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Australian Made Leather Belts from 2 for $28.50 or 3 for $38 (RRP $59ea) + Free Shipping @ Close The Deal


There has never been a better time to buy and support Aussie made products.
Made right here in Melbourne! (excluding buckle)

After a bit of a hiatus, we are back to clear out some older stock of our leather belts.

Straps are cut, clicker pressed and burnished in Springvale with resizing, skiving and buckle assembly finished in our warehouse in Dingley Village. We use leather sourced from a few of Australia's remaining tanneries and now New Zealand too.

We have changed the design from the belts offered in the past.
We no longer use a separate retainer for the buckle. Instead the belt is a single long strap of leather that loops around the buckle.
This has made producing them much easier and faster and has allowed us to keep costs down which we pass on to you.

Leather is a full grain oil pullup
These are vegetable oil infused leather belts. NO AZO + NO CHROMIUM for those who may be sensitive to common tanning chemicals.
These are known as hunter leather belts, they are supposed to show signs of wear and scratches.

We have two widths available 35mm for work pants and 39mm for jeans.
All have removable buckles. Measurements are taken to the middle hole.

I've made taking advantage of these offers as easy as possible. All you need to do is add the products you want to the cart and the cart will automatically apply discounts depending on the quantity.
Do not use the "express checkout" option, this skips the section where the discount is applied.
We use Paypal to process our payments.

We pride ourselves on only tanning leather that is a bi-product of the meat industry.
Free shipping Australia wide
International shipping is calculated at checkout.

Our warehouse reopens on Thursday and we will start to ship orders then.


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Close The Deal
Close The Deal

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  • 39mm seems wide?

    • Yeah, that is a wide belt indeed. Check the loops it'll pass through before you buy.
      Also, depending on your stature, it might be uncomfortable when sitting.

  • +8 votes

    Link states:

    "New Quality Genuine Leather 39mm Hunter Leather Oil-Pullup Belt"

    Which is the lowest grade of leather after bonded leather…


      • +4 votes

        make sure you get the right one then…

      • Confused. Can something be both Genuine Leather and Full Grain?
        "New Quality Genuine Leather 39mm Full Grain Distressed Leather Belt"

        • If a belt is $19 it isn’t full grain leather

          • +13 votes

            @piston3461: why dont you buy some belts, take them to any leather specialist (usually a shoe repair store or leather furniture repairer) and if they tell you its not good quality full grain leather, ill refund your order.
            Have a look at the comments, there are people who bought my belts over 2 years ago and they are still going strong with daily use.
            You will be able to see the hair follicle holes, insect bites and other imperfections that are all natural.
            Thickness is around 3.2mm, any more than that and you be wearing the flesh of a cow around your waist :)

  • Howdy,
    2 in the checkout = $37.98 for me.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  • +1 vote

    Our warehouse reopens on Thursday and we will start to ship orders then.

    Have you spoken to Dan ?

  • are you sure these are 100% Made In Australia?

  • Hi Closethedeal. Thanks for posting.
    Would your size 30s fit someone with size 28 trousers? I'm buying for my groomsmen and these would be perfect.
    Also hoping you have 30s in the 35mm. TIA!

  • Not showing as $28.50 but 50% off second belt. No big deal.

    SUBTOTAL $39.84
    GRAND TOTAL $29.88

    • Same. Bought regardless as it's a ripper price and a quality product. Still got mine (that still fit!) from two years ago.

  • Do you know what the buckles are made from? Do they contain nickel?

  • Is the leather actually Australian made? or just assemble the product is made in Australia.

  • I've got 2 of these belts, the distressed tan and hunter brown. The buckles are trash (one snapped), but the leather is decent. IMHO vegetable tanning, is much, much better than chrome tanning, so a big plus in my book.

    They are a touch wide for a professional look with a suit.

    • The buckles are trash (one snapped),
      is it easy to replace?
      where would you find a replacement buckle?

      as per the website

      Leather Craft Australia' belt buckles are attached using quality Chicago screws

  • I can vouch for the leather, wouldn't buy these sizes myself as they are too wide, but I had a 32mm from a while back that was excellently made (but I haven't worn it much so take that into consideration).

  • Bought these in April 2019. Happy with the quality. Just ordered 3 more. Thanks OP.

  • Are the belts made from one piece of leather, or sewn together from 2 pieces ? thanks

    • In description it says "single long strap of leather".

    • Mine from 2.5 years ago (still going great) are a solid single bit of leather. They're quite a wide belt but never had a belt last this long before with daily wear.

  • Worth a try, I need some new belts, my old ones have all shrunk.

    Thanks OP.

  • "designed to last a lifetime" and "12 month warranty". Some faith you have there =/

    I'm actually after some good quality, last ages, belts. I'm just a bit worried these are "too cheap"!

    • I have one from a deal 2.5 years ago, worn daily, and it's still great. Ordering more but only because I can order smaller this time :-)

      And yes they're weirdly cheap - no complaints here though!

    • I've used mine every day for work for the last 3+ years and it's held up great. The belt does see some abrasion due to the nature of work and has held up well with only scuffing that you'd expect under those conditions. I would probably eventually wear mine out with this job but if I worked an office job it could easily be a lifetime belt that would stay in great cosmetic condition. It's the real deal, and while I got mine on sale it's worth the full price.

  • These belts are awesome, buckle is ok but I use my own(from previous belts).
    I’ve been using my belt daily at work for more than a year and I do have 2 more spare from last tim 👍

  • Ordered and got my PayPal confirmation of payment but no order email.

  • Have 1 I use daily from ~2 years ago and still going well.

    Will buy again…


  • Black 35mm belts are out of stock in size 32. Wanted to get all three. Any chance we could order to have them made?

