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2000 Bonus flybuys Points (Worth $10) with Coles So Soft 3 Ply Hypo-Allergenic Toilet Tissue 32 Pack $13 @ Coles


Greetings everyone. Something different from Coles that I haven't seen before.

Offer in the NSW Metro Catalogue.

They're giving 2000 bonus flybuys Points (Worth $10) on their new Coles So Soft 3 Ply Hypo-Allergenic Toilet Tissue 32 pack, so essentially $3 for 32 rolls if you factor in $10 off your next shop.

Seems like a great price for this!

Edit 4/3: Seems to now be available again until 16/3 thanks to spy.

Origin: Made in Australia
Unit Price: 21.4¢ per 100 sheets
Inc flybuys: 4.9¢ per 100 sheets

As always, enjoy :)

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      Already done by @capslock if you scroll up a little.

      I have bought my share this morning ;)

    • Already done! as @hubs1982 pointed out, here with link.

      • I nearly forgot looks like I have to have a go if stock is there :)

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    got 4000 points on the same card a day later

  • I had 4800 pts for $110 shop but didn't have the balls or space to buy 9 packs ( there was a pallet there too ) . Bought 2 only .

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    I can also confirm that you receive 2000 points per pack. Bought 4 last night and received 8000 points. Had another offer so got additional 1200 points


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    Bought 8 from my local. Fingers crossed the bonus points get credited.

  • Do you still get the points if you use flybuys points to purchase it?

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      Of course - it's just another payment method.
      Bought 1 pack. Used $10 Flybuys Dollars, received 2000 bonus points. Converted those to $10 Flybuys Dollars. Paid $3 with 10% discounted Coles Gift Card.
      And repeated.

      • perfect, that was my plan, i just havent seen he points yet.

        • +1

          Points took a day. Used 2 Flybuys cards.

          Unfortunately only 1 bum in my house to use the TP. So reached my limit with 3 packs - which will last me 2 years!
          Who knows where I'll be, or what Deals there will be by then!

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            @the INFIDEL: You could also use this instead of tissues.

            $1 = 10.6 toilet rolls or 1 box of tissues

            • @capslock: Good thinking. But, haven't used tissues since I was a child. My rare sniffles etc would only use a roll or two a year. Came across 6 boxes of tissues today - kept for visitors, who were rare lately.
              Not even to replace paper towels - just use the ones provided with fast food etc.

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        Of course - it's just another payment method.

        It's not quite so simple. For example, you can't use flybuys Dollars to purchase gift cards (and prepaid debit cards are classified as "gift cards").

        I had a quick skim of the Terms & Conditions and couldn't see any exclusion with using flybuys Dollars, so I pulled the trigger on two packs. Thanks for confirming that it does indeed work.

        PS. If you convert your points to flybuys Dollars beforehand, you can actually purchase the toilet rolls entirely with them (like I did).

        • Lets call flybuys pts worth 5% less which make the 32 pack $3.50 . I don't think that price is going to be beaten :)

          • @popsiee: It gets beaten easily when someone has bonus pts offer on top of it. I had two lots of 2k pts bonus for $50 spend on Friday, which is a good offer but not the best.

            • +2

              @Neoika: I agree. Besides, the quality of these tp is nowhere near Quilton or Sorbent. Yes it is cheap after 2000 fb points, but I wouldn't stock too much, maybe one pack and no more than two.

            • @Neoika: Have you already hot point for yesterday's spending? If so that's quick.

              • @apple0604: Yes, just checked it. I got total 6k+ pts for $50.xx spend, only bought one pack for 2k pts, 4k pts from $50 spend. Also one VF $30 pack for $10 was in it, eligible for $5 eGC upon activation.

                • @Neoika: Good. Just checked mine. Got the bonus points too. My offer is 1800 points for $30 spend. Bought 1 pack of tp. Didn't buy Belong starter pack. Might buy it next week before the deal is over. I didn't participate 10k points for $60 a week for 4 weeks. Could have easily done it too because Coles has more special lately plus I have rain check for rice. Oh well, doesn't matter.

        • We were discussing paying for toilet paper, not gift cards!
          Only had $10 on 2 Flybuys cards as I rarely shop @Coles.

