This was posted 11 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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15% iTunes & App Store Gift Cards (Excludes $20) @ Woolworths


15% off App Store & iTunes Gift Card

Offer available on all denominations of App Store & iTunes Gift Cards excluding $20 and Variable App Store & iTunes Gift Cards from 24/2/21 to 2/3/21. Limit to 10 per transaction applies.

PS: Possible price-matching at Officeworks for ~19.25% off - Credits to doweyy

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    Remember you will most likely be able to price match at Officeworks to get a total 19.25% off :)

    • may i know how?

      • Just show them the WW catalogue:)

    • -3

      If its 15% off, how are you getting 19.25%???

      Last time i price matched at OW, they matched the same price, not increased it

    • OW will very likely drop the price (15% off) to match the WW and Coles offer

      • let's hope they don't do that before some people (including myself) are able to go pick a couple up for the price-beat price.

      • Interesting they havn't done it yet….
        Theory 1 - Apple don't want Coles, Woolies AND OW offering 15% discount
        Theory 2 - OW sums determine it is better to receive full price from uninformed customers and give 19.25% off to the 1% who ask for it
        Theory 3 - OW "whatev's'

  • +21

    Oh thank god, the ATO was calling me saying they're gonna lock me up unless I pay $1k to them in iTunes gift cards. Thanks OP :)

    • Discounted fines, love it 👌.
      Do police accept iTunes vouchers as payment for infringements?

    • +1

      Came here looking for this comment.
      Was not disappointed.

      • +2

        came here to see if anyone comments on a ATO comment, was not disappointed

        • +1

          Came here to see if …. ahh dam it

  • Still got a lot of these from BigW in conjunction with Zip Pay's promo. Skipping this round.

  • Does the Woolworths insurance 10% discount stack with gift cards?

    • Excludes any vouchers or offers or Delivery Saver items, bag fee and crate service fee, internet cafes, purchases of liquor, smoking/tobacco products and accessories, newspapers, Woolworths Services, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, Carpet Care and lottery products.

      • Thank you!

  • Are we still able to buy Apple devices with them?

    • Nope

    • Not devices but you can use them to pay for Apple care/music/iCloud or other subscriptions

  • Could you use a Woolies gift card to buy this?

    • No. Woolworths’ POS system was patched a couple of years ago to stop this.

    • You can do that at Coles but not Woolies.

  • Can you use them for Lightroom subscription?

    • Yes.

      • Oh really that’s awesome I’ll have to look into how to set it up to use this credit. Thanks

  • -2

    Can you use them to pay ATO?

  • Yep OW will price match do it all the time.
    20% off Netflix,Stan,Apple Music,iCloud, and kayo for NRL season, can’t get the Telstra deal.

    • will they price match today? or do u have to wait 2 days for the deal to go live

      • you'll have to wait till the deal is in effect

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    One day after the Disney+ subscription costs increase? :(

    • Can these be used to pay for Disney+ on iPhones?

      • +2

        Yes. That's what I'm intending to do when my renewal is up next month.

  • also available at coles too

  • Is it possible to use giftcard to buy this?

    • No, but it's also 15% off at Coles, and I've had more success buying GC with GC at Coles.

  • For those interested in price beating OW, call them first them in the morning, tell the operator the 15% off as shown in the latest catalogue on page 39. They should be price beat. Otherwise hang up and call back again.

  • +1

    I went to Woolworths this morning and the iTunes gift cards only scanned at 10% off. I'm sure they'll fix it but a good reminder to always check that you are getting the advertised discount.

    • So did you buy it?

      • No I noticed the issue before I paid so they were able to remove the cards from the shopping cart. I'll pick some up later this week.

  • +2

    Got the price beat at OW in store. $72.68 for a 12mth renewal for disney+

  • Just did a price beat for $400 worth at OW South Melbourne. Be quick they are onto it now.

    • Doubt it, happens every time

    • As above. OW are happy to do the price beat with no issues whenever this comes around.

      • Yeah they are, I’m not doubting that. I usually have no issues, but there was an instance a few months back that they actually matched the price of the competitor so I was too late to be able to get the price beat.

        Funnily though, the old guy at the counter who was serving me was hesitant to price beat, and even called the manager over who was also hesitant until I showed both Woolies and Coles catalogues.

  • Just went to my local OW and asked to price match but was told they “don’t price match percentages” (???) …. another team member confirmed this. Must depend on the store/who is working because I’ve never heard such nonsense before

    • Must be because they didn’t have a calculator

    • What bollocks. Mine pulled out a calculator to do the "price match AND price beat" after double-checking the online Woolies catalogue. Dunno why I didn't do the max available but I got $201.88 for the 5x$50, at 8:46. Dude also double-checked that I understood that they're non-refundable after purchase/activation at the register, saying that previous clients thought they could use them for shopping at colesworth and wanted full refunds.

    • Walk away and find someone else

  • Bought my iTunes $250 worth at OW and got for $201.88 price (match and they gave another 5% to beat it). At first they said they don’t allow it for gift cards. Then the manager came and said they can give the extra 5% after matching it. So I bought more! Win win situation. They give more, I buy more! More sales for them, more money to spend for me 😩😢😭

  • Can you purchase iTunes Gift Card with the Woolworths eGift Card that you can purchase from Entertainment book for 4% discount? If so, will that be like a total of about 18.4%. I remember this used to work with Coles Gift Cards (when you could buy at discount a long while ago) but I recall some retailers don't allow gift cards to be purchased with other gift cards.

    • sadly no - the checkout will reject the gift card as the payment method

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