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$50 Credit if Origin Energy Can't Beat Your Current Electricity Charges (for Origin Gas Customers)


Hey all, if you’re an existing Origin Energy Gas Supply customer, it’s worthwhile checking your email to see if you’ve been selected for this offer. Good luck!


Every now and then, an offer comes up that's too good to refuse. Our electricity Price Beat Promise might just be one of those offers.

For a limited time, we'll beat your current electricity provider's charges at the above address, or we'll give you a $50 credit (including GST) towards the charges on your next Origin gas bill if we can't.

Terms and Conditions

Offer is valid until 28 February 2021 unless otherwise extended. This offer is personal to the recipient of this email and valid for electricity supply at the above address only. Offer cannot be forwarded or transferred to another person. Offer is only eligible to residential customers who do not have an existing residential electricity service with Origin on any property. Offer excludes electricity plans which are pre-paid or those from wholesale electricity retailers.

Charges refers to the total charges (usage and supply) for the billing period as shown on your most recent bill after any discounts have been applied. This comparison does not take into account any solar feed in tariffs, concession rebates or one-off credits. Comparison is a like-for-like comparison based on the actual tariff of the meter, over the same period of time.

If Origin cannot beat your current electricity provider’s charges on your most recent bill, you will be asked to provide us with a copy of your most recent electricity bill. Once verified, we will apply a credit of $50 (including GST) towards the charges on your next Origin natural gas bill.

By clicking on the 'Yes! Call me back' button above, you consent to an Origin staff member calling you back to discuss the details of this particular offer. This action will not change future call preferences with Origin and is valid for this offer only.

Our app works best with devices running Android 8 or higher, or iPhone 6 and above running iOS 11. You'll need to be registered for My Account to use the app, simply download to your device and log in using your My Account details.

To find out more about how Origin collects, uses, holds and discloses your personal and credit information see our privacy statements at originenergy.com.au/privacy.

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  • why would an existing customer be selected for this offer? It's the complete opposite

    • +5

      I think they are targeting people who are just joined for gas and hoping they'll switch over their electricity as well.

      • I was with Origin for gas only, and was leaving them due to a recent price hike. Their retention team called me earlier this month, and offered a significant discount and have it backdated to the start of the current billing period. They then offered a similar offer for electricity as well that was quite a bit lower than all available market rates for my usage so I switched the electricity to them too. Note that I don't have solar.

  • Anyone able to share their current "deal" for origin who has solar? I'm currently on the Origin Solar Boost.

    I'm getting 20.00 c/kWh solar feed-in tariff. No discount on anything else.

    • Do you have solar installed from Origin?

      • Not installed by them, but I have solar and use Origin which has a few months before my current deal ends.

    • I was with Origin LPG and Alinta for electricity. They offered me the $50 if they can't beat Alinta and they ended up beating Alinta with 23.00% discount on usage Charges and supply Charges with a 15 cent FIT (for 12 months).

      • Why do people persist with quoting what % discount they have?

        23% off stupid high is still high.

    • The latest one (in QLD at least) is either:

      A) 20c FIT and no discount
      B) 15c and 23% discount on all charges (I’m on this one and it’s the best deal around as far as I can tell)

      • +1

        I am on this currently but it ends this month. How to get them to renew this?

        • Good question - didn’t know it expired - I reckon you ask them.

          If they don’t extend then switch straight up..

  • Hmm makes some sense for origin to do this.
    Though it shouldn’t be too hard to best yourself at your own game.

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