewide KFL? Or a specific KFL?

    • KFL i find is store specific. each store usually different prices

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    Which store is this at?

  • Damn that's almost the equivalent price of it in Indonesia. Pretty good!

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    I got excited for a second. I thought there was a KFC Supermarket

  • Shin ramyun 5 pack is also on sale for $4.

  • The box says best before 04/04/21 it seems.

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      I have some 6 months past BBD and they're still fine.

  • Damn. 2 packs short of 2 weeks of meals.

  • Truly, the bargain of bargains

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    I'm at the Flemington store and it is here as well for the same price. OP's photo doesn't look like the Flemington store, so I'm going to assume the price is statewide.

    Confirmed that it is April 2021 expiry.

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    That awkward moment when KFL is 5.1km away from me.

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      ask the store to throw the box the 100m for you.

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    Love the photos of the alleged thieves and the date of the offence on the window/community boards at the Springvale branch.

    Do other branches have this at their stores also?

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      Yea all asian groceries stalls do it. I dont know why woolies and coles dont do this.

      Can share photo to all stalls and ban these people from entering.

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        Looking at the photos is the highlight of shopping at KFL.

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          it's Australia's unwanted list

  • Is this the import or export version?

    import version is a bit more bitter

    also has anyone noticed their urine becoming dark after gobbling a packet or 3 of indomie?

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      Dark urine = too much salt

      Just use less seasoning

      And kinda goes without saying but drink more water lol

      • ah thanks, that helps. i dont feel as thirsty as after eating lets say a kebab (hsp) or kfc, but the urine is definitely more noticeable after a single packet.. thought there is something else to the contents that cause it

        • Possibly. Might be to do with how the body processes MSG. But still an indication that there’s too much

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            @MaxDong69: MSG is a salt (compound crystalization of acidic and base molecules), so will dehydrate you just the same as NaCl.
            Drink lots of water.

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    Was at Doncaster KFL yesterday, popped down again today and still didn't see any stock. Sad =[

  • Nice

    If only this deal was available in Woolies and Coles as well nationwide

  • Thanks OP! Wantirna South store have them for $7.99 each, about 10 boxes left.

    • Thanks for letting me know there's an KFL in Wantirna South!

    • Oh wow, wantirna has a store!!

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    Doncaster & Forest Hill stores just $7.99

    • Where were they?

      At the store now and there is none.

      I asked the staff and they weren't sure

      • Did you find them at the Doncaster store?

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          I went to the Doncaster store today and it's there for $7.99 but the expiry is March 21 instead of April

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            @Undecided: About 10 boxes left for $8 in the Doncaster seafood store. About 3 boxes in the KFL store, two right at the front door and one on the top shelf above the packet noodles

    • Same price in the Box Hill store. Most of a pallet there

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    I found out that these are actually made with Australian wheat, so every delicious packet supports our farmers. Not that I need another reason to eat these, its just the icing on the cake (or fried onions on the noodles in this case) :)

  • Stocks are expiring in April 21, store have excess stock that about to expire and it's the parallel import product.

    • In this case, the Parallel import is probably better than the Australian version.

      • Should ask the health department about this…

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    Damn 2 days after valentines day

  • Mie Gogeng

    Is this the Asian knockoff version? Lol

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      Probably produced by Xiaomi.

  • Holy sh*t!

  • Bloody hell, I paid $50 for this during the peak of covid lockdown in Melbourne…

    • Yea i paid $50 for a box of masks too.they are now also $10.

  • Oooo the imported ones!

    Terrible palm oil, full of cholesterol and flavour.

    I lived on these when I first moved out, and somehow have "dangerously low" cholesterol.

    Go figure.

    • maybe palm oil has been replaced with Olestra

  • And now we can see what kind of profit margin Coles and Woolies have on these.