          • @the INFIDEL: Woolies reeled customers in by free bags and seeds already. I guess no bonus pts offers for a few weeks. Sunday is usually the day it sends out offers. See if so tomorrow.

            • +1

              @Neoika: Look at the pretty green bag… Forget the points & grab the bag😉

              Received a "we miss you" 1000pts for $30 spend from Woolies last Sunday. Otherwise very quiet.

              • @the INFIDEL: Lucky you. Got the free bag the other day, not that we need it as bought a few before, which required store login to authorize it.

              • +2

                @the INFIDEL: There are offers sent out today. Got spend $100 earn 5.4k pts offer.

                • @Neoika: A points bonanza!

                  That was also my best Woolies offer today.

                  Still working my way through last 2 weeks of 4 x $60 for 10k @Coles. Stacked with offers like this & 1800pts for $30 etc. Pity I don't buy much. My fridge is full.

                  Battled with Flybuys over a failure to add 2000 pts for purchase in late December - due to a fault in their system.
                  (Placed 2 identical orders on 2 First Choice accounts within minutes. Both accounts had separate Flybuys numbers. The second order was incorrectly recorded to the first order's Flybuys number - so received only 1 x 2k pts.)
                  After many rejections in over a month, It was finally admitted to be a technical problem with First Choice Liquor as I claimed. Seems no one had properly investigated, just rejected. Received the points & apology this week🎉

                  Rewards is much easier to deal with if an error occurs!!

                  Happy shopping!

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    Many thanks to R n b for his post. The Coles offer is available in S.A.

  • +3

    Spent $80 on 6 packs in a single transaction and got back 18600+ pts, nice!

    • Congrats, get paid to use them!

      • +1

        More like get paid to store them lol. Now gotta dig out my ladder and put them on the topmost shelf in the garage.

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    Bought two lots of toilet paper and got 4000 points

  • +3

    Bought 8 packs and received 20k points. Had a spend $50 for 2k points but got credited 4k.

    • +1

      Do 8 packs Even fit in one trolley ?

      • +1

        7 packs does. The first coles I went to only had 1 pack left.

        • Did you get stared at by other customers?

          • @capslock: then tell them to either go in to buy or shut up, plenty on the shelf.

          • +1

            @capslock: Most shoppers did not know or ingore this offer. They just bought half price Quilton for $2.9.

            • +1

              @Neoika: When I picked up the 32pk I saw another couple picking up the 24pk. I was a little shy to go tell them to grab the 32pk instead to save some coin…

              Plus hey, not everyone has Flybuys right?

    • +3

      You just discovered the gold mine of flybuys.

    • So one can not more than one in a transaction and still get 2k points per pack?

  • +1

    Has anyone used Click & Collect and successfully got the bonus points?

    • +1

      Yes 8000 points for 4 packs

  • Do you need to activate the offer to receive the bonus points? Or is this automatically applied to all flybuys account on eligible purchase?

    • +2

      It's automatic - it's mentioned in the weekly specials (no activation required, as much units as you need).

    • +2

      I agree vs Quilton but price point is the killer point here :)

      • Yes agreed relatively speaking.

    • +2

      You are effectively paying $3 for 32 rolls of 3-ply TP.
      I don't think I would be complaining about the quality unless they were sand paper.

  • Friends, I need some advice. I have a Flybuys offer of spend XXX at coles to get XXX flybuys points. Can I buy couple of tissue packs and coles gift cards (in one transaction) to meet the minimum spend? Wasn't sure if I would meet the minimum spend by buying coles gift cards. Also could I use existing coles gift cards to make payment for this transaction. I'm aware I don't earn flybuys on coles gift cards when I buy them. Any other tips to meet the min spend would be great too! Thank you for guidance.

    • Ok, now I read this condition on flybuys offer - "Qualifying spend requirement excludes purchases of all gift cards, iTunes cards, charity items/donations, tobacco and tobacco related products and Coles Online delivery fees." So gift cards may not be allowed but now sure how they will track this though.

      • +1

        Just use bags of TP to make up whatever amount you need to spend, it is quick n easy assuming you have enough storage space at home.

