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$5 Bonus Cashback ($5 Min Spend) via ShopBack Browser Extension, App Activation Required @ ShopBack AU (Exc. Gift Card Portal)


Hi everyone,

We have a special offer for the OzBargain community today where you can score $5 bonus cashback when you spend $5 or more (including GST, excluding delivery and other fees) in a single transaction through our browser extension.

You can purchase from any store, as long as:

  • ShopBack offers cashback for the store
  • An “Activate Cashback” prompt appears when you access the store’s website/the store is searchable via the extension

To qualify for this offer:

  1. Redeem the code OZB19FEB via the Earn More section of the ShopBack app
  2. Install the ShopBack browser extension if you haven’t already
  3. Make an eligible purchase through the browser extension

Note: Bonuses will be added to qualifying accounts by 30th April 2021 11.59PM AEST.

Some suggested stores to buy from:

Store Cashback Take Note
amaysim $6 for 1st Renewal of the UNLIMITED 2GB Plan $6 Ends 6pm AEDT.
Metcash $10 Gift Cards for IGA, Mitre 10, Home Timber & Hardware, Cellarbrations, Bottle-O, Porters Liquor, Thrifty Link Hardware 2.5% Physical gift cards only. Search for IGA on the extension.
AusPost Gift Cards for eBay, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Netflix & More 1.5% Physical gift cards only.
The Card Network (TCN) Gift cards for JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, ASOS, Nike, H&M, Xbox & More 5% Digital and physical gift cards available.
eBay Australia Stack with Celebration Swap Gift Cards (5% cashback) via ShopBack Gift Card Portal Up to 2% No coupons can be used.
Amazon Australia Stack with Amazon Gift Cards (2% cashback) via ShopBack Gift Card Portal Up to 7% Purchases from eligible categories only.
Chemist Warehouse Click & collect available. 1%
BIG W Click & collect available. Up to 3%
Dan Murphy's Click & collect available. Up to 4%
First Choice Liquor Click & collect available. Up to 3%
Liquorland Click & collect available. 7%

Any questions or issues? Send an email to [email protected] and we'll help sort it out.

Terms and Conditions:

  • You must activate the offer by redeeming code OZB19FEB in the Earn More section of the ShopBack app. Limited code redemptions apply.
  • Following activation, you must make a purchase at a participating store ($5 min spend in one transaction including GST, excluding delivery and other fees) available through the ShopBack Browser Extension between 12.00PM and 11.59PM AEDT inclusive on 19th February 2021.
  • Participating stores are stores in which:
    • ShopBack offers cashback for, and
    • An “Activate Cashback” prompt appears when you access the store’s website/the store is searchable via the extension
  • Limited to one bonus per customer.
  • The $5 bonus is in addition to the usual cashback you’ll receive for transacting at your desired participating store, and will not appear straight away.
  • The $5 bonus will appear as Pending in your ShopBack account by 30th April 2021 11.59PM AEST.
  • Standard store terms and conditions apply. Any violation of the terms and conditions will void your eligibility for the bonus, including but not limited to purchasing items excluded from cashback, using unapproved coupons, returning/exchanging/cancelling orders.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.

Handy Links:

Referral Links

Referral: random (4027)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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closed Comments

    • It means search for Amazon in the extension window and do a click through.

      It won't work by clicking "activate" If you're already browsing Amazon.

      • Ah, that's interesting. I would have thought doing that would be the same (ie. clicking on extension and activating vs search in the extension).

        I assume you've tried it before though?

    • +1

      So confused!

    • The "Activate Cashback" prompt won't automatically appear - so in this case, you can search for them through the extension instead.

      • Ah ok I'll take your word for it and give it a go, cheers!

      • How do you search for them? Do you mean searching for activate cashback button or something. Damned this is confusing.

        • +1

          Click on the extension icon, and there will be a search bar there. Here's a screenshot for reference.

