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[SA] AMD Ryzen 9 5900X $1091+ $19 Shipping ($0 C&C) @ IT Warehouse


It is expensive, but in stock (still). In addition, they ship only to SA, not to other states.

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    dude this is $250 more than RRP

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    Cheaper elsewhere…everywhere.

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    in stock at RRP i get but this is taking it too far, go away with these dodgy stores selling things way above RRP taking advantage of the current supply shortage.

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    Surely at this price you're just better off going Intel?

  • We do not need to encourage this anti-consumer behaviour. Do not buy at such a steep increase over RRP.

  • Ozbargain more like Izitinstock amirite?

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    999 was pushing it. This is way too far.

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    Imagine going to OzBARGAIN and posting something that's not only NOT on sale, but wildly over MSRP.

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      bUt YoU cAn GeT iT nOw!


      • really cheap too. LOL

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    No wonder it's still in stock!

  • I don't think ProfBon is a professor of anything

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    is this a troll post ?
    Bonker price, expensive shipping, never heard of these guys, no photo, only ship to SA…

  • Stores with greed needed to be avoided.

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    There's a reason why it's still in stock and it's the price tag.

  • For this price might as well go for Intel

  • not a bargain

  • Definitely not a bargain not even OzScalpInstock