    • +2

      The toilet paper qualifies for the spend XXX offer.
      Purchasing GC's does not qualify for the spend XXX offer but will earn base flybuys points.
      You can use Coles gift cards, Coles Mastercard GC or Flybuys dollars to make payment and still qualify for the spend XXX offer.

      • +3

        I just found Coles Master Card GC can be added to Suncorp Benefits now after small amount verification. It did not allow it before.

        • +1

          Yes, it works with Suncorp and Shopback GC, Auspost GC, IGA GC etc.
          It doesn't work with CR GC because they charge $1 with a code, but you can't see that because the transaction is pending (that's my experience).

          If you want to spend in Coles, then it's indeed best to first get discounted Coles GC and then use that GC in store.

  • Is 28/2 the last day?

    • +1

      Offer ends 02/03/21.

      • Said who? Instore ticket shows end 16.3.21 unless they just extended it again.

  • Is this applicable in Victoria? Couldn't tell from the comments

    • +1


      • +1

        yep…just went for our shop and they have signs displaying the deal instore, plenty stock …bought one
        7600 points in total back on todays shop using this deal and the weekly email bonus ….nice one coles!

  • +1

    Is there an easy way to check nearby stock availability on the Coles website?
    Woolworths website make this so much easier.

    • -2

      i wouldnt worry too hard…there was a pallets worth at my local

  • So is it mutilpl per card or one per card?

  • Does anyone try to buy this online and still get the bonus points?

  • +1

    If it helps anyone!! This deal is still on in VIC till tmr as per catalogue…

  • Where in Victoria are the rolls still available? My local one has sold out!

    • +1

      If only Coles allowed you to look up stock availability for nearby stores like Woolies… sigh

      • If you do an online order for click and collect from your local store and can order they most likely have it.

        • +2

          That is exactly what I was trying. However, I was able to select C&C even though the store was out of stock.

  • +2

    I have a bonus offer of 1,800pts for a $30 spend. Just occurred to me with the ability to buy multiple packs I could buy 3 = $39 to get 6000+1800pts = $39! So free essentially!

    • It is like a self funding chain reaction purchase. Best bonus points ever!

      • +1

        Dog food promo was best

        • I don't have any pets, but I want to see why this FB promo was the best. Do you have a link handy?

  • +2

    Thanks, OP. Got stock for nearly a year. Heaps of stock left in Coles Norwest as of this morning.

    • +2

      Nice. I ended up getting 8 packs for $4 after $100 worth of bonus points 💩 🧻

  • Been to several stores, none have any stock. Called several others also that have no stock. Hate it when they run these promos but the stores refuse to order any stock so it just boils down to a waste of time and energy

    • you know today is the last day of the 7 days promo right? So what do you expect on stock on the last day?

      • +1

        No I've been doing each day. None of the stores that are driving distance for me me have had any stock all week

        • Need to be there soon after opening to get the overnight restock, or be lucky they are doing restock during day at the time your there. Did you ask anybody about stock in-store?

          • @Coops1: Was there first thing in the mornings. Each time got the assistant to scan the barcode, each time he said they had zero stock and had no idea if or when they would be getting more.

            I must live next to all the dud stores. I've noticed several times in the past they never have any stock if items that are on sale for half price etc

  • +4

    The offer is still on and valid until 16.3.2021 according to the signage at store.

    • Interesting, the catalogue mentioned an end date of 2/3, maybe they extended it..?

    • Does the signage say 2000 flybuys points? The same 32 pack is not in the latest catalogue.

    • i saw a bunch of 250 bonus points tags for smaller packs but nothing about this offer.

    • +7

      Didn't believe you until I checked earlier taken photo evidence :) . Sure enough it says 16 March. Interestingly also says from 3 Feb. Nice pickup @spy https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/29438/87377/screenshot...

      • +1

        Good job. It confirms you still get 2000 flybuys points

      • +3

        Has anyone bought and received points since 4 February?

        • +1

          No one has been able to confirm yay or nay?

          • @harthagan: If Coops sign says that why wouldn't you fire ?

            • @popsiee: Because it could be state specific. Also no one has been able to say they have actually received the points as yet, despite the question being posed multiple times

              • @harthagan: I'll hopefully be near a Coles latter that has them and have no problem putting in multiples and will find out the answer tomorrow .