          • @gotyourback: Hasn't tracked yet :( hoping it will track by morning, and will I still be applicable for the bonus cashback if it tracks tomorrow morning?

            • @frogduck: Just the transaction date matters - if nothing has come through you can submit the order details through this form.

              • @gotyourback: OK thanks, it won't let me submit the form yet but it still hasn't tracked. I used the app with Amazon a few days earlier and it tracked.

              • @gotyourback: Cashback still hasn't tracked so I have submitted that form. I have had other items track, but this one did not track and it was a high value order, so will be disappointed if it is rejected.

                • @frogduck: Thanks for confirming. Could you also PM your email address just so I can keep an eye on your claim?

                  • @gotyourback: Thanks for the offer gotyourback, much appreciated. Will PM now!

  • These extension ones aren't great for when you are at work.

  • +6

    Not gonna neg but I want to share feedback for the rep. I had a decent size claim rejected by the merchant for no specific reason, I had done everything right, even taking a screenshot of the browser addon acknowledging the tracking. I know the final decision lays with the merchant and not shopback, but it might be worth considering cutting ties with some of these merchants that are dragging your brand down.

    • +8

      adding to that, suggest Debbie is replaced by real staff, not the bot with automated emails about how we could have made errors and that's why tracking is not working.

  • So to clarify. I used the Mobile app to activate the code.
    Go to Chrome Extension, and Click through to BIG W.
    If I see Cashback Activated does that mean the $5 is applied - as I do not see it anywhere mentioned?

    • +2

      yes & no. If you see that, it means your visit to that site has been tracked. If you follow through a do a valid cashback eligible purchase (above $5 in this case) then you will get your regular cashback and the $5 bonus on top of that.

    • It's cashback not a discount, unless I am not understanding you correctly. You won't get a discount of $5 upfront

  • +2

    The Shopback extension is useless and doesn't work. Stop promoting it and just stick to the app.

    This is the second time I've fallen for this promotion. The one in November 2020 didn't track for me, and I got fobbed off by customer support saying if it didn't track, it didn't happen. I've just bought another item this afternoon, and again, no tracking.

    My last couple purchases using the shopback app generates an email almost immediately after checkout to confirm the purchase tracked (even though Shopback then turns around and denies them all anyway, but at least it tracks).

    • +1

      Did it show in Click History?

      First time using the extension.
      So used to ease of using app or mobile site.

      Ordered, then realised I didn't click ACTIVATE in extension - as there was no Click History.

      Confusing as it's almost the opposite process as used on mobile site & on app!

      Quickly cancelled order & 2 hours ago ordered again, making sure to click ACTIVATE in extension.
      Now shows in Click History.
      Waiting for Tracking to be confirmed.

      Update - tracking confirmed 👍

      • -1

        Nope doesn't show up in click history. I'll just wait another day or so.
        I was some advice on some past threads to take screenshots, so I've done that. Will see how it goes…

        Definitely not as smooth as Cashrewards

      • +1

        How did you find out tracking is confirmed? Thanks. I shopped at Chemist Warehouse but didn't receive any email confirming tracking and not showing under rewards either. Not sure what is going on.

        • Tracking took over 2hr. Depends on notification from merchant. Can take days.
          Notification from App on mobile, then email.

          • @the INFIDEL: Ok thanks, I will just have to wait and see. I don't remember if I have clicked Activate Cashback but it did show under the click history. So confused. Why make us apply the code and the activate in extension?

  • What is difference between IGA Gift Card and IGA (food and grocery only) Gift Card?
    Do they both give 2.5% cashback and eligible for this $5 bonus?

    • The food & grocery one can't be used on alcohol, tobacco, gaming products and restricted publications. But both are eligible for 2.5% cashback and the $5 bonus.

  • Hi rep, I assume the 0.5% for non-affiliated products on Aliexpress will still trigger the bonus?

    • +1

      Yes it should.

  • Can this promotion be stacked with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/598194 for someone who is the referee? (As long as they activate the code via the app.)

