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2000 Bonus flybuys Points (Worth $10) with Coles So Soft 3 Ply Hypo-Allergenic Toilet Tissue 32 Pack $13 @ Coles


Greetings everyone. Something different from Coles that I haven't seen before.

Offer in the NSW Metro Catalogue.

They're giving 2000 bonus flybuys Points (Worth $10) on their new Coles So Soft 3 Ply Hypo-Allergenic Toilet Tissue 32 pack, so essentially $3 for 32 rolls if you factor in $10 off your next shop.

Seems like a great price for this!

Edit 4/3: Seems to now be available again until 16/3 thanks to spy.

Origin: Made in Australia
Unit Price: 21.4¢ per 100 sheets
Inc flybuys: 4.9¢ per 100 sheets

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +2

    Is there a limit?

    • +5

      Doesn't mention a limit in the catalogue but I'd imagine it would be once per card.

      • I saw this on the link.

        Retail Limit: 20
        Promotional Limit: 12
        Code: 3894481P

        • +2

          That's standard, it's different if flybuys will give you the bonus points or not.

          Based on last times promos they will allow mutiple.

          • @Turd: ok, thanks

            • @GNRICHO: Does No One wonder / know what the Quality of the paper is…?

              And is this only for NSW…?

  • +10

    Haha, goodluck hiding the toilet paper Tuesday night people! :)

    • +13

      Ill shove one in the ice cream freezer. As an added bonus it will soothe the hemmorrhoids…

    • Limited to one redemption per flybuys account. So, what is the point of hiding the TP? 😝

  • +8

    Ripper deal… thanks doweyy :)

  • WooHoo I found the product to build my Dunny Paper Wall economically : )

  • +5

    hypo-allergenic toilet tissue

    totally because no one wants to sneeze with that part of their body

    didn't know it was a mystery that needed solving but god damn if it didn't just get solved

    • +5

      It kinda makes sense given that some people sneeze so hard they shit themselves. You can then use this to clean up both ends of the mess 🤣

    • +9

      Some people use toilet rolls as substitute for facial tissues.

      • -1


        • +9

          Only if you reuse them.

      • +6

        I do. The roll has never been near any toilet, so why not?

        • +3

          Toilet roll tends to disintegrate more than facial tissue, and you could be breathing in the fibres.

      • What's the problem in that?

    • "The rectal mucosa has a blood and lymph supply that is capable of effective systemic absorption". And that absorption could include, inks, dyes, bleaches, perfumes etc. Peck's pucker only sees Hypo-allergenic toilet paper!

  • Good deal. I got a few toilet paper 24/32 packs from this deal as I didn't know what to buy. Can't complain about the points

    EEDIT: can only see the 6 pack on the catalogue. Which page is the 32 pack on?

    • +1

      Should be on page 35 of the catalogue under the Flybuys Bonus Points offers page.

      • Ah. Thanks

    • +1

      Page 35 out of 47 (NSW)

  • Is it any good ?

    • +2

      I tend to buy Coles So Soft when there isn't a good special on Quilton.
      The 3-ply is a tiny bit firm, but the 4-ply version is decent (but obviously more expensive).

      EDIT: I don't know if this "Hypo-Allergenic" 3-ply is any different in feel to the regular 3-ply.

  • +1

    Good deal if u can find it

  • Anyway at $3 and we should all know how fast TP disappears mainly due to its bulk that can't sustain many numbers .
    Good luck getting it :)

  • +1

    If I buy 3x toilet papers. Will I get 6000 points?

    • YES! Doesnt seem to say limit one person FB account

      • umm sure it will say 1 max. per flybuys in store….

        • Ah hope not lol

          • @Turd: I think some stores have a sign up that limits how many packs of toilet paper you can buy at one time

    • It didn’t mention anything about limit but mentioned standard flybuys t & c, i assume 1 each.

  • +3

    I’ll see if I can hold on for two days. If I only turd once per day, I should be okay.

  • Lucky for those who lives next to Coles stores.

  • Has Coles stopped distributing their catalogues with the junk mail?
    I've not gotten any for many months whilst still get Woolworths/Aldi/etc. every week.

    • +3

      Yes they have.

      • Thank you!

      • -1

        Good move by Coles

    • I only get Woolies catalogue. No ALDI or Coles.

  • If there wasn't a limit, would it be possible to redeem coles gift cards with the flybuys buy more, repeat?

    • Pts are not credited instantly, unless you already have many FB dollars.

  • I use TP to wipe my pee

    • +1

      Off the floor =)

  • +1

    How many points per wipe?

  • *Sets alarm for 6.00am Wednesday" 😂🤣 jokes

    Great deal but I cbf because I bet it will be all gone!
    I'm happy with the Aldi 3ply 24pk ones for $7.99 (if Quilton isnt on sale)

  • +1

    Time to stock up in preparation for covid-21

  • Do these points stack with the weekly (4 weeks) flybuys points offer or not?

    • +5

      I can’t see what not. Coles has always stacked for me

  • -2

    Deal is not for South Australia. :(

    • +1

      Who told u??? I checked digital catalogue, it was there. U can see small letters written like “ RH-SA-METRO-2402-21-627790”on the bottom of the page 35 of the catalogue under the Flybuys Bonus Points offers.

  • +1

    I couldn't see it on VIC catalogue?

