This was posted 11 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC] 15% off Apple App Store and iTunes Cards (Excluding $20) @ Coles


15% off iTunes and app store gift cards. $30, $50 and $100.

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    Also available at Woolworths

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      Isnt it unusual that they are on sale at both stores in the same week?

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      but you earn flybuys points at coles when buying gift cards

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    20% off or bust

  • Can you buy iTunes GC with Flybuys Dollars?

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      If you’re referring to the 2000 points for $10 then yes. The $10 on the flybuys card works just like eftpos.

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      Was told once that flybuys dollars don’t work with gift cards. Tried it with a boost sim and wouldn’t work. Maybe I’m wrong idk

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    I'll stock up for all the phone scammers, they seem to only accept iTunes vouchers as payment.

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    Interesting, doesn't appear in the NSW Catalogue but found on the last page of the VIC Catalogue.

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    Tax bill paid!

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    Can you buy Apple products from Apple store using these cards or is it just good for buying the apps and iTunes stuff…

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      sadly not or else than everyone would be doing that lol

      can only be used for apps/itunes stuff

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      This question always gets asked. Answer is always no! 😀

    • America, yes. Australia, no (or not yet, or never)

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    Noob question can I use this to pay for iCloud, ie. load this card onto my account and it will deduct balance rather than charge my CC?

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      Yes. It will take from the balance you redeem before the CC. Load up my friend. I got OW to PB these past time.

    • Well this is the main purpose of those cards if not the only one.

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    I couldn’t even see the discount in next catalogue. Non- Queensland ???

  • Noob question: can I somehow use this to pay Netflix, Uber, or dining in restaurants?

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      Not sure about those - but it can definitely be used for a house deposit.

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    Noob question can I use these to buy games on Steam?

  • Do Officeworks price beat?

    • Call them first thing tomorrow, get them to price beat if they haven't already matched.

      • Thanks for the tip

  • For those interested in price beating OW, as mentioned it doesn't show on the NSW catalogues

    However it does in the woolworths ones, so call them first them in the morning, tell the operator the 15% off as shown in the latest catalogue on page 39. They should be price beat. Otherwise hang up and call back again.

  • Just did a price beat for $400 worth at OW South Melbourne. Be quick they are onto it now.

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      OW are happy to do the price beat with no issues whenever this comes around. So others shouldn’t have any probs.

      • There was a time that I was too late to price beat because they actually changed the price to match the competitor’s price. This was probably a few months ago.

    • I tried to price beat for $200 and OW said their system would only allow the price beat on the 1 card. Really am over trying to negotiate with a major company. It's not the 3rd world why so much variance……

      • Considering Coles and OW are both (still????)owned by Wesfarmers

        • Coles is not owned by Wesfarmers… they listed ont he ASX

      • They are full of crap. I just price beat 4x $100 cards. I think it'll come down to who you're dealing with at the counter / phone. If it fails with one person, ask to speak to another (higher authority). It should not be limited in any way other than matching with the competitor - i.e. maximum of 5 cards per Coles/Woolworths T&C.

        • Yea that's good advice - I called again and got $161.50 for the two $100 cards.

      • that's a crock of s**t

        I got two $100 cards price beaten during lunch, they just have to set the price beat twice

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    odd, went past my local coles and they said there was no discount/sale.

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    Not yet starred in my local coles

  • Coles Kareela in NSW said there is no deal this week - they scanned a $50 iTunes card and it said full price

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      Maybe only in Victoria then.

    • Best to price beat the Woolworths deal with officeworks then. Easy to do.

  • Price matched a $100 at officeworks for $80.75, thats another year of Disney Plus sorted and $20 credit left for next year :)

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