    • +1

      Yes for sure!

  • +2

    Don't waste your time. So many untracked/pending Cashback and I always got the same unanswer for untracked cashback. the merchant refused to honour cashback for ? No reason given.

    • Do you use adblocker/cookie hiding extensions? That was my issue and I disable them on checkout and haven't had issues since.

      • -1

        Nope.. I am pretty aware of adblocker and others promo code that might interfere with cashback. If I complain any missing cashback to cashrewards, I usually get it back but the opposite experience to shopback.

    • I'm more than happy to follow this up for you - can you PM me the details of your transaction(s) of concern and your email address?

  • Can this offer be used with chemistwarehouse online flu vaccine booking

    • +1

      This wouldn't work - best to purchase something else from their site instead.

  • +1

    I redeemed the code OZB19FEB in the mobile app early this afternoon.
    Under reward section I saw OzBargain $5 Bonus (10 Feb) Use Now"
    Do I still need to press Use Now green button to activate this promotion.?
    I have made the purchase without pressing the Green Button Use Now.
    I got cashack tracked. Is it still OK
    Can Store Rep answer this question?

    • +1

      No need to press Use Now, as long as you have redeemed the code towards your account and your cashback has tracked you are all good 👍

    • Under reward section I saw OzBargain $5 Bonus (10 Feb) Use Now"

      The only reason it appears there is because you added the code. If you hadn't, it would not ever appear.
      The [Use Now] button simply launches a modal/dialogue with information about the promotion, which you would already know about from this deal node.

    • +1

      Mine doesn't even show up in the reward section, just gotta rely on reminders to see if it tracked I guess

  • Went to the trouble and now see that Activate Cashback doesn't come up via browser extension for Menulog, and searching Menulog on Shopback website states 0%. Previously it was at least 1% for previous users wasn't it? So they removed Menulog cashback just while this is on?

    • Menulog has been unavailable for over a week now. We still have alternatives including Deliveroo, Uber Eats (gift cards), DoorDash (gift cards) however those are available through the app only and won't be eligible for this $5 bonus promo.

  • +1

    Where the hell is this "Activate Cashback”  prompt? In the Shopback Chemist warehouse I can see "cashback activated". Am I missing something. So confused.

    • See here. If it doesn't come up, you can manually click on the extension icon where there will be Activate Cashback option too.

      • Thanks. I think i have the right steps, so just have close my fingers if it os tracked correctly.

    • Now I remembered that I had the exactly same thing. Did you receive tracking email or notification via app? My order was put through almost 3 hours ago and no tracking confirmation via email or app.

      • No tracking at 11pm after 2 hrs, but can activity registered.

        • Mine just tracked. Yours will be the same as I also shopped at CWH.

  • Any ideas what to buy on eBay?

  • The computer won't even turn on.

  • Hi Rep, can you please confirm me that how do I find out tracking is confirmed? I shopped at Chemist Wsrehouse almost 2 hours ago and no tracking email received. Is it normal? With Cashrewards it is always almost instant tracking.

    • When cashback tracks to your account you will receive and email, and if you have them enabled, an app notification too. Tracking speeds are not the same across stores as they all don't use the same tracking networks.

      • I did have it under the click history though. Does it mean anything?

      • After click activate cashback in extension, is there any sign showing "cashback activated" but in my case it only showed briefly then disappeared? Is this the case? Thanks.

  • "BIG W Women Shoes" purchase was tracked at 0.5%, not 3%!

  • I also placed an order through extension and activated offer in app before but no cashback tracking so far. What is going on?

    • Well, cashback tracking isn't instantaneous. Each store has their own tracking speed.

  • +3

    anyone see $5 being tracked?

    • I'm still waiting on my Ebay purchase to be tracked.

  • +3

    The normal cashback tracked last night but if I check the rewards section in the app it says "expired" next to the $5 extension bonus, is this right? or should it say used?