    • +1

      Page 35

    • It is in the catalog for this week, if you missed it… bought one yesterday and also got 2000 points!!!

  • Will try to get one tomorrow. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Would an online order also attract the points, or would that likely be oos refund anyway?

    • -1

      Online order should be ok

    • It's instore only

  • +1

    No stock at Clemton Park, NSW. Talk about giving you the poos…

    • Is that campsie?

      • Yeah, near Canterbury Hospital.

    • Username checks out
      Edit: x2 ('turd')

    • +1

      In my store it was on a separate pallet at the end of the aisle. It wasn't on the main toilet paper shelf.

      • Had a walk around the entire store and couldn't spot any. There was a really large pile of the 24 roll pack and I wonder if they were hoping people wouldn't notice the difference.

        • Some people just don't care about the price. My store had the 32 packs in the pallet and a print out of the bonus 2000 Flybuys Points. I saw a lady walk off with a 24 pack, so guess she just didn't care.

          • @MeesusEff: From my observation many, daresay most, Coles shoppers don't have Flybuys.

          • -2

            @MeesusEff: I think many more people would care if ColesWorths would stop with the dumb points system. It should just be the real dollar value. Because I can never remember the conversion, so every time I see 'x points' for buying xyz, I often won't bother purchasing unless I have time to get online first to check the conversion calculation.

            They must be missing out on lots of purchases due to that.

            e.g. I saw an offer yesterday in one of their apps for 50 points on some brand of 2L soft drink. I'm not sure what that is in money, but it's probably something like 5 cents. And if I'm only going to get 5 cents worth of points for buying a brand that costs $1 more than another, why bother. But because I keep forgetting the conversion I don't even get that far. I see the points, think to myself, I don't have time to look up the conversion, so I have no idea how much in $ those number of points are. May as well just get the 2L Mountain Dew or Sunkist for $2.15 because it's nearly always cheaper, meaning I probably save more $ immediately than the points would give me.

            • +1

              @Faulty P xel: Honestly, how hard can points be! It’s not hard at all

              Halve the points and that’s the dollar value.
              50 points = $0.25
              200 = $1.00
              1000 =$5.00

              If you have a 50x points offer on a particular product, it’s again halve it…..that’s 25% of the products cost in points. Eg buy $10, get $2.50 in points.

            • +1

              @Faulty P xel:

              ColesWorths would stop with the dumb points system. It should just be the real dollar value.

              Woolworths already tried it and it failed.

              • @silverrat23: Well if that's the case, I suspect it failed due to more than just having less zeros.

            • @Faulty P xel:

              ColesWorths would stop with the dumb points system. It should just be the real dollar value.

              Just shop at ALDI, mate. They even made a TV ad about exactly your point (pun intended).

      • +1

        in my store they had a different size and style on the pallet and these were on the shelf , sneaky buggers.

        • Your store must have run out of the 32-pack due to all the bulk buying.

    • They had 1x left just now.

    • 1x left just now.

  • +1

    I bought 3. Now the wait to see if I get 6000 points.

    • +5

      If you didn't use 3 different cards I think you should know the answer .

      • +1

        I also bought 3 but in different flybuys cards :)

        • I wait till Friday for glitch shopping.

          • @Neoika:

            glitch shopping

            What do you mean by this? 🤔

          • @Neoika: I think if you wait till Friday they are most likely all sold out, esp if someone confirms multiples are allowed. $3/pack+single dip is aldy pretty good, dont be too greedy and end up empty handed.

            If you already have a $30-1800 pts offer, you can buy this with the $18 laundry detergent and effectively paying only less than $2 for the combo. It is already a great deal so no point gambling to get another $9 back while risking getting nothing at all.

            • @truetypezk: It wont be hotter than Mastercard deal. I dont think stock is an issue for me. Get the VF starter packs too.

              • @Neoika: Do you know if mobile starter pack count for qualifying spending, ie, spend certain amount get certain amount bonus fb points? Thanks in advance.

                • @apple0604: Previously Belong starter packs I bought were counted.

                  • @Neoika: Thanks. I am actually thinking of getting a Belong starter pack.

                    • @apple0604: Only $25 pack is on sale for $10.

                      • @Neoika: Yes, saw it. Belong has changed its policy, such as bonus data, billing cycle, and it is no longer as attractive as before. But it is still a good deal using referral bonus. It is a shame for me that internet connection has been very unstable where I am. Besides I will only need a starter pack in 3 weeks time. So I am hesitating if I shall get it now or wait for another sale somewhere else within the next 3 weeks. Do you have any experiences with Belong starter pack sale?

                      • @Neoika: BTW, you must have already known that Voda starter packs, $30 and $40, are on sale now. I think Vodafone deals are better but don't suit me.

        • +2

          As long as those three FB cards are not in a family pool, then you should see 2000 points against the account linked to each card.

          • +2

            @DoctorCalculon: So if ive linked my card with my husband, then we can't get one each? Might be time to divorce my him on Flybuys then..

            • @MeesusEff: No option to unlink?

              • @hawkeye93: Yeah I just looked haha. Sucks that people who were too lazy to link members on Facebook gets to stock up on the cheap TP then

                • @MeesusEff: You can still have separate individual accounts, as well as your existing linked account.

    • +9

      Just called flybuys to confirm this. Call transfered with manager (as call representative cannot answers exactly ), manager told me that “one” per flybuys card.

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