    • +1 vote

      im udating stock right now. size 32 is very low in all the styles but ill be making more in the next week or so. I have had a lot of enquiries about other sizes so instead of making belts to order, im just going to make more of each size.

    • FYI it’s very easy to buy a bigger size and cut the belt shorter at the buckle end

  • All the good sizes are gone =(

    • All the good sizes are gone =(

      reminds me of the time I was looking for size 46 shoes, and the man at a shoe shop said biggest we have is 42, come back when you are size 42, and I can help you!

  • Has anyone tried their wallets?

  • Thanks for the post OP, if you sell some thinner ones (~32mm) ones I'd be keen to buy :D

  • trying to check out with 3 belts, but it says $40.76, instead of $38 as OP said
    is there a discount code I am missing?

  • These styles are ugly

  • Wish there was a deal on leather watch straps.

  • I have two of these from a previous sale a few years ago. The brown one is lovely, distressing well and very soft and supple. The black version is rock hard, stiff and not too flexible, I never want to wear it.

    I have tried various leather creams to try and help it soften up but doesn’t seem to work. Any advice? Did I get two different types of leather even thought they were supposed to be the same?

    • The more you use it, the softer the leather will get.
      Every hide of leather will react differently to the tanning process.

  • Most sizes out of stock now

  • Rep, I sent you a message last night regarding an existing order. Can you please advise if you've received it.

    • +4 votes

      sorry mate ive only just read it about a colour change. Ive already shipped your order today.
      Ill be making more belts in the smaller sizes over the next week or two and will update the website once i have more available.

    • Someone downvoted op for not reading a last minute order change request. They even said sorry.
      I think that person should go F themselves

  • Where is the buckle made?

  • Bought two about two years ago (currently still wearing both). Just be aware that the black belt has permanently stained some of my jeans. Not the worlds biggest issue as I have to wear them with a belt anyway but just fyi.

  • It seems that Deal has already expired.

    • Just worked for me, though the checkout wouldn't progress past stage 1 so from the cart page I tried the PayPal express option and it did work, including the discount.

  • Got my belts, very happy with the quality and size.

    • Did you get any kind of order confirmation after placing it ?

      I placed an order and paid a week ago, and I have not had anything - no order confirmation, no shipping advice, no belts - nothing except taking the payment.

      I have sent messages here to the OP/seller and got no response - starting to sound pretty dodgy.

      • No, never got the order confirmation emails etc, just the shipping notification which was very fast.

        • Thanks. I did get a tracking notification from AusPost and the parcel is coming from WA, but no mention of who the sender was. I had ordered 3 separate items on the same day, and none of them were supposed to come from WA ("Close the Deal" is listed as Vic), so that confused me.

          The OP has now replied and confirmed that the tracking notification from WA is the belts and it is due for delivery today apparently.

  • Despite not getting any order confirmation or shipping emails (yes I checked my spam box) I received the 3 belts in the post today. Look good.

    They really need to work on those email notifications though, I was close to opening a PayPal dispute.

    • Sorry about that. I did get a few emails about order confirmation emails and even when I manually resent them they haven't gone through.
      The issue has only just popped up now and I'm working on fixing it.

  • I don't know what's going on with the website, but I've tried two browsers and manually typing each field, and cannot get past the address entry field (Continue gives a spinner, then nothing). No errors, just won't progress. So I'm not buying anything as I can't check out, and if I use paypal it's going to not give me the discount.

    OP, can you give your site a test drive? My address is a standard Sydney one.

    • Seems to be working on my end. I can get right through to checkout. Other orders are still coming through too.

      • Same problem.

        Please PM when black is back in stock.

      • In my two past orders, order confirmation emails did not come through, however items were definitely dispatched in a timely manner. I like the belts, belts are definitely very high quality leather.

      • Try as an unregistered buyer? I can see the browser trace, it submits my details using saveBilling, then calls getAdditional but doesn't get a lot back (4 bytes of spaces) and the page doesn't want to continue. I've not dug into why that "success" response doesn't continue, but you should.

        I agree it is probably working for some people, however you really want it to work for everyone. I'd quite like to buy some belts, they look great.

      • Same problem. Have tried in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge now. Please update if this gets fixed because I would love to purchase 3 belts.

    • Same problem here.
      Can't get past the Billing Address

  • Hi OP, when might you get some more black 35mm belts in the 30ish range?

  • Hey OP,
    Any chance someone can reply to my emails and messages about an exchange? I've sent three in a week and no response. Please tell me how to get in touch asap.


  • These appear to be Leather Craft brand belts. I have used LC belts before and they have been great. In fact I'm wearing one now. The buckles are trash, but it's easy to replace them. Personally I replace them with titanium buckles, but you could just cut the buckle off any belt that you're throwing out.

    Edit: it looks like Close The Deal is the same company as Leather Craft Australia (same address and phone number).

  • replace them with titanium buckles

    where do you get them from?

    • I've just bought them from ebay. They cost about $40 each at the time, which is expensive, but they're a pretty timeless look and I'll move them from one belt to the next when the leather wears out.

  • In 35mm Black, sizes 34,36,38 & 40 are out of stock. OP - is there any chance of getting additional stock?

  • This seller does not respond to his emails at all.

  • No sizes for 30 or 28?

    Where them obesity at? I know; at the fast food stall.

  • Can't check out for some reason, can add the belt to my cart but can't proceed beyond the checkout.

  • Brought two identical tan belts on 16 Feb, however never received a confirmation email and only one arrived. Have tried contacting them and logging into the website but nothing works. The belt itself is good but the two for 1 seems to be a scam.