    • +5

      I can’t even find mine in rewards or perks 😕

      • +1

        Yep, the $5 bonus has disappeared without trace even though purchase transaction tracked

      • Mine never showed up anywhere either, but says I had already redeemed it when I put in the code again

    • +3

      Same here, previous codes are shown as ''used'' but this one is ''expired''.

  • Somehow I managed to miss this.

    • If only we all get our purchases tracked properly. I'm not confident about this particular offer

  • +1

    I have also taken all steps and now see "Reward Expired“ in the Reward section next to" Ozbargain $5 Extension Bonus (19 Feb) "
    Can @gotyourback explain if this is how it is meant to be? Transaction has tracked and is in Click Activity even when Active Cashback from Extension was used for EBay purchase.

    • +1

      “The $5 bonus is in addition to the usual cashback you’ll receive for transacting at your desired participating store, and will not appear straight away.
      The $5 bonus will appear as Pending in your ShopBack account by 30th April 2021 11.59PM AEST.”

      • Oh why do they make it more difficult? Forget about getting the actual cashback earlier, it will even show any time by 30/04/21. Wow! Who has the time to keep an eye on $5 for 2 months and when you have lot of them.

        • From my experiences with previous deals, it may be shown in your account after your main CB is tracked, so both of them will show up at the same time.

          • +2

            @hawkeye93: My main rebate is tracked but not the bonus. In the past, bonus $ won't appear until later time, but at least the challenges are at least said 'redeemed reward pending'. This time the bonus status said expired. Shopback has made this unnecessarily complex and uncertaint and do more harm than good with this promo.

            • @Flyinghigh: Yea same here, main cashback shows pending and who knows if the $5 bonus shows up later? If they can track the main cash back, surely they can also see that I have activated the code before clicking through the plugin ad made a purchase. Who has time to follow this up 2 months later….what a joke. This is my first experience with shopback and I’m not impressed…

  • Yeah mine has completely disappeared… although I know the code was validated and the transaction tracked. Hoping it will come through.

    • +1

      It was first expired and now it has disappeared. My purchase tracked correctly. It seems like nobody has got $5 bonus.

  • +2

    Mine says expired too. Even though my purchase was tracked on the right date. Hoping this isnt a sign for things to come.

    • +2

      Should come up as Expired - the status for this won't be automatically updated. For those who thought it may have disappeared - it definitely hasn't. Sort by "Recently Added" and then go to the first entry after all the "Used" entries you might have in your Rewards section.

      • Thanks for the reply. Thats reassuring, I really think shopback needs to work on making things a lot more transparent so that people arent worried about using it. Maybe for each tracked item have some sort of progress bar to show where its at and for people to get a notification when something is rejected and an offer to assist remediating it. This will at least make it seem like shopback isnt trying to hide something.

        • +1

          Thanks for the feedback, all is welcome.

          The progress bar feature actually already exists through our Challenges feature - there are just some things we have trouble running through Challenges at the moment so we've done it through Rewards instead.

      • -1

        Nope, definitely not there. The last bonus I have is the $2 bonus from feb 12. Activated the code like normal same as every other bonus.

        Edit: I see I offended someone because I can’t find my reward 🤔

        • PM me your email address and I can get the team to check internally if the code has been redeemed to your account. If it's the case your account will get picked up when we issue out the bonus.

      • Checked and mine has definitely disappeared, there’s nothing there anymore ☹️

        • I've had the team check your account using the email address you had provided in a past PM - the code has indeed been redeemed to your account. As it's the case your account will get picked up when we issue out the bonus.

  • Missing cashback again!! recently so many missing cashback from ShopBack.
    tiring every time sending a request.

  • yep, missed cashback as well.

    submitted a claim, see how it goes.

  • any update?mine is still 'expired'

    • Someone I know got told the generic "Bonuses will be added to qualifying accounts by 30th April 2021" and don't ask more.

      Imagine convo on 1 may be "you waited too long to make a claim. Good